Are Armless Sofas Comfortable? Everything you Need to Know


What Is an Armless Sofa Called?

There are different types of sofas. There are those with arms, those without arms, and those without a backrest. However, the armless sofas have become trendy since their invention and you wouldn’t miss them in an office and most home lounges today.

An armless sofa usually doesn’t have both arms which could be used to lean your hands on while sitting or rest your head on when having an evening nap, but they have a comfortable seat and backrest.

Armless sofas are very comfortable, especially in a formal kind of setting like the office since they don’t give room for relaxing comfortably while you have a pile of files to work on. And since they don’t have arms, you might just want to get over and done with your meeting and head over to work as fast as you can.

Apart from making any space cozy, armless sofas are suitable for both home and office use.


Are Armless Sofas Comfortable?

Today, everyone is looking for the type of sofa that is cozy, stylish, and mostly comfortable. Armless sofas have become the most sort after type of sofa by homeowners and even organizations for their offices.

Armless sofas are comfortable thanks to their new design which makes them attractive and the high-density cushioning that makes them comfortable to relax on. They art one of the best-selling sofas currently thanks to the high-quality nature of their upholstery fabric.

Armless sofas are comfortable and they are a perfect chilling spot for those family movie nights or chats with friends, especially the sectional ones as they are big and offer more seating.

An armless sofa is just like any other sofa only that it doesn’t have armrests. Although most homeowners prefer armed sofas because they are comfortable, especially when you want to relax after a busy day, armless sofas are comfortable mostly when you are sitting on them for a short time.

Plus, most homeowners would prefer an armed sofa over armless sofas because it’s more conducive, especially with kids. Most formal places like offices or libraries would ideally look presentable and cozy with an armless sofa.

Just like regular sofas or sofas with arms, armless sofas come in different designs and styles. From armless chairs to modular and l-shape, you will definitely find one that suits your house or office design.

Before buying one, you might want to look at the pros and cons of having an armless sofa. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

Pros of Armless Sofas

An armless sofa would make any living space cozy. Most offices prefer armless sofas because they create room for quick conversations before resuming work.

For homeowners, an armless sofa in the bedroom or family room creates a unique ambiance that the whole family would look up to returning home always. Here are the pros of armless sofas


1. Armless Sofas Occupy Less Space

Unlike sofas with arms, armless sofas are not limited to space. They would effortlessly fit even in the smallest of spaces. Plus, they are great at filling up those empty corners in a living space.

If you are limited in space and looking for the best sofa that would help maximize your space, an armless sofa would be the best choice. Armed sofas may require big spaces.

2. Armless Sofas Are Flexible

Most armless sofas are light and hence can be moved from one place to another easily. Most sofas with arms may require an extra hand to move even an inch.

Armless sofas are best especially when it’s time to move houses as they won’t require many people to help move.

3. Armless Sofas Are Attractive.

If placed in any space, an armless sofa can be easily noticed by anyone. They would make any space cozy and luxurious. Their different design and styles also make them unique and thus you could buy one that suits your taste and preference.

Armless sofas are mostly found in offices, but they can be found in most homes in bedrooms or family rooms.

4. They Are Spacious.

Most armed sofas have thick arms that end up taking more space that should otherwise be used to offer extra seating space. However, armless sofas take up less space while offering more sitting space.

They are best for large families as they can seat the whole family during family movie nights.

5. Cost-Effective

Despite being attractive and stylish, armless sofas could be cheaper compared to most sofas with arms. Therefore, instead of buying an armed sofa that may not offer more seating for the whole family, an armless sofa with a reasonable price tag and offers more seating would be a great option.

Cons of Armless Sofas

An armless sofa is considered a luxurious piece of furniture and is used in most cases to make a living space look fancy. It may not be comfortable for long chats with friends (especially the small ones) unless it is a sectional armless sofa or an l-shaped one.

1. Armless Sofas Are Not Suitable for Regular Use

Armless sofas are mostly considered Uncomfortable for sitting for long hours. They are best for office use as they may not be sat on regularly or for long hours.

They may not be comfortable for long charts or for relaxing at home as they may not provide maximum comfort and support as armed sofas.

They are also not suitable for kids, unless under an adult’s supervision as they may easily fall down and get hurt.

2. Armless Sofas May be UnComfortable

Armless sofas look cozy but they may not be comfortable for long chats with friends or family movie nights. Most people get support with armed sofas as they can rest their arms, which is unlikely to happen with armless sofas.

3. Armless Sofas Are Difficult to Style

Most homeowners would want to make their sofas cozy and comfortable to sit on by decorating with throws and pillows, but that may not be possible with an armless sofa as the decorations may end up taking the whole space that should otherwise be used for sitting.

4. Armless Sofas Require High Care and Maintainance

Most armless sofas are made with foam that is attached to the frame of the sofa, cleaning it in case of a spill may be impossible as there is no way to remove it and toss it to the machine. This also makes it unsuitable for kids and pets as they can easily make it dirty.

This is where the limited use of an armless sofa comes in, this will prevent it from getting dirty more often, hence easy to care for and maintain.

5. Some Armless Sofas May be Bulky

For instance, sectional or l-shape armless sofas. They might be difficult to move around, especially for homeowners who like rearranging the layout of their space. An armed l-shaped sofa is easy to move around as compared to armless sofas.

Most things we own have their pros and cons and armless sofas are no exception, hence it’s a personal decision for a homeowner to decide if they would like to own one.

Nonetheless, armless sofas are the most stylish sofas you could come across with. Should you want to own one, then look no further. Below is a review of the best armless sofas that will leave your living space looking all cozy and tactile.

Whatever design and style you like, from modular to sectional, to those made with different materials including leather and fabric, you will definitely find one that will leave your jaws open.

How to Style an Armless Sofas Comfortable and Make Them Comfortable

The fact that armless sofas don’t provide comfort to your whole body when you want to relax comfortably doesn’t mean that you can not make them comfortable as you would wish.

There are several ways you can make your armless sofa as comfortable as a sofa with arms. These ways include:

  1. Adding customized pillows
  2. Styling it with a throw blanket
  3. choosing the best design for an armless sofa
  4. Add side tables (at least two so you can place one on each side)
  5. Decorate it with a flower vase
  6. know where to place your armless sofa

1. Adding Customized Pillows

The best way to make your armless sofa comfortable is by adding throw pillows on it which will make it cozy and inviting to sit on it.

Choosing the right pillow size and color matters a lot. Make sure you choose at least four pillows, two small and two big depending on the size of your armless sofa.

For the pillow color, you would want to pick one that doesn’t compete for attention with the color of your armless sofas. However, accents and neutrals almost always complement any sofa color.

You can make your armless sofa even more unique by choosing pillow colors that match any other decor in your living room. It could be the throw blanket or wall art.

2. Styling with a Throw Blanket

Throw blankets have a way of making a sofa warm and cozy and that’s exactly what your armless sofa needs. Throws and pillows are the most essential decorating ideas for any type of sofa.

When selecting your throw blanket, make sure you consider one that is soft with the ideal color. It will even be much better if you choose one that looks almost the same color as the pillows.

3. Choosing the Best Armless Sofa Design and Size

You will literally feel comfortable in the armless sofa design and style you choose.

Basically, a loveseat armless sofa would be comfortable for one person if you want to relax comfortably with your legs up. However, if you would want to cuddle up with family members and friends, getting a settee or sectional armless sofa would be a great idea.

4. Bring In the Side Tables

Side tables have a way of filling up empty corners and most importantly give more life to an armless sofa. You can add a side table or two so that you can place one on each side of your armless sofa.

5. Decorate with a Flower Vase

If you love botanicals, then adding them to a room with an armless sofa is the best decorating idea you would ever want to incorporate.

Flowers are life, identify the best vase color with beautiful flowers and place it on top of one of the side tables. On the other side table, you can choose to place your favorite novels or just let them be unique on their own.

6. Let your Armless Sofa Sit In the Right Place

Armless sofas look gorgeous when placed in the middle of the room. This will however work only if it is small, basically the size of a loveseat or if you have a large living room.

Ideally, if your armless sofa is sectional, you can place it in the corner so it can lean on the wall. Just make sure you place it strategically such that it doesn’t block some of the entryways.

What Are the Most Comfortable Armless Sofas?

Here is a review of the best armless sofas and couches that would literary complement any house design and the existing interior decor. Plus, most have a reasonable price tag and might be cheaper than most armed sofas.

The designs and styles are perfect for both big and small spaces, whether it’s an office or a home. This wide range of armless sofas will enable you to find your dream sofa.

1. Best Overall: Mellow Jules Armless Loveseat Sofa Couch, Dark Grey




  • Brand: Mellow
  • Overall dimension: 66.1 x 33.5 x 29.1 inches
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Material: Tufted linen fabric
  • Foam factor: sofa
  • Seating capacity: 3

This mellow armless sofa is a piece you would love just at first sight. Aside from having high ratings (above 4 stars) you can easily acquire this sofa as it has a reasonable price tag. It is unlikely to come by such a beautiful piece that is priced below $1000.

With an overall dimension of 66.1 x 33.5 x 29.1 inches, this sofa will sit perfectly in any living space and can seat about 3 people comfortably.

Its modern armless design and style would make it a perfect addition to the office, library, family room, or apartment.

It is upholstered in a soft and breathable linen fabric that is both skin-friendly and easy to clean in case of a spill. Also, the sofa features button tufting that gives the sofa a classic look.

This sofa also features high-quality foam filling that makes the sofa comfortable and suitable for both office and home use.

The frame and legs of this sofa are constructed with real eucalyptus wood for stability which makes this sofa durable and suitable for everyday home or office use.

The coolest thing about this sofa is that its cushions have Velcro’s that hold them in position to prevent them from coming out every now and then.

This modern armless sofa would work great with its matching loveseat or beautifully on its own. Plus, both would fit perfectly even in the smallest of spaces (especially if you are working on maximizing your space) as they don’t take up too much space.

Absolutely no assembly is required after this sofa is delivered to your home. Plus, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the sofa.

2. Best for Small Spaces: Zinus Jocelyn Contemporary Armless Sofa Couch



  • Brand: Zinus
  • Overall dimension: 64.96 x 30.31 x 33.46 inches
  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Polyester fabric
  • Foam Factor: Settee
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Style: Mid-Century Modern

If you are into a mid-century modern design type of sofa, you need to settle for this contemporary sofa from the Zinus store.

It has an attractive beige color that would make it look great if placed at the center of any living space. Plus, it can perfectly seat in any office space, lounging area, family room, or bedroom.

The polyester fabric upholstery was carefully selected for a great user experience, hence its soft and breathable nature. Its texture also makes it simple to care for spills and any other type of dirt in case of.

Measuring 64.96 x 30.31 x 33.46 inches, this sofa can seat 3 comfortably, making it the best option if you are looking for a beautiful sofa for a family of three.

Its slightly cheaper price doesn’t in any way compromise your comfort and style. The sofa features high-quality foam filling that is durable and suitable for both home and office use.

The vertical tufting at the back cushions adding to its armless design makes the sofa stand out. Plus, the sofa features natural solid wood frame construction and tapered wood legs that make the sofa strong to withstand weights of up to 500lbs.

Most armed sofas have cushions that are not secured to the back, which is unlikely the case with most armless sofas. The Zinus sofa cushions have Velcro that keeps them in position to prevent them from coming out.

Since the sofa’s cushions are not detachable, cleaning is made easier as you only need a soft and clean damp cloth with mild soap to wipe out dust and dirt in case of any.

Most armed sofas would require more than two packagings for delivery, but most armless sofas are packaged in one box, and it’s not an exception for this Zinus sofa making assembly less troublesome thus saving on time.

The Zinus store offers a warranty on most of their furniture and this armless sofa has a 1-year limited warranty.

You have an option of buying this sofa as a set with a matching loveseat, or just get this sofa which will still look great on its own.

This armless sofa is rated highly on Amazon (4.2 stars) and it’s definitely a sofa you need to buy considering its reasonable price tag and how beautiful it is.

3. Best Armless Chair: Giantex Modern Armless Accent Chair with Footstool




  • Brand: Giantex
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Material: Velvet
  • Style: Modern
  • Overall dimension: 22 x 26.5 x 30.5 inches
  • Foam factor: Chair
  • Seating capacity: 1

The best way to decorate your sofa seat is by pairing it with an elegant chair. This Giantex armless chair would be a great choice for the elegance you are looking for.

Ideally, if you are looking for the best office or bedroom chair, then this armless chair would still come in handy, especially if you pair it with a mini coffee table, the outcome would be out of this world.

You absolutely don’t need to worry about space if you are limited on one. This armless chair measures 22 x 26.5 x 30.5 inches, making it convenient to fit even in the smallest of spaces. The included ottoman can be used as a footrest when relaxing after a long day

This armless chair features a modern design with sleek lines and a curved back with button tufting that will make it a focal point in any space.

The coolest part of this chair that you can’t afford to miss is the legs. The chair features rubberwood feet with a natural wood finish that will make your office or home elegant in an instant. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your floor getting scratched as the legs have a floor protector.

This armless sofa is upholstered in velvet with an attractive turquoise color that will complement any office or house design. Ideally, this armless sofa may look great as a set with the best blue velvet sofa or beautifully on its own.

Your comfort is guaranteed with the high-density sponge filling for maximum comfort and body support. The ottoman comes in handy when you just want to relax while watching a favorite program with a cup of coffee.

You have an option of picking this exact armless chair but in different available colors of blue and pink. They both would work great in any living space.

Simple assembly is required after this product is delivered. It’s simple to carry out since an instruction manual is included in the packaging box.

4. Best Armless Couch Bed: Beyan Ramsey Collection Armless Modern Convertible Sofa Bed with Storage Space Gray



  • Brand: Beyan
  • Style: Transitional
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Fabric
  • Foam Factor: Settee
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Overall Dimension: 75 x 35 x 35 inches

Wondering whether armless couch beds exist? Absolutely yes! Apparently, there is a wide variety of armless couch beds for people with different tastes and preferences. If you are looking for one, then look no further than this armless couch bed from Beyan.

This armless sofa bed is very comfortable and can be used as a bed for your impromptu guests, or a perfect day bed for any family member.

It measures 75 x 35 x 35 inches and would seat perfectly in the living room, bedroom, office lounge, den, kid’s bedroom, or apartment. When used as a sofa, this armless couch bed can seat 3 comfortably.

If you have a small living space, this armless sofa bed is what you need. Apart from serving as both a sofa and a bed, it features a storage space that can be used to store extra blankets or pillows.

What makes this sofa bed comfortable for both sleeping and sitting on is the fact it has coil spring foam cushioning and comes with two pillows for maximum comfort and body support.

Any furniture upholstered with fabric is usually easy to care for. This armless sofa bed is upholstered with soft and breathable fabric that is also very easy to clean in case of a spill or when it gets dirty.

The legs of the sofa feature metal construction that gives the sofa a modern and classic look. The legs are also stable and durable, making the sofa suitable for home and office use.

This exact sofa is also available in an elegant green fabric that would also work great just like the gray one. They have different price tags and would look great in any living space.

5. Best Sectional: Modway Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 5 Piece Armless Sectional Sofa Set



  • Brand: Modway
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Fabric
  • Foam Factor: Sectional
  • Seating Capacity: 6
  • Overall Dimension: 118 x 118 x 35 inches

Armless sofas are also available in different designs; a sectional design of an armless sofa is one of the most sought-after for homeowners with big homes as they work best compared to buying a whole living room set.

Sectional sofas are not only limited to homeowners with large homes, apparently, but sectionals would also work great in homes with limited space as they may not take up too much space as compared to a whole living room set.

This 5-piece armless sectional set from the Modway store is a piece you wouldn’t want to have second thoughts for. Its beautiful beige color would complement any house design and can be styled however you want.

The modern fabric upholstery is not only soft and breathable but also easy to clean in case of a spill. It would be a great addition to the living room, family room, lounging area, or apartment.

This sofa features solid wood frame construction for stability and durability. Plus, you are assured comfort with the foam padded cushions that are overstuffed with feathers and cotton for maximum body support.

Measuring 118 x 118 x 35 inches, this sofa would seat 6 comfortably making it great for family movie nights.

This armless is also available in a wide variety of colors that you can still choose from if the beige color may not be practical for you (especially with kids and pets) including azure, grey, white and teal.

6. Best Armless Leather Couch: Best Choice Products Convertible Lounge Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed, Brown




  • Brand: Best Choice Products
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Seating Capacity: 2
  • Foam Factor: Futon
  • Overall Dimension: 69 x 33 x 30 inches

Leather couches are literary the most classic type of sofas you could ever come across. Whether you are looking for a brown leather couch for your apartment or a black leather couch (which usually works great with any house design) for your living room.

This armless leather futon sofa bed is no exception. It features a sleek faux leather upholstery in brown color that will complement any house design. Plus, the button tufting on the sofa’s back and seat give it a cozy and modern vibe.

This leather sofa can be adjustable to create a comfortable bed for your impromptu guests or a perfect day bed to relax after a busy day.

It measures 69 x 33 x 30 inches and can seat three people comfortably. It would be a great addition to the office, family room, den, apartment, or studio.

Caring for leather is very easy, and this armless futon sofa bed is no exception. Using a soft, damp cloth with a mild soap, you can out dust regularly to prevent it from accumulating over time.

The wooden feet construction is a detail you cannot fail to notice. It gives the sofa a classic look and also makes the sofa stable and durable, making it suitable for both office and home use.

With all these exquisite details, this armless sofa is highly rated (over 4.2 stars), great for any living space, and has a reasonable price tag.

The sofa is also available in different leather colors black and white. If the brown one is not practical for you, you will definitely find one that is convenient for you among these. They both have the same price tag.

You can easily style this armless sofa with one or two pillows and a throw to make it cozy. Avoid overstuffing the sofa as you might not leave a space to sit.