Benefits of a Velvet Sofa

Is Velvet a Good Fabric for Sofa?

A sofa is essential in every home and choosing the right one in terms of material and the comfort it offers is very important. A sofa can either have velvet, leather, microfiber, or polyester upholstery, these are the commonly used upholstery for furniture and they both attract different audiences.

Choosing the right sofa upholstery gives you the convenience of styling it your way and also the choice of being unique. And if you are wondering if a velvet sofa would be a good idea, you definitely don’t need a second opinion.

The thought of owning a velvet sofa is awesome and if you already have one that makes it even more interesting. Velvet is a good fabric for a sofa, you are most likely to get attracted to a home with a velvet sofa thanks to its lustrous sheen that will transform a dull living space into a modern and classy living environment.


Since its debut in the late 1970s, velvet has become the most sort after fabric type and is definitely the trendiest fabric upholstery today. Although many people have mistaken this fabric for one that requires high care and maintenance possibly because of its delicate and tactile look, velvet is a type of fabric that is equally easy to clean and the easiest to deal with when it comes to spills and pet hair.

Benefits of a Velvet Sofa

There are a few reasons why this unique and luxurious fabric was commonly used by royal and wealthy families back then. Although you might think that it’s because it was expensive and only the rich could afford it, there are many more benefits of velvet fabric and this article will help you find out what other benefits velvet fabric has over its counterparts. The benefits of velvet fabric include:

1. Durability

Although its delicate look would make you think a simple scratch by your pet’s claw on your velvet couch would ruin it, velvet fabric is not vulnerable to scratching. Velvet is manufactured by interlacing two yearns which are knit and woven tightly to a thin fabric. Therefore, velvet has no raised weaves or loops that your pets’ claws will catch on.

Another unique thing about velvet fabric is how fade-resistant it is. No amount of cleaning will make your velvet sofa or furniture lose its attractive color and like wine, the longer you stay with your velvet sofa the more it gets soft and comfortable to lounge on.

2. Comfort

Velvet fabric is soft and breathable making it the best upholstery fabric for sofas and other furniture. Plus, their cushioning features high-density foam filling that offers maximum seat and back support, and comfort. And just like leather sofas which soften with time, velvet also becomes more comfortable the more you sit or sleep on it.

3. Stylish

Velvet fabrics are made from either silk, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers and this is one thing that makes them stand out. Velvet sofas have been in style since their invention in the 1970s and they look they were just made to give more life to living spaces. The most common types of velvet sofa colors are, however, blue and green which are equally the best sofa colors to work with but there is more variety of colors to choose from.

Velvet requires minimal care. Velvet fabric doesn’t have loops for food particles and drinks to seep through to the cushioning. When your velvet sofa gets dirty vacuum up all the food crumbs and in case of spills, use a damp soft cloth to wipe out the affected area.

4. Care and Maintenance

Avoid placing your velvet sofa in direct sunlight to guarantee its long life. Aside from regular cleaning by wiping out dust, velvet sofas do not require any extra work to maintain their attractive looks.

5. Lustrous Sheen

Velvet has a lustrous sheen something that makes it the easiest fabric type to work with. A fabric sofa/furniture would compliment any house design and match the existing interior décor flawlessly. Plus, velvet furniture doesn’t require any complicated styling, any piece of velvet furniture will effortlessly transform the look of dull living space.

6. Practicality

Velvet fabric is practical, definitely not what you think of it. Despite being delicate and tactile, velvet sofas sit well even in homes with kids and pets. First, velvet is well knitted with no loops for claws to catch on, and secondly, no amount of kid’s play will ruin your sofa as it features quality materials that are not subject to scratching.

Velvet Fabric FAQS

Are Velvet Couches High Maintenance?

Although its delicate look would convince you otherwise, velvet couches do not require any high maintenance. With proper care which usually involves regular cleaning, your velvet couch is guaranteed to last long.

Are Velvet Sofas Out of Style?

Their lustrous sheen makes velvet sofas trendy year in year out. Velvet is a soft fabric that transforms a dull living room into a modern and classy one and there are no signs of it going out of the market anytime soon. Velvet sofas have a presence and are definitely the most stylish type of sofas that every homeowner would love to have in their home.

Is a Velvet Sofa Comfortable?

Velvet fabric is soft, comfortable, and breathable. You will likely notice the soft feel of a velvet sofa from far and it will be nothing different when you finally get to sit on it. Plus, the cushioning on velvet sofas is usually filled with high-density foam for maximum seat and back support.

Is a Velvet Sofa Good for Pets?

Yes! Velvet sofas are practical and functional for pets and kids. Velvet fabric features two yarns that are woven tightly leaving no loops that pets’ claws will catch on. Velvet sofas are therefore suitable for kids and pets as they are less subjected to peeling and scratching.

Does the Velvet Sofa Get Hot?

Not all types of velvet sofas get hot. Purely synthetic velvets tend to get very hot when exposed to sunlight and they do not wick moisture. It is therefore advisable not to expose velvet sofas or furniture to direct sunlight, so as to also aid its longevity.

What Are the Disadvantages of Velvet Sofas?

The benefits of velvet sofas outshine their disadvantages. One major setback of velvet sofas is their cost. Velvet sofas are expensive and may require a long time of savings to be able to own one. Initially, velvet furniture was expensive such that only the royal and wealthy families could afford it, however, today there are many materials for making velvet fabric but still, their prices tend to be way up as compared to those of regular sofa fabrics.

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