Do You Have a White Couch? Here Is How To Keep It Clean!

A home with a white couch is always peaceful and calm. However, many homeowners would have second thoughts about owning a white couch given that it requires high care and maintenance.

Apparently, you can have it easy with a white couch if you have the right knowledge on how to keep your white couch clean just the way we are going to talk about it.

Just like any other color couch, your white couch would maintain its peaceful and elegant look for as long as you take good care of it.

Besides, there are many ways to make a sofa functional and practical especially if you have kids and pets.


Often, a white couch is considered unsuitable for kids and pets as they may damage it when playing around the house.

So, if you have a white couch or you are aspiring to have one in the future, here is how to keep it clean always.

How Do You Keep Your White Couch Clean?

Do not shun away your dream of owning a white couch simply because you are afraid you might not be able to maintain it and keep it clean. We are here for you and here is how you can have it easy with a white couch.

1. Get Washable Couch Covers

Couch covers are functional, versatile, and easy to wash. Whether you have kids and pets, a house party with friends, or even when you are usually not aware there would be a mess on your couch, a couch cover will come in handy.

Couch covers are versatile in the sense that you can style them with literally any decorating style you could think of. Plus, couch covers are available in a variety of colors and styles, so, you are assured of getting one that would match your taste and preference, and definitely one that fits your white couch perfectly.

In case of a spill or dirt on your couch cover, you can easily toss it in the washing machine and it would be good for use the next minute. Washing a couch cover is simple and easier than washing the whole sofa.

Moreover, couch covers are affordable. You can easily find different colors and styles of slipcovers so that you can use them alternatively. This will give your home a new and elegant look always.

2. Cleaning It Regularly

One of the best ways to make your white couch clean is by cleaning it regularly. You don’t have to wait until there is a spill of drinks on your couch to clean it.

Remember, it is very easier for the dust to accumulate on your sofa over time. Therefore, if not cleaned regularly, it might be very difficult to clean and you might even be forced to have a professional couch cleaner over, which might be very expensive.

When your couch is clean, you would want to spend your whole life on it. Plus, a couch that is well taken care of tends to serve for a longer period than you could imagine.

3. Declare an Out of Bound Rule for Food and Drinks

Drinks and food spills are some of the major ways by which your white couch gets dirty. Make it a rule that there should be no eating or drinking anywhere near the couch. This would absolutely work and your couch will maintain its neat look.

Plus, this would also make it easier to identify if there are other ways by which your couch gets dirty. Knowing the cause will enable you to put up measures to prevent it.

4. Take Care of Stains Immediately

You should never let a spill on your white couch overstay. It will make it difficult to clean later. Most homeowners make one of the mistakes by leaving stains on their sofa for a long time.

It can be debatable on non-sensitive couch colors like black or grey, but it’s a whole different thing with a white couch. A stain can mess a white couch badly that you would want to dispose of it off.

The best idea is to spot clean the area on your couch that is stained to avoid spreading dirt to the other clean parts of the sofa.

Always use a soft and clean white cloth to clean the affected area. Use mild soap to clean if the stain is very bad.

5. Rotate the Couch Cushions

If your white couch has removable cushions, then it is easier to keep your couch clean. Always rotate your couch cushions to prevent one side from getting worn out over the other.

However, this might not be helpful for the arms which also tend to get dirty so much. But cleaning the arms would help greatly.

6. Fabric Cleaners Are a Great Deal

No! you absolutely can’t miss having a fabric cleaner in your house if you have a white couch. With a white couch, you are assured of stains here and there often and that’s where fabric cleaners come in handy.

Fabric cleaners are a lifesaver and very affordable as compared to having professional couch cleaners now and then. Plus, they tend to be way more expensive than DIY home remedies.

Are White Couches Worth It?

With the right knowledge of how to take care of white couches, they have become the new favorite couch colors for homeowners.

White couches are peaceful and would definitely give any living space a warm and inviting vibe. Plus, they are the best option for formal spaces like offices.

If you ask someone’s opinion of white couches, they would definitely tell you it’s a bad idea to own one. However, everything has its pros and cons and we are going to look at each of them.

If you are wondering if you should buy a white couch or not, here is what you need to know about them. This will help you make a better and more informed decision.

Pros of White Couches

Would you like to own a white couch? Here are all the good and best things about owning one that no one would have ever told you.

1. White Couches Are Classic

There is a luxurious and tactile kind of vibe that a white couch gives to any living space. White is the color of peace and so is a house with a white couch.

2. White Couches Are Versatile

Being a neutral color, a white couch would give you the convenience of trying out different decorating styles with it.

You can style a white couch with literally any color you could think of and you will absolutely love the outcome.

3. Perfect for Formal Settings

If you have kids but are worried they may spoil your white couch, you can have it in your bedroom or lounge. Well, at least grownups know what is good and bad and, therefore, your white couch would be in safe hands.

4. Easy to Care for and Maintain.

Your white couch is guaranteed a long time of service with you since you would be cleaning it regularly to prevent dust from accumulating.

A white couch is cleaned regularly and unlike other couch colors like black or grey which one may assume are clean, may end up getting worn out fast s they are not cleaned regularly.

Cons of White Couches?

Would you like to own a white couch but someone told you it’s a bad idea? Maybe this is their definition of a bad idea!

1. May Not be Practical and Functional

Especially if you have kids and pets. Kids and pets tend to be playful and may then subject your white couch to wear and tear.

Therefore, if you have kids and pets you might have to reconsider owning a white couch. Unless of course, you find alternatives to maintaining your white couch. Couch covers are the best ideas as they are functional for both kids and pets.

2. White Couches Are Expensive

White couches tend to be expensive, especially those made with the now-famous “high-performance fabrics”.

You might not be able to just wake up one morning and decide to buy a white couch, it may take you a lot of time of saving to be able to buy one. Plus, it is always quality, and anything of good quality tends to be expensive.

3. White Couches Require High Care and Maintenance

You wouldn’t want to spend so much on a couch only to have goosebumps every time you want to use it. You see, with a white couch, you will have to learn when and how to sit relaxed on it.

Any slight mistake and your white couch would be damaged. If this is not what you want for in a couch, then a white couch is definitely not for you.

4. Requires Regular Cleaning

Owning a white couch is like creating unpaid employment for yourself. With a white couch, you are required to clean it regularly to prevent dust or dirt from accumulating.

You will be required to clean your couch at least every two weeks to maintain its neat and gorgeous look. Otherwise, your white couch will look worn out before you know it.


White couches are gorgeous and definitely a great addition to any living space. Just like any other color couch, taking good care of a white couch would guarantee its longevity.

Plus, with a couch cover, you can have an easy way out with a white couch. Whether you have kids or pets. It is also easy to clean a couch cover than cleaning the whole sofa.

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