Are Futons Comfortable as a Sofa?

What Is a Futon?

It is easier to make life less complicated today especially if you are just starting afresh from college or you just want to be independent away from your parents. And with not enough money to buy every piece of furniture for your apartment, studio, or home, it’s ok to settle for a type of sofa that is multifunction like a futon. Futons are practical and they would even be a lifesaver when you get impromptu guests who would like to spend the night over.

A futon is a Japanese word that basically means a round mat or a cushion filled with leaves comfortable enough for lying on. However, today futons are made even more comfortable as they consist of a futon mattress and frame that provides a comfortable night’s sleep for as long as you want to.

Futons were very expensive when they were first produced and only the royal and wealthy families could afford them since they could cost about 1,098,375 Japanese yen which would equal to $10000. However, today, a good quality futon bed would cost anything from $100.


A futon bed would be a great addition to the guest room unlike a sofa which would be uncomfortable as a bed, and worst still ends up taking a lot of space. Futons are comfortable as a bed and not as a sofa though. They have a thin mattress that may not be able to withstand regular seating on it, they are however durable and suitable for long-time sleeping arrangements.

The Pros and Cons of Futon

In as much as a futon is way more practical than a sofa, it has its pluses and minuses, and looking at them before buying one will enable you to settle for something that you have full information about, hence be able to handle it as it is.

The Pros of Futon

Here are the reasons why you need to have a futon in your guest room, or kids’ room rather than a sofa or couch.

1. A Futon Is Multifunctional

If you are a person who likes hosting friends over for sleepovers or relatives over the weekend, you should possibly understand how important a sofa that multifunction’s is. Well, that is exactly how a futon works. A futon frame can fold down to reveal a comfortable bed and can also fold up into a sofa.

Most futon beds have high-density foam, coil, or innerspring while others have a combination of both for maximum support while sleeping. And although the mattress is usually thin, they are functional and suitable for regular sleeping than a sofa.

2. Futons Are Affordable

A futon bed is way cheaper than a sofa. Imagine owning a piece of furniture that multifunction’s and at a cheaper price!

While a durable and stylish sofa costs anything between $1000-$3500, a single futon bed would cost about $150. And if you settle for a sectional or an l-shaped sofa like me, you are likely to spend even more.

3. Easy to move

A futon bed is lightweight and wouldn’t be a problem when it’s time to move houses. Plus, when not in use you can easily move your futon from one point to another to store it away.

Unlike a sofa which will require an extra hand to move even when it’s time for cleaning, a futon bed makes your work easier whether you want to transfer it to the guest room, lounging area, or to the family room.

4. Easily Folds down Into a Bed

A futon bed has a futon frame and futon mattress that folds down effortlessly into a comfortable bed for you or your guests. Plus, a futon is comfortable for two people to sleep on, unlike a sofa that might not be as comfortable as a bed even for one person.

Cons of a Futon

There are a few drawbacks of a futon that you might want to look at so as you can stay prepared for it if you would like to own a futon bed.

1. Thin Mattress

A futon might not be comfortable as a sofa for this reason. Generally, a futon usually has a thin mattress as compared to that of a standard bed mattress. This might get uncomfortable if slept on a regular basis that is why they are in most cases convenient for use only when guests are around. Futons are, however, great if used only for sleeping on rather than as a sofa.

2. Not Highly Durable

If used regularly a futon can only last up to 5 years but if used only when the need arises, a futon would last between 8 to 12 years. Although high-quality futons may last for quite some time, a sofa is more durable as it can last for up to 25years later.

3. Requires Assembly

In most cases, you will find that a futon frame and mattress are being sold separately and after it has been delivered, you may need to assemble the different parts of a futon together. Some may require tools while others require no tools at all.

4. Less Variety of Styles and Designs

While there are many styles and designs of sofas, futons are limited in color, design, and style. Futons don’t give you the chance to be unique unless you want to buy custom-made ones.

Benefits of a Futon

Every home literally needs a futon especially if you like hosting friends for sleepovers or relatives on a weekend. Futons are convenient and versatile. Here are the benefits of a futon:

1. Practicality

Sofas could have different designs and styles and are definitely durable, but are they practical? definitely not. You may be chilling one evening in your home and suddenly you hear a knock on the door, and guess who is there? Your friend and his fiancé decided to pay a surprise visit to your place. It’s late in the evening and they would definitely need a place to sleep, what do you do? You have no extra bed but you have a sofa that literally fits only one person (which is not even comfortable as a bed) and a futon that is absolutely comfortable enough for two people to sleep on.

A futon is practical and would definitely be your best option. Your guests can relax on it for some time before bedtime, and when it is time to sleep, they can easily fold it down and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

2. Reasonably Priced

A high-quality futon would cost anything between $150-$250. If this is not affordable then I don’t know what is! Instead of buying an extra bed for your guest room with the money that you probably don’t have, why not buy a futon bed that would even leave you with some extra coins for other uses?

Buying a sofa would cost you ten times the price of one futon bed making this the best solution if you are staying in a college den, apartment, studio, or guest room.

3. Space Saving

If you are working on maximizing your floor space, a sectional sofa might not be the best solution for you but a futon would be. A futon is great when it comes to saving space. They are not so small, but they are also not as big and bulky as a sofa or couch.

What Is the Difference Between a Futon and a Sofa?

Although both are unique in their own ways, there is a substantial difference between a futon and a sofa both in terms of variety and practicality. Looking at their differences will enable you to settle for one that you think would be manageable for you. Here are the differences between a futon and a sofa.

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Although futons are not comfortable as a sofa, buying a futon is a great way of saving an extra cost, saving space, and definitely saving yourself the embarrassment of letting your guests sleep on an uncomfortable sofa throughout the night. No matter how many beds you have, you won’t luck the use for a futon, which would probably make it an essential piece of furniture that every homeowner should have.