Are L-Shape Sofas a Good Idea? Things To Consider

L-shaped sofas are a great option for homeowners with large homes or families because they offer more comfortable seating for literally everyone. Plus, they are big enough to fill up a living space.

However, L-shaped sofas are not only limited to homes with large families. Apparently, there are smaller versions that fit perfectly in smaller living rooms.

An L-shaped sleeper sofa can as well multifunction since it can be reclined to create a bed. This can be a good idea if you want to maximize your floor space.

However, deciding on an ideal L-shape sofa for your living space in terms of the type of design and ideal dimensions, to understanding your family’s tastes and preferences may not be easy.

Ideally, consulting an interior designer to help with calculating dimensions would be great. He will also be able to study the structure of your living space and the existing interior décor before deciding on the ideal sofa you should have in your home.

Before deciding on whether to have an L-shaped sofa in your home, you might want to look into its pros and cons. Evaluating each of the pros and cons will help you make the right decision.

The Pros and Cons of L-shaped Sofas


Are L-shaped sofas good ideas? Certainly yes! Especially if you want a sofa that will offer more comfortable seating other than a whole living room set.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying an L-shaped sofa compared to other types of sofas? Let’s look at them starting off with their advantages.

The Pros

The following are the benefits of buying an L-shaped/sectional sofa instead of other types of sofas:

1. Great for small rooms

A home with a small cozy, and casual living room is by far better than one with a big living room that is hardly in use. An L-shaped sofa might be big and bulky, but if your room has limited space, you are guaranteed warmth and elegance.

2. Affordable

By acquiring an l-shaped sofa, you would have saved on the cost of buying a whole living room set, which normally consists of one three-seater, one two-seater, and a wingchair which may be more expensive.

An l-shaped sofa guarantees your living room a complete look. Moreover, a single L-shaped sofa is like a three-seater and a daybed combined. This might be cheaper as compared to buying them separately.

3. Creates Extra Space

Whether you decide to arrange them in the corner, against the wall, or in the middle, l-shaped sofas can be easily customized and modified to fit well hence offering space for other furniture.

4. Spacious

You absolutely shouldn’t worry if this sofa is large enough. An l-shaped sofa has enough space to accommodate every member of the family comfortably.

5. Comfortable

Most l-shaped sofas are covered with quality leather or microfiber fabric for maximum comfort and support. Plus, its shape is not only ideal for sitting but also great for lounging and flexible enough to be placed in a cozy corner where one can curl up and read or watch a favorite television program.

6. Easy to Refresh

It’s easy to upgrade with an l-shaped sofa. If you want a fresh new look, you can easily refurbish your l-shape sofa by replacing the covers in whatever style you want.

7. Extra Features

Who doesn’t like cool stuff? Well, most l-shaped sofas come with extra cool features Such as an ottoman, end tables, electronic or non-electronic reclining seats, and adjustable headrest making them stylish.

8. Storage Space

L-shaped sofas are modified enough to come with storage space under their seats, unlike regular sofas. If you have additional stuff that may congest your living room, then you should consider an L-shaped sofa. This will save your room from unnecessary piled-up stuff.

Cons of L-shaped Sofa

What are some of the things that work against L-shaped sofas? Here are the disadvantages of buying an L-shaped sofa:

1. Not Flexible

The corner sets and sectionals are heavy and they require extra manpower to have them set up at home. Plus, it can be difficult to move from one house to another since they are heavy.

2.Room-shape Dependent

L-shaped sofas are not ideal for all types of rooms, especially if your space is small. Living rooms are created differently and finding an ideal l-shaped sofa that fits your space can be challenging.

First off, you need to ensure that if you decide to buy an l-shaped sofa, it will not block off some of the architectural features in the house like windows doors, and the fireplace.

You also need to ensure that the sofa does not occupy the entire length of the wall. You should create at least 18 inches of space on both sides of the sofa.

3. Challenge to move

Just like it may be difficult to rearrange the layout of your l-shaped sofa, moving it to a different house is also not easy. Plus, l-shaped sofas are not suitable for every living room. If your l-shaped sofa seats perfectly in your current living room, it’s not guaranteed that will when it is time to move houses.

How Do I Decide on The Ideal L-shaped Sofa for my Living Room?


The varied designs of l-shaped sofas make it easy for a homeowner to choose a sofa that will fit their living room, from those with storage and recliners to those with a pull-out bed.

However, if you are on the fence on what type of L-shaped sofa to go for, you might want to get the help of an interior designer to help you measure the dimensions of your room.

This will help you get the right L-shaped sofa that will not inconvenience your movement in the house and also give space for the other existing decors.

What Should I Look for in an L-shaped Sofa?

Any given type of sofa should be versatile, this way, you will be able to style in with literally any style you could think of. Here are the things to look for when buying an l-shaped sofa:


1. Upholstery material

You definitely don’t want to invest in a sofa that is upholstered in low-quality upholstery. That will be a wasted investment.

If you are impressed with the color and size of an l-shaped sofa you intend to buy, you should also check if the material is scratch-resistant. This will prevent you from running up and down looking for another sofa after a short period of time.

In case of a spill, you need to know how easy it will be to clean the sofa. Leather upholstery can be the best option since they are stain-resistant.

2. Storage

Some l-shaped sofas are modified to come with storage space under their seats. An l-shaped sofa with storage space is great for storing extra throw pillows and blankets. Plus, they are also used to keep unnecessary stuff that may congest a living room.

3. Chaise orientation

There are l-shaped sofas whose chaise has a fixed orientation and those that have a reversible orientation. If you love rearranging your space, then the latter will work great for you.

In case you plan to move to a different house, an l-shaped sofa with a reversible orientation would be a great idea since l-shaped sofas do not fit in all living rooms are for.

However, if you find an l-shaped sofa with a fixed chaise orientation that you believe will look great in your home, you should take it regardless.

4. Ease of Refreshing

Over time, your taste and preference may change. Choosing an l-shaped sofa that gives you a chance to upgrade it after some time would be great. It will be also easier to decorate and replace the sofa covers.

What are The Different Ways to Arrange L-shaped Sofas?

An l-shaped sofa features back support on both sides of the L. To perfectly arrange your l-shaped sofa, you need to know the size and dimensions of your living space. You can arrange your l-shaped sofa either in the corner, in the middle, or against a wall.

Below are three different ways you can arrange your l-shaped sofa

1. In The Corner

This method works by Placing the corner of your sofa at the corner of the living room, then let each end of the sofa rest against the adjacent walls. This works best if the room is small or has a narrow layout as it utilizes dead corners while opening the space in the middle where you can place a rag, a coffee table, or other decors.

This layout can be quite uncomfortable when cleaning as you will have to move the sofa, but it’s the most comfortable layout especially if you have limited space.

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2. Against a Wall

In this layout, the sofa back will be against the wall. The other arm can serve as a space divider between different areas like the living room and the dining room. The chaise at the end of the section can be used as a lounge for relaxing while watching television.

3. In the Middle

If your living room space is not too small or too wide, placing your sofa in the middle will act as a divider between the formal and informal living areas, such as the living room and the dining room.

What is The Price of L-shaped Sofas?

The price of an l-shaped sofa depends on factors such as; the design, dimensions, quality of the upholstery, and features. The average cost of an l-shaped sofa ranges between $500 and $5000.

Factors Influencing the Cost of L-shaped Sofas

There are many factors that a homeowner needs to put into consideration before buying an l-shaped sofa. Doing due diligence on the following factors would help a great deal.

1. Upholstery material

The upholstery material used on any type of sofa will determine its price. The quality of the upholstery material depends on texture, density, and thickness. A homeowner should first determine the quality of the upholstery material.

2. Foam

Foam is the most important component of a sofa. If you do your due diligence, then it will be very easy to tell a fake from a genuine sofa by looking at the foam used. A very sure way of determining the density and thickness of the foam is by sitting on the sofa. This way you will be able to feel the extent of elasticity and its density.

3. Frame

Other than foam, the frame is the most important component of a sofa. For a sleeper sofa that can be reclined often, choosing one with a metal frame will be ideal since it can withstand frequent use.

4. Extra Features

Such as a storage space. The price of a sofa with storage space cannot be the same as the price of a sofa without storage space.

Do L-shaped Sofas Come in Various Designs?

Since its original design with a chaise, the l-shaped sofa has come quite a long way. They are no longer available in leather and fabrics only.

As a matter of fact, you can decide to consult a professional carpenter and have him customize for you an L-shaped sofa in whichever style you like, be it traditional, mid-century modern, industrial or contemporary.

Let’s look at the different designs that come with an l-shaped sofa

1. L-shaped Sofa with Recliners

L-shaped recliner sofas come with two recliner seats at the end of the L. It is an ideal solution if you want to create your space with a mid-century modern style or any other design style you love.

Best Recliner Sofa: Freesnoze Top Manual Reclining Sofa


  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Form factor: Recliner, sectional
  • Foam filled
  • Upholstered in high-end leather and soft fabric
  • Upholstery colors: three
  • Frame material: wood
  • Cup holders and two storage box

Unlike the regular couches, recliner sofas provide the convenience of adjusting them to the position you best feel comfortable with and this Freesnoze Recliner sofa is not an exception.

If you are on the fence on which recliner sofa is stylish, comfortable, and affordable, you need to go for this Top Manual Reclining sofa.

It is upholstered in soft fabric/ high-end Pu leather and framed with hardwood for durability. Plus, the seat cushion is filled with a form that complements its traditional style with maximum comfort.

This sofa is upholstered with Grey fabric, but you have an option of choosing this exact sofa but in other fabric colors of red, Pu black, and Pu grey if the grey color is not for you.

However, you don’t have to second guess this grey l-shaped sofa because grey sofas are on-trend.

This recliner sofa has a seating capacity of five making it a great choice for family night movies and hosting friends.

This sofa has 4 cup holders, 2 storage consoles, and 2 recliners that make it comfortable for chatting over a cup of coffee or watching a movie.  

Additionally, the seat and backrest of this sofa are filled with a highly elastic sponge and tempering springs to give you a soft and cozy feel.


2. Sectional L-shaped Couches

Unlike the conventional l-shaped sofa, sectional l-shaped sofas are flexible and make it easier to rearrange the layout of your living room.

L-shaped sofas come in separate blocks that can be individually moved when cleaning. Plus, some l-shaped sofa has an ottoman that can be used as a footrest while resting.

Best Sectional L-shaped Sofa: Beey Sectional Sofa



  • Overall dimension: 81 x 33 x 34 inches
  • Upholstered in three upholstery colors
  • sturdy wooden frame
  • Two piece:  a sofa and a right chaise lounge
  • Plastic legs
  • Brand: BEEY

If you are looking for a sofa that will complement your house design effortlessly, then this mid-century modern design sectional sofa is what you need.

It has an overall dimension of 81 x 33 x 34 inches and will sit perfectly in your living room, bedroom, studio, apartment, or den. It seats 3 to 4 people comfortably and comes with a chaise lounge that can offer more seating.

This sofa is upholstered in three different colors of blue, grey, and dark grey, and you can choose a sofa that matches your house design. Plus, it’s upholstered in linen fabric that is soft, breathable, and durable.

This sectional sofa features a sturdy wooden frame and plastic legs. Plus, the sofa’s seat and back cushions are thick and fluffy for support and comfort.

However, the sofa requires some assembly after delivery which is simple since an instruction manual is provided.

3. L-shaped Sleeper Sofa

L-shaped sleeper sofas are multifunctional. they can serve as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. Great for homeowners who want to maximize their floor space.

Best L-shaped Sleeper Sofa: Honbay Faux Leather Sectional Sofa


  • Three upholstery colors
  • Frame material: solid wood
  • Overall dimension of 102 x 50 x 36.6 inches
  •  seating capacity: 4
  • Upholstered in leather
  • Form factor: sectional
  • Shape: sectional

The best thing about brown leather sofas is their ability to resist stains and dirt. In case of a spill, it is easier to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

This HONBAY Leather sofa is no exception. It is upholstered in soft and durable leather fabric, with firm but comfortable cushions.

With an overall dimension of 102 x 50 x 36.6 inches, this sofa offers a seating capacity of 4 and is designed to sit perfectly in your living space.

This sofa features a solid wood frame construction, while the seat cushions are made of pocket coils and serpentine springs that make the sofa cozy and comfy.

This leather sectional sofa is multi-functional. It can instantly convert into a queen-size bed. Plus, it has a storage bag and ottoman which you can use to build the layout that you like.

However, this sofa requires assembly after it has been delivered. It is easy to carry out since no tool is required and comes with an instruction manual.