How to Wash Microfiber Couch Covers in 2 Effective Ways

Can You Wash Microfiber Couch Covers?

As a mother of two toddlers, I take major precautions by ensuring my couches are covered in microfiber, if not they will be damaged from all forms of dirt in a minute.

Microfiber couch covers are durable, have high resistance levels to stains, and are very easy to clean away when they happen. However, having kids requires you to regularly have a cleaner in hand to help minimize stains immediately they happen, lest you suffer tough and hard-to-clean stains.

You can use resolve cleaner to wash your microfiber couch cover if it has “W” and “S” labels on it. Do this by spraying generous amounts of resolve cleaner on the stained area and giving it about 5 minutes to work on the stain then rub off the cleaner with a colorless sponge. Make sure you give it time to completely dry.

Ideally, you can wash your microfiber couch cover on a gentle cycle in a washer with a mild detergent or without any detergent at all, then transfer it outside to dry. Although you have the option to dry it in the dryer, it is not the safest method.


Washing your microfiber couch covers in a washing machine is, however, possible only if your couch has removable cushions and covers unless you want to wash your couch cushions too. You just have to unzip your cushion, remove the cushion covers, turn them inside out (to prevent the cushions from shrinking), and then toss it into the washer.

If your couch cushion covers are not removable, you can also easily clean them by spot cleaning, which is almost the safest method of cleaning couch cushions.

How to Wash Microfiber Couch Covers In 2 Ways


The best way to keep your microfiber couch looking clean and fresh every passing day is by cleaning it regularly. Microfiber couches tend to attract dust whether they have been used or not. Plus, regular cleaning is one of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your couch. Here are the 3easy steps to follow when washing your microfiber couch cover:

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your couch covers would work effectively if the stain is fresh. Taking care of fresh stains immediately would save you from excess work as tuff stains can be very difficult to deal with.

What you will need:


  1. Spray a generous amount of resolve cleaner on the stained area of your microfiber couch cover. Let it sit for about 5 minutes (the longer you let it stay the easier it will be to get rid of the soil or stain)
  2. Using your Bissell brush, rub the stain out gently and carefully (careful not to spread the stains on other parts of the cushion cover that do not require cleaning).
  3. Dampen your colorless sponge (avoid using a colored sponge as the color may rub off) with water then massage the area gently and slowly to extract the resolve cleaner.
  4. Using a microfiber cloth, rub the area gently to remove the excess water, then give your couch cover time to completely dry before using it.

Machine Washing

Although machine washing upholstery sounds like the best option for homeowners especially if the weather is cold, it is not the best idea for all upholstery. However, if your microfiber couch cover has a “W” label, then it is safe to be tossed in the washer. It is even better if your couch cover is removable.


  1. Unzip your couch cushion then remove the covers from the cushion.
  2. Turn the covers inside out before tossing them into the washer to prevent them from shrinking.
  3. Check your settings. Make sure you wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water (This would also prevent your cushion covers from shrinking)
  4. You can choose to add a mild detergent or no detergent at all, both options are absolutely ok.
  5. After washing, you can choose to transfer them to the dryer or dry them outside if it is sunny (this might take about 3 hours). I personally prefer to dry them outside in the open as the dryer may subject them to shrinking hence ruining them (although not all upholstery is dryer-friendly)
  6. Make sure your covers have completely dried before returning your cushions in. this will prevent them from molds and bad odor.

Generally, this method works great, however, if the stain is still on your couch, you might need to repeat this process for the second time. Personally, I wash my couch covers in the washer and the results have always been great. I hope this works on your side as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Microfiber Couch Cushion Covers In the Washing Machine?


You can wash your microfiber couch cushion covers in a gentle cycle with cold water with no or mild detergent if it has a “W” label on it. Checking the label on your upholstery before washing will prevent you from ruining it. Also, make sure you use the right upholstery cleaning detergent.

Couch cushion covers are subject to dust, food spills and drinks, pet hair, and other forms of dirt especially if you have kids and pets. And thus, they require regular cleaning to enable them to withstand wear and tear.

Machine washing upholstery is almost the best fallback plan if the weather is a bit cold on you and you most likely don’t feel like being anywhere close to cold water. However, you might really have to reconsider drying your couch cushions in the dryer if you don’t want them to shrink and wrinkle.

Since microfiber couch covers are usually sensitive to heat, consider hanging them outside to dry to avoid ruining them.

Can Microfiber Be Washed In the Washing Machine?


You can easily wash your heavily soiled microfiber upholstery in the washing machine to make them look clean as new without ruining them. Wash them in a gentle cycle in cold water or warm water, avoid using hot water to prevent wrinkling) with mild (Choose a gentle detergent) or no detergent at all. However, you will need to avoid washing microfiber upholstery with other types of fabric (especially cotton) as the microfiber may grab onto the lint.

If you want your microfiber upholstery to stand up to wear and tear, you would need to avoid using the dryer (microfiber upholstery is heat-sensitive) and fabric softeners (fabric softeners clog open spaces in microfiber thus ruining them)

Microfiber upholstery is literally the easiest to deal with. From being easy to maintain, and clean, to literally standing up to wear and tear since they don’t shrink or wrinkle.

Can You Wash Microfiber Fabrics with Vinegar?

You can wash your microfiber fabric by mixing a ¾ cup of vinegar and your preferred cleaning detergent, then add it to your clean water. The vinegar will work as a disinfectant while the detergent will minimize the vinegar smell on your microfiber upholstery.

Vinegar is literally the best cleaning agent that every homeowner needs. It is effective and absolutely affordable hence there is absolutely no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have it at home.

Can I Strip Microfiber Couch Covers?

You can strip your microfiber couch covers if they have removable cushion covers and toss them into the washer. You will need to wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent then air dry them (usually takes about 3 hours). Avoid drying in the dryer to avoid ruining them. After they have dried, use your Bissell brush to brush up the flattened fibers.

There are microfiber couches with removable cushions and those with non-removable cushions (the non-removable ones usually have Velcro in them to hold them at the back of the sofa). Although it is easier to wash couch covers than couch cushions, you can easily toss them into the washing machine.

How Do You Clean MicroSuede Couch Covers?

Microsuede couch covers can be easily washed in the washing machine. Wash in a gentle cycle using cold water (hot water is likely to cause wrinkling) and your preferred detergent.

However, you will need to avoid using any detergent as it may cause it to shrink, also avoid using bleach as it may cause discoloration.

Can You Put Microfiber Covers In the Dryer?

Microfiber covers can be machine washed but should not be machine dried. This is because microfiber has low resistance to heat and doing so may cause wrinkling hence ruining its aesthetic.

How should I dry my Microfiber Couch Covers?

Microfiber couch covers can be best dried out in the sun. They should take about 5 hours to dry completely if the weather is sunny.


Microfiber is the best option for furniture upholstery for most homeowners as it is literally easier to deal with. They hardly shrink or wrinkle and they are the best when it comes to withstanding wear and tear.

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