Are Black Leather Couches in Style?- Find Out Here

Whether you are for modern, contemporary, or traditional style, a black leather couch will transition your living space to a cozy and luxurious look ever.

Black leather couches have been in style since way back and they have been perfectly designed to match different home décor.

So, if you are wondering if a black leather couch is a good idea, the answer is a definite yes!

They will perfectly blend in any room especially those rooms with the light shade wall painting.

A black leather couch would definitely be a masterpiece of such a space. Otherwise, a black leather couch will definitely look cozy in any light-colored living room.


Unlike other upholstery colors of a leather couch, a black leather couch is practical and most importantly versatile and every homeowner would desire to have in their space.

It will give you the convenience of styling it however you want since a change in taste and preference is a common thing to new trends enthusiasts.

What Should I Look for in a Black Leather Couch?

Before buying your black leather couch, you might have to determine:

Dimension of The Leather Couch

Measuring the area of your living room and the size of the intended leather couch is very important. This is because you don’t want to end up with a couch that will crowd up your space and leave no space for other furniture.

Failing to measure might also result in a couch that may end up not fitting in your living room space.

Ideally, consulting an interior designer to help if you are uncertain would be the best idea.

Price of The Leather Couch

If you must go for a budget-friendly leather couch, then you need to go for one that is upholstered in faux leather or natural leather.

They have a reasonable price tag and they would be as good as the most expensive leather couches.


Leather couches are available in a variety of designs and styles. Some of the design styles include; mid-century, tufted, sectional, recliner, sleeper, and contemporary to name but a few.

Knowing what your preference is for a leather couch might save you from buying what you may end up not liking.

Otherwise, every design and style of a leather couch are usually designed to match every home design and the existing interior décor.

How to Clean Black Leather Couches   

If you are wondering what the possible ways of cleaning a leather couch are, then you shouldn’t worry anymore.

Caring for and proper maintenance of a black leather couch would guarantee its long life, something that every homeowner would want.

Wear and tear are, of course inevitable! For its longevity, knowing how to clean a black leather couch is very important for every homeowner.

Aside from longevity, cleaning a leather couch would make it look new and stunning each passing day.

The materials to be used are mostly found at home and if not they might be affordable to acquire Let’s look at what you need for cleaning.

What You Need:

  • Warm water
  • Soft cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swab
  • Saddle soap


When it comes to cleaning a stain on a leather couch, the following are the steps that should be taken.

Remember to always react fast by cleaning the stain, otherwise, it can be very hard to get rid of it if it stays for long. You should:

  1. Take a soft cloth and dip it in warm water with a mild saddle soap to make it damp.
  2. Spot clean the area with the damp cloth. The stain should have gone by now.

In case the stain is intense, the best example being a drop of ink pen on your leather couch. The following steps should be taken to clean it:

  • Take your cotton swab and dip it in the rubbing alcohol
  • Spot clean ONLY the affected area to prevent spreading the stain on the non-affected areas.
  • Using a clean dry cloth, wipe the clean area to make it dry
  • Your leather couch should be sparkling clean by the end of this steps.

How to Care for Your Leather Couch

The first step to caring for a leather couch is by knowing how to clean it. How fast you respond to a stained leather couch speaks volumes of how your couch will turn out to be.

You don’t have to clean your leather couch only when it has been stained. Regular cleaning by wiping dust is the best way of preventing dust from accumulating on your leather couch.

Additionally, the monthly application of leather cream on your couch to keep it moisturized would prevent your leather couch from cracks.

Lastly, you should avoid exposing your leather couch to direct sunlight. Positioning your leather couch away from direct sunlight may prevent it from cracks and will keep it moisturized.

7 Ways to Decorate a Living Room With a Black Leather Couch

A black leather couch is a versatile piece of furniture and if placed in any living space, it is guaranteed to complement the existing décor.

A black leather couch would also give you the convenience of trying out different styles for your living room.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can decorate a living room with a black leather couch

Wall Color

A black leather couch is designed to give any living room a cozy and classic look. But decorating around such a room might not be easy.

Deciding what color to paint on your wall is usually where many homeowners might mess up.

Consulting an interior designer before settling on your preferred color may however be of great help.

Black is a neutral color and there are a variety of colors that would perfectly match your black leather sofa.

Because your black leather couch is the focal point of your house, then a color that doesn’t compete with it is a perfect idea.

This way, your black leather sofa will stand out against the other existing décor.

Going for a light shade would perfectly complement your black couch.

A light blue or gray color is cozier while a welcoming color like pale peach and light beige would go a long way.

You can also give your wall some visual appeal by adding canvas or a piece of art.

Throw pillows


Another way to bring the best out of your living with a black leather couch is to add some pillows.

White accent or cream pillows. The light shade of pillows will perfectly contrast with the black leather couch.

The pattern of these pillows should at least match with existing décor in your living room like wall art.

Side Tables


Creating contrast with your black leather sofa by placing identical side tables on each side of the couch will give your space a simple and classic look.

You can add some books or small flower pots on top of your side table for a cozier look.


Lighting is an essential part of any living room. Add a contemporary floor lamp on either side of the side tables. It will flawlessly contrast your black leather sofa.

Style with Botanicals


There is just something about adding a fresh style to your living room! Especially for lovers of nature.

Adding fresh plants like flowers is the best way to give your living space a fresh new style. Tall flower plants will perfectly fill the empty corners of your living space.

Area rug


The best way to bring a whole living room area together is by adding a floor rug. Go for rugs with soft and neutral tones like white and cream that will flawlessly contrast with the black leather couch.

Coffee Table


If the area rug feels so empty you can balance it by placing a small round coffee table.

You don’t necessarily have to go for a small round coffee table, you can go for any other design of a coffee table that would effortlessly contrast with your black leather couch.

How to Soften a Black Leather Couch?

Most leather couch designs would give any space a timeless and masculine look. However, leather couches tend to be firm and sometimes uncomfortable to lounge on.

Luckily, there are simple and unique ways to make your leather couch more welcoming to curl in.

Does your leather couch feel so firm and uncomfortable? If so, then let’s look at this one simple and best way to make it softer and comfortable while curling up.


The best way of making a leather couch looks cozy to sit on is by styling it with accent and soft throw pillows.

Ideally, adding a throw blanket that contrasts with some of the existing decors in terms of color and patterns would also work perfectly.