Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Velvet Sofa

What Is a Velvet Sofa?

The velvet material is made from synthetic (mainly polyester, nylon, viscose, and rayon) and natural fibers. It was originally made from silk, but it became scarce due to its high cost.

A velvet couch is, therefore, a sofa upholstered in velvet fabric and perfectly designed to transform a living space into a luxurious and high-style look.

The velvet sofa became a hit some years back. It is considered luxurious because it was mainly used by royal and wealthy families. Velvet fabric was also one of the high-quality designs that you couldn’t miss during the London design week.

What makes a velvet sofa or couch unique is its texture. It is very soft and is absolutely hard to snug since they don’t have loose threads and raised weaves.

Additionally, high-quality polyester velvet is stain-resistant. In case of a spill, wiping off with a clean damp cloth or brushing spills off is recommended.

What is more, synthetic velvet like the high-quality polyester is fade-resistant and durable, thus suitable to withstand everyday use at home.

Before making up your mind concerning velvet sofas, you might want to look at the pros and cons of a velvet sofa.

Pros of Velvet Sofas

Before buying a velvet sofa, you might want to know what makes it the most sort after sofa as compared to sofas made from different upholstery materials.

Let’s look at some of the pros of a velvet sofa.  

1. Attractive Look

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous and high-style sofa that has been upholstered in soft and rich material? Absolutely no one! Velvet couches were used by the royal families, they are rich in style and could cost an arm and a leg.

When placed in any room, this type of sofa is sure to make it cozy and comfy for living.

It is a sofa you would want to consider getting for your space. Plus, the velvet sofa comes in a variety of fabric colors, convenient for you to choose a color that best suits your taste and preferences and one that matches perfectly with the decors in your home.

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2. Fade-resistant

Because of its rich and fine texture, many homeowners think that velvet sofas are delicate, and may be difficult to take care of and maintain.

However, synthetic velvets made from high-quality polyester are less susceptible to marking and fading, which makes them suitable to withstand everyday use at home.

3. Durable

Velvet sofas have been upholstered in high-quality polyester fabric that does not leave room for loose threads or raised weaves and is very difficult to snag, making them durable.

The upholstery is also stain-resistant so, you don’t have to fret over a spill of food. You can easily take care of the sofa by wiping it off with a clean damp cloth or you can brush it off easily.

4. Very Comfortable

Velvet sofas generally give a soft feel. The seat cushion, backrest, and armrests are filled with foam and fiber that add to its softness. This makes them cozy and comfortable enough to sit on them while enjoying movie nights, curl up to read a book, or lounging.

5. Very Classy

The velvet sofa has a glistening sheen that can contrast flawlessly against some of the existing interior decors in any home. The sheen also tends to contrast effortlessly against dark walls, and instead of absorbing light, they reflect.

6. Variety of Colors

Velvet sofas are upholstered with different velvet fabric colors to make it convenient for homeowners to choose a velvet sofa with a color that will match their existing home décors.

7. Maintenance

Just like wine, velvet materials get better with time. It is a plus if the owner takes great care of the velvet sofa, this will make them last up to several years.

Cons of Velvet Sofas

Below are some crucial factors about velvet sofas that you might want to consider before buying one.

1. Requires Regular Cleaning

Velvet material attracts dust and pet hair very fast. To prevent this, regular cleaning is required which can be tiresome. In case the dirt is too much, using a hoover with an electric attachment is recommended.

2. Prone to Watermarks and Bruising

Some velvet fabric like pure cotton velvet is more susceptible to bruising or watermarks. It’s even more frustrating when liquids spill over it since it soaks very fast thus requiring one to clean immediately.

3. Cannot be Exposed to Sunlight

The cushions of a velvet sofa are mainly made of foam and fiber. Unfortunately for fiber, they can be easily affected by too much sunlight if exposed to sunlight because it tends to weaken. You might want to be careful before placing your velvet sofa where it can be affected by sunlight.

4. Expensive to Maintain and Care for

Basically, velvet sofa requires high maintenance for them to last long. Cleaning them regularly and not exposing them to sunlight is advisable.

What Are the Different Types of Velvet?

Because of its rich background, velvet upholstery is the most sort after fabric today. Aside from its soft and warm texture, a velvet sofa will give any room that luxurious and high style look.

There are different types of velvet which you might want to study each of them so you can be able to choose one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

1. Silk Velvet


Silk velvet is one of the most expensive fabrics ever since they were made. This might be the reason why only the royal and the wealthy families could afford it back then.

Silk velvet has a soft feel, and any furniture upholstered with velvet material turns out to be luxurious and tactile. Although velvet drapes well on any furniture, it is not recommended on a piece of furniture that is used daily. Plus, it can’t be exposed to sunlight.

However, silk velvet is more susceptible to attracting dirt and stains quickly and can be troublesome to take care of and maintain.

2. Synthetic Velvet


Synthetic velvet especially those made from high-quality polyester is fade-resistant and durable, suitable to withstand everyday use at home. Plus, they blend very well when mixed with natural fibers.

3. Wool Velvet

With its heavy and thick but soft feel, wool velvet is a fabric that can withstand everyday heavy-duty use at home. It is also stain-resistant and can withstand crushing.  In case of a spill, it can be wiped clean with a clean damp cloth or can be brushed off easily.

4. Rayon or Nylon Velvet

The texture of rayon velvet is slightly close to that of silk velvet. The difference is, of course, the cost. Rayon velvet is affordable, lightweight, and drapes well with any furniture. Unlike silk velvet, it is very easy to care for.

5. Crushed Velvet.

This velvet is made of a striking lustrous material with a crinkly appearance. This is due to the fabrication process that twists the fabric while wet, then massive pressure is applied to flatten it resulting in a crinkly appearance.

Plus, it has a glistening sheen that contrasts perfectly against dark walls and refracts light instead of absorbing it.

6. Linen Velvet

This type of velvet has a soft, breathable, and cool fabric with a rugged finish, perfect for use in warm climates. Linen velvet absorbs dye easily, giving it a matte finishing. It is, however, susceptible to brushing and watermarks.

How to Clean Velvet.

You can either use a vacuum, an absorbent cloth, soap, water, upholstery cleaner, or a soft brush.

  1. Velvet fabric is usually stain-resistant but in case of a spill, use an absorbent cloth to soak up the spill immediately before it sinks past the top layer of the velvet fabric.
  2. In case of any watermarks, dab the affected area gently or you can rub carefully towards the direction of the velvet.
  3. Always avoid wetting any of your velvet furniture, and in case they get wet, you can use a hairdryer to dry the velvet.
  4. Always avoid exposing any furniture with velvet upholstery to direct sunlight as it might weaken the fibers.
  5. DO NOT iron velvet fabric as it might result in a permanent mark that you wouldn’t want to use again.

What Are the Different Designs of Velvet Sofas?

Just like sofas upholstered in different fabrics, velvet sofas also come in a variety of designs. You might want to look at the different designs of velvet sofas so you can pick the one you feel comfortable with.

1.Sectional Velvet Sofas

A sectional couch is a large sofa that comprises several pieces that connect to form an “L” or “U” shape. If you have once visited a furniture store, you might have probably noticed that sectionals sofas are the new trendy piece that attracts homeowners.

A sectional sofa is a versatile piece of furniture, very stylish, and when placed anywhere in your home, it is sure to bring out the best of your space.

Many aspects come with choosing a sectional sofa for your home, most especially if you choose one upholstered with a material that is stylish and has a rich background like velvet.

Why Should I Buy a Sectional Sofa?

There are a couple of things that make sectionals worth a purchase. Let’s look at them.

1. Sectional sofas are multi-functional

One thing that makes a sectional sofa stand out is its ability to serve different purposes. From having coffee to lounging, reading a book, or even family movie nights.

They are comfortable for any activity you would want to indulge in, and they can comfortably seat the whole family. What is more, sectional sofas can also serve as a bed for impromptu visitors who might need a bed to sleep on.

2. Economical

Instead of buying a whole living room set which might be a bit expensive, you can opt for a sectional sofa that offers more seating space, is quite cheap, and has the same number a whole sofa set may have.

3. Creates Extra Space

In as much as they seem big and bulky, sectional sofas offer more seating and can best serve in a house with limited space, as it provides more seating and can leave room for other decor and furniture.

4. Easy to Rearrange.

Sectionals give different options if you want to change the layout of your space. This is simple to do because you just have to move the individual sections to where you would like to place them.

2. Crushed Velvet Sofa

Crushed velvet has a crinkly appearance that results from the fabrication process that twists the velvet fabric while wet followed by massive pressure that is applied to flatten it.

A crushed velvet sofa will give any space a cozy and luxurious look thanks to its striking lustrous material. Usually available in a variety of colors to give you the convenience of choosing a color that best suits you.

Is Crushed Velvet Sofa Hard Wearing?

Synthetic velvet, for example, high-quality polyester is less prone to marks, crushing, and wearing. Unlike other fabrics, velvet has no loose threads or raised weaves, they are durable and suitable for home use.

A crushed velvet sofa is usually very easy to clean. But before washing any velvet fabric, confirm what the tag says otherwise crashed velvet is designed to withstand a gentle circle of machine or handwashing.

They are also available in different designs including; crushed velvet corner sofa, three-seater, two-seater, and armchairs.

3. Vintage Velvet Sofa

Velvet sofas have also been designed in traditional style. So if your tastes and preference is for vintage and you are wondering if when bought will match with other furniture? Definitely yes! The fabrics of a velvet vintage sofa have both a sense of modern and traditional lushness and will definitely bring the best out of your space.

vintage velvet sofas have got looks but they can be really hard to find, and even if you find them, you need top-notch interior design skills or better still find an interior designer who will help you pull it off. They will also help you choose a vintage sofa that will bring out a nice look when placed in your space and also help you arrange them.

A vintage look might be everything you have ever wanted for a sofa, but you might have to sacrifice its functionality and your comfort. They might not be comfortable enough for even lying lazily on them, or curl up for some movie nights.

Although vintage sofas are designed to bring out a breath of fresh air in any space, they can cost an arm and a leg but their value grows over time. What is more, this sofa requires extra care and maintenance which is not the case with the other regular sofas. So you might really want to think about the pros and cons before making up your mind.

What Are the Best Velvet Sofas In the Market Today?

When you are looking to buy a new velvet sofa, there is a variety of them that you will need to choose from to make sure you end up with the one you have always wanted. You will however have to go through various reviews to come up with the best velvet sofas.

A common thought that almost everyone has about velvet is that it looks troublesome thus requires high maintenance. But that is far from what material velvet is, when looked after with proper care and maintenance, your velvet sofa is designed to last for years.

 Let’s look at some of the best velvet sofas you can buy today

1.Best Velvet Couch Set: Container Furniture Direct 2-piece Velvet Sofa




  • Overall dimension: 69.68 x 33.07 x 31.69 inches
  • Color: Eggplant
  • Seat capacity: 5
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame material: Hardwood
  • Leg material: sturdy wood
  • Upholstery: velvet
  • 2-piece: Loveseat, sofa

Why should you spend so much on a sofa when you can get this Container Furniture 2-piece set at a reasonable price? This modern sofa comes in a 2-piece set including a loveseat and a sofa. Overall, this container furniture set is 69.68 x 33.07 x 31.69 inches and is guaranteed to seat perfectly in any space.

It is built with a hardwood frame and sturdy wood legs. Its splayed legs and square arms bring out the mid-century modern style look to any living space. Moreover, this 2-piece set is upholstered in soft velvet material that is comfortable and breathable. Plus, the attached seat cushions are firm but soft for a great user experience.

This seat offers a decent seating capacity of 5 people which is great since a whole family including friends can seat comfortably. It comes in Eggplant, goldenrod, Grey, Prussian Blue, or Space Blue velvet fabric. It also features a button-tufted seat and removable back cushions. Additionally, each piece comes with too bolster pillows and its high height makes it comfortable to sit on.

Even though the sofa requires assembling when delivered, it is fast and easy when you get an extra hand. No tools are required.

2. Best Sectional Velvet Sofa: Acanva Luxury Mid-century Sectional Navy Blue Velvet Sofa




  • Overall dimensions: 113 x 87 x 29 inches
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Material: Wood, Foam, Velvet
  • Foam Factor: Sectional
  • Seating Capacity: 4

The best thing about sectionals is that they are designed to seat perfectly in almost all spaces. Big or small. This Acanva Sectional sofa is all you need for your space. It includes a 3-seater armchair and a non-reversible chaise that is almost the size of the sofa.

This 2-piece sofa is 113 x 87 x 29 inches, perfectly designed to fit in any corner of your living space. It offers a seating capacity of 5 which is big enough for a whole family to seat together while cuddling or enjoying a movie night. Plus, the sofa comes with throw pillows for extra support and comfort.

This sofa is upholstered in soft velvet fabric in a rich navy blue color but is also available in Grey. It is built in a solid hardwood frame and sturdy plastic legs that support the base. This Acanva sectional also features medium-firm but comfortable seat padding filled with high-density foam for super comfort and durability.

Additionally, its low back design and the diamond tufting on both the back and seat cushions create a retro-modern style. To keep this sofa in its best conditions, cleaning it regularly by vacuum or spot cleaning in case of a spill is recommended for its longevity.

It however requires screwing on the legs which is simple and fast to do.

3. Best Modern Velvet Sofa: JULYFOX Modern Velvet Couch




  • Overall dimensions: 71 x 31.5 x 31.5 inches
  • Seating capacity: two
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Hardwood, velvet  
  • Foam Factor: Loveseat
  • Shape: Rectangular

The JULYFOX high-end piece is designed to give any living space a stunning look. This mid-century modern style couch is 71 inches wide, which is a perfect size for it to seat either in your living room, bedroom, lounging area, or office space.

This modern couch is upholstered in ultra-thick, rich velvet fabric in a delicate blue color to give any space a warm and cozy feel. Plus, it includes removable cushions filled with premium foam that is comfortable enough to sit on for a movie or a chat with a friend.

It is built with a sturdy hardwood frame and features 6 gold polished stainless legs that provide a solid and sturdy base of the sofa. This handmade piece is sure to bring out a luxurious and tactile look to your living space. What is more, this modern sofa is constructed in different velvet fabric colors including yellow, Green, and Pink.

This velvet sofa is stain-resistant, in case of a spill, just clean your sofa with a clean cloth and mild soap. It however will require to follow 4 steps to assemble it after delivery. The steps are easy and first to carry, should at least take a minimum of 15 minutes. Which is definitely worth it compared to the high quality of sofa with its reasonable price.