How to Make Your Couch’s Upholstery Stain Repellent In 5 Simple Ways

What Can I Spray On My Couch to Prevent Stains?

The most vulnerable piece of furniture in any home is the couch. It is the place where we enjoy snacking, drinking, and if you have kids and pets you definitely understand how they find a couch the perfect spot for playing all sorts of games.

All these activities will in one way or the other subject your couch to stains, dirt, pet hair, dust, or food crumbs which if not careful will ruin your Couch’s aesthetic.

Any form of dirt on a couch would subject it to wear and tear, however, today, there are so many ways as to how you can prevent your couch from all forms of dirt to aid in its durability.

To prevent your couch from being more susceptible to stains, make sure you buy stain-repelling products available in spray cans so that you can regularly spray on your couch to make it stain repellent.

Also, make sure you spray your couch when it’s clean, it wouldn’t do any good when the couch is full of dust and food crumbs. You will also need to spray the couch regularly to keep the repellent active and working.

In this article, you will learn 5 simple ways to prevent your couch’s fabric or any other upholstery furniture in your home from stains and dirt. Most of the products recommended here are absolutely affordable and most importantly, very effective.

5 Ways to Prevent your Couch’s Upholstery from Stains and Dirt

1. Pretreat your upholstery furniture with an Upholstery Protector

Regardless of the nature of your upholstery, you still need an upholstery protector to prevent dirt from ruining it further. Any form of dirt is harmful to your fabric sofa/furniture. Although microfiber fabric is best known for being stain-resistant, if the stains occur regularly they tend to become weaker and begin showing signs of wear and tear.

Therefore, one of the best ways to prevent stains from getting onto your upholstery sofa/furniture and to increase its lifespan is to pretreat it with an upholstery protector.

Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector

Every homeowner needs a Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protector especially if you have kids and pets who can get careless when drinking and eating. It is affordable and most importantly very effective.

They are versatile and their use can be applied even on delicate materials. You just have to spray a generous amount of it on every part of your couch and no amount of spills or food crumbs will get into your upholstery. Plus, it is odorless and dries almost immediately after spraying making it eco-friendly.

You can also apply this Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protector on your curtains, pillows, and backpacks to prevent them from attracting dust and any other form of dirt.

2. Regularly Vacuum your Upholstery

It is very important to vacuum up your sofa regularly to get rid of dust, stains, food crumbs, and pet hair. This will also prevent them from accumulating further and ease the cleaning process.

Remember, any form of dirt aids to wear and tear of your sofa, but this can be easily prevented by regular vacuuming.

Although pretreating your couch with an upholstery protector prevents stains from running your couch further, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get rid of dust and food crumbs when you see them on your sofa.

Make sure you vacuum your sofa at least once every two weeks especially if you have pets. Pet hair can be irritating and if it is not removed regularly it would be difficult to remove them all after too much of it has accumulated.

Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Green Bagless

This Bissell vacuum is the best deal. It will thoroughly vacuum up all forms of dirt from your sofa to give it a spotless look.

It is lightweight and you can easily move it to all parts of your sofa to get rid of all sorts of dirt. Plus, it is versatile and can be used to clean other household furniture and carpets. This vacuum is also affordable and does a great job.

Coopupet Pet Hair Cleaning Set,

If you have more than one pet and they shed excess hair, you might need this 3 in 1 cleaning set that comes with a self-cleaning slicker brush, lint remover, and grooming glove.

The hair remover will help you get rid of all the pet hair in your sofa, mattress, carpet, and blankets while the slicker brush will help prevent your pets from shedding excess hair.

This hair remover brush is affordable and very effective, it will get rid of all forms of dirt on your upholstery furniture and it is very simple to use.

3. Treating stains Instantly with Stain and Odor Remover

You probably have trained your kids and pets to prevent them from ruining your sofa when playing around, but have you ever thought of accidents happening? Even by grownups when they are drinking coffee, or a cup of wine? Well, in such scenarios you really need to be quick about spot cleaning the area immediately. This will prevent the coffee or wine from spoiling your sofa further.

There are home remedies for cleaning instant stains like vinegar, baking soda, or rubbing alcohol. They are the best home remedies for fighting stains and getting rid of odors on upholstery surfaces. Plus, these are products that you are likely to have at home and you won’t need to buy hence saving on some extra costs.

But here are two other best products that are perfect for removing stains and odor from your upholstery.

Resolve 22 fl Oz multi-Fabric Cleaner and Upholstery Stain Remover

To use this stain remover, pour 2 to 3 ounces per gallon of water and spray it on the stained area of your upholstery. Before using it make sure to test it in an inconspicuous piece of cloth so you know if it is safe for your fabric sofa. But, it is safe to use this stain remover in almost all the household fabrics like polyester and nylon. However, it is not recommended for use on velvet, vinyl, leather, and silk.

The best thing about all resolve cleaning products is that they are absolutely affordable and great when it comes to fighting stains and odor.

Hex Performance Stain and Stink Remover

This stain remover is absolutely safe on all fabrics. Spray a generous amount of it on the stained area and let it sit for about 15 minutes before wiping it out. For best results, make sure you use it with Hex Performance Laundry Detergent.

It is best known for getting rid of all types of stains including blood and mud stains. Plus, it is skin-friendly and eco-friendly making it safe for use at home.

4. Powerful Cleaners for Tough Stains Like Grease

Tough stains like blood and coffee require powerful cleaning solutions to get rid of them. These stains are even difficult to get rid of if not removed immediately. However, there are cleaning solutions that are meant for cleaning tough stains regardless of how long they have stayed on your upholstery furniture.

Woolite InstaClean Permanent Stain Remover

It doesn’t matter how long the stain on your sofa has stayed there, this Woolite permanent stain remover is a great deal in town.

If you know how bad a mess can be, you probably understand how blood, coffee, and chocolate stains can be difficult to get rid of, but with this tough stain remover, you are absolutely sorted.

This Woolite Instacleaner is literally the cleaning solution that every homeowner needs to have, especially if you have kids and pets around, and if you are a person who likes hosting friends over the weekend, it will come in handy when someone spills wine over your sofa, accidentally or not.

5. Protect them with the Best Couch Covers or Slipcovers

Couch covers are the best option if you have light-colored upholstery like a white sofa or beige. These types of sofas are usually vulnerable to all sorts of dirt but with a stylish couch cover, you can prevent them from stains.

The best thing is that couch covers are usually available in a variety of colors, even if you need a blue couch cover, you will definitely find one.

You also have the option of going for a slipcover that offers a more unique aesthetic. They are usually made to order and you are likely to get one that fits your couch’s size perfectly.

Here are the best couch covers and slipcovers that I have personally bought for my mom and seen how great it has worked for her and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Easy-Going 4 Pieces Stretch Soft Couch Cover

This high-quality slipcover comes in over 24 colors giving you the convenience of choosing one that matches your house design and most importantly fits your couch perfectly.

It is very affordable, and unless you disclose to someone that your couch has a slipcover, it is unlikely to be noticed.

The most important thing about this slipcover is that it is durable and no matter how many times it is washed it will always look as good as new.

It is best for protecting your couch against all kinds of stains, and when washed, it can be put back on your sofa immediately. Plus, it is scratch resistant making it the best choice if you keep pets.

This slipcover is made with polyester fabric that is soft and breathable, and skin-friendly. It will literally give your sofa a cozy look and to you and your family all the comfort you need.

Surefit Home Decor Décor Duck Solid T-cushion Sofa One Piece Slipcover

This slipcover is a natural color that will literally complement any décor style. It is made of cotton and is very comfortable when you sit on your sofa.

It is affordable and easy to maintain as when it gets dirty you will just have to wash it on a gentle cycle then tumble dry and it will be good to put to use again the next minute.

This slipcover is made of 100% cotton and will give your sofa maximum protection against spills, dust, pet hair, and all other types of stains.

Which Type of Spray Is Best in Preventing Stains on Upholstery Furniture?

If you have kids and pets at home and are worried that your couch will become subject to all sorts of stains, spray a generous amount of 303 UV Protectant spray on all parts of your couch to prevent stains.

The 303 UV protectant is the best spray solution for protecting upholstery furniture against UV light, fading, cracking, repelling dust, lint, and all types of stains.

It is eco-friendly and is odorless even after spraying a generous amount on your upholstery.


With the advanced technology today, it wouldn’t be right to be worried about how to take care of your upholstery furniture when we have many ways of how to deal with stains at our disposal. Since couches are usually vulnerable to all sorts of stains which subjects them to wear and tear, the above methods of preventing stains are tried and tested and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who would want their furniture and other households to last longer.