5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of a Couch

Where Can I Get Rid of my Couch?

It could be your current couch is worn out and you want to get a new one, or you are just tired of your old couch and you want to upgrade to new designs and styles that are currently trending. Whatever the case, getting rid of a couch can sometimes be overwhelming considering how big and bulky they tend to be especially if you have a whole living room set.


If your couch is still in good condition, you could be generous and donate it to a charitable organization, needy schools, or shelters as dumping it may cost a lot more. Plus, the cost of disposing of a couch may be anything between $100 to $650 depending on the size and the number of couches you have.

Fortunately, today, there are simple ways to get rid of your couch if you no longer need it, and this article will give you 5 simple ways to get rid of your couch, these include:

  1. Consider donating your couch
  2. List it online for sale
  3. Throwing your couch to a dumpster
  4. Take it to a scrapyard
  5. Put it at the curb

For every method above, we will discuss the guidelines so you won’t have to go against the community rules on taking care of the environment.

Method 1: Consider Donating Your Couch

Donating your couch or any other furniture that is not in use in your home is one of the simple ways to get rid of it. Apart from being the affordable way, this method is environmentally friendly and it is a generous act that everyone needs to embrace.

There are many charity organizations today that may benefit from this couch that you are about to get rid of. And if your couch is still in good condition, there is absolutely no reason as to why you should dispose of it rather than donating it. And this would be absolutely free, no hustles of finding a roll-off dumpster who might charge anything between $100 and above.

All you need to do is make a call to the non-profitable charity organizations, second-hand shops, shelters, or the needy schools and see who will be ready to pick it up or have it delivered to them.

Honestly, there is nothing satisfying to the soul than knowing something you once owned is now useful to someone who is in need rather than out anywhere contaminating and ruining the environment. Well, we all know that disposing of furniture anyhow will in one way or the other cause environmental pollution.

Method 2: List it Online for Sale

This method is also simple since by listing it online for sale you will be able to reach a bigger audience and you are likely to get a buyer in one out of ten interested buyers.

This method might however work out well only if your couch is in good condition, no one would really want to invest in a couch that would serve them in a few months then it becomes useless.

Therefore, if you are certain that your couch is in perfect condition with no signs of rips or soiled stains then you are good to list it online for sale, and make sure you include the specifics, like the couch size, style, and type of upholstery fabric.

Method 3: Throwing Your Couch Into a Dumpster

This method comes in if your couch is worn out and there is no hope of reviving it back to life. You will, however, have to dismantle your couch into smaller pieces to avoid being charged at the public dumpsters. Most public dumpsters charge for big furniture but smaller pieces of furniture are considered trash thus does not require any charges.

To avoid being charged, make sure you disassemble the whole couch to achieve smaller pieces that would make it easier for you to stuff them in your car so you can take them to a dumpster near you yourself. If you have two or more couches, you might need to do different rounds, or can just hire a truck to carry it out once and for all.

If your couch has removable cushions, begin by putting them aside and if you have a leather couch that usually has non-removable cushions, use a scissor or a sharp knife to rip off the upholstery and throw them away.

The next step is to rip off the fabric covering the frame of your couch. You might need to be careful in this stage to avoid getting hurt by the springs or nails used in fixing the frame. If your couch fabric is tightly attached to the frame with a staple, use a screwdriver to remove it.

Since we need to dismantle the couch into smaller pieces, then the next step is to take your hand saw or any other sharp tool used for cutting frames. Cut the frames into smaller pieces for easier transportation and disposal.

The last step is to transport the pieces of your couch to a nearby dumpster. Be careful while handling this work to avoid hurting yourself. The cushions can be put in your home trash, while you transport the other pieces of your frame to the dumpster.

Method 4: Take your Couch to a Scrapyard

Most couches are made of metal pieces that may be useful to scrapyard people. Make calls to a scrapyard near you and inquire if they might be interested in the metal pieces on your couch, if yes, they would most likely ask if you would like to deliver it yourself or have them pick it up, at a cost of course. If the pieces are small and manageable and can fit in your car, save those coins and deliver it yourself, you might even get paid depending on the quality of the metals you deliver.

Method 5: Put It at the Curb

Another simple way to get rid of a couch is by putting it outside your house with a visible sign on it written: “free”. Just make sure there are no rules in the state you live against leaving furniture on a curb. A passerby who is interested in it will come to pick it up.


getting rid of a couch is made easier than you could think. Whether your couch is in good condition or is completely worn out. on the above-mentioned ways, just chose what you believe would work out well for you, and you will end up saving your time and some extra costs.