How to Get Dog Smell Out of a Couch In 10 Ways

Pets especially dogs are great company when you are relaxing at home but they can be a lot of work especially if they love sleeping on the couch. The chances of dogs leaving their hairs and smell on the couch, which is usually not pleasing is high and if you don’t know how to get … Read more

How to Wash Microfiber Couch Covers in 2 Effective Ways

Can You Wash Microfiber Couch Covers? As a mother of two toddlers, I take major precautions by ensuring my couches are covered in microfiber, if not they will be damaged from all forms of dirt in a minute. Microfiber couch covers are durable, have high resistance levels to stains, and are very easy to clean … Read more

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On Couch?

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner On Couch

We spend most of our lives on the couch and as such, it tends to get dirty often. Therefore, Using the right equipment when cleaning will not only ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned but also protect the couch from any harm that might ruin its aesthetics. Yes, you can use a carpet cleaner with … Read more

How to Wash Couch Cushions- 3 Ways

Can You Wash Couch Cushions? There are different types of couch cushions. There are those with removable cushion covers and those with non-removable cushion covers. Most couches with removable cushion covers have removable cushions, while those with non-removable cushion covers usually have Velcro in them that holds them in position to prevent them from sagging … Read more

Do You Have a White Couch? Here Is How To Keep It Clean!

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How to Remove Urine Smell From a Couch- 3 Ways

Nothing beats the power of a urine smell on a couch especially if it wasn’t taken care of immediately. Well, as a homeowner, it’s important to note that taking care of any mess on your couch as soon as it happens is very important. Leaving a stain or any form of dirt on your couch … Read more