How to Wash Couch Cushions- 3 Ways

Can You Wash Couch Cushions?

There are different types of couch cushions. There are those with removable cushion covers and those with non-removable cushion covers. Most couches with removable cushion covers have removable cushions, while those with non-removable cushion covers usually have Velcro in them that holds them in position to prevent them from sagging or coming out.

Can you wash couch cushions? If your couch cushions are removable, you can wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent. Couch cushions can be easily washed either by machine washing or manual cleaning. However, machine washing is only possible if your couch has removable cushions and cushion covers.


 Although it is a lot of work to wash couch cushions as compared to only washing the covers, you don’t seem to have any other option especially if the stain has seeped down into the cushion. Also, some couch cushions may be sensitive and the cleaning process should be as gentle as possible. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your couch.

How to Wash Couch Cushions With Your Hands?


Before cleaning your couch cushions, it is important to check on what the manufacturer’s tag on it says. The tag would advise you to either machine wash, hand wash, or dry clean. Here are the steps you will take to clean your couch cushions:

1. Pre-cleaning

Precleaning a couch cushion is very essential before the actual cleaning. It is even necessary when you have kids and pets at home as we all know how they can turn a couch into a dumpsite. Start by vacuuming off all the dust, pet hair, and food particles that may have accumulated over time.

2. Tackle Minor Stains First

There are different degrees at which a couch cushion may get dirty. There are minor stains and major stains. If the stain is minor, you can easily take care of it by spot cleaning with a soft damp cloth and mild dish soap.

Spot cleaning makes it easier for you to avoid cleaning or spreading dirt to the couch cover parts that are not dirty. Also, it is important to take care of stains immediately they happen, accidental or not. If the stain overstays, it becomes a major stain and would require more work to make it clean.

Ideally, if the stain is still there after multiple spot cleaning (usually you will need to spot clean multiple times), you can fill up a spray bottle with warm water and a generous amount of white vinegar then spray a generous amount of the solution on the stained area on your couch. Give it at least 8 minutes for the solution to penetrate, then using another soft damp cloth, spot clean the area gently.

3. Deal with the Major Stains

If the second step of cleaning a minor stain fails, then probably the stain on your couch has overstayed and needs serious cleaning. However, this might be a bit difficult if your couch cushions are not removable, which also means that the cushion covers are not removable.

Since you will not be able to soak the cushion covers in a bath tab, that leaves you with the only option which is to steam clean your couch cushions with a steam cleaner. This is even better as your cushions would dry immediately after washing and be ready for use.

Can I Put My Couch Cushions In the Washing Machine?


Just like any other type of fabric, couch cushions also have tags on them that indicate whether they should be machine washed, hand-washed, or dry cleaned. It is important to check on the information on your couch cushions tags before washing them in any way to prevent ruining them.

Can I machine wash my couch cushions? you can machine wash your couch cushions if the manufacturer’s tag on your cushions says it is ok. Begin by removing the cushions from the cover and putting them inside the washer. Also, you should make sure to turn off the agitator to prevent the washer from ruining the cushions.

In most cases, you will only need to machine wash your couch cushions if the stain has seeped down into the cushion, overstayed, and has become too difficult to spot clean.

However, if you are sure that the stain is bad and might not end up cleaning after machine washing, you can make it easier by soaking it up first for about 2 hours before transferring it to the washer. Also, you can add a generous amount of vinegar and powder soap to the soaking tab to fasten the cleaning process.

Ideally, you can soak the cushions in the bathtub, then wash them by hand after 2 or 3 hours. While cleaning, make sure you rub the stained areas gently to remove the stains. This is very effective and the safest way to prevent your cushions from getting ruined up as would be the case when machine washing.

However, with handwashing, you will not just have to wake up one morning and decide to wash your cushions. You first need to observe if the weather is suitable for washing and drying the cushions as they may end up taking days to dry if it is not sunny.

How Do I Know If My Couch Cushion Covers Are Washable?

Every type of fabric has a tag on them to make it easier for the user to know how to wash it when it gets dirty. The most common care tags usually indicate whether the fabric should be machine washed, hand-washed, or dry cleaned. This information is usually accurate and should, therefore, be taken seriously to avoid ruining your fabric.

The best way to know whether your couch cushion covers are washable is by checking what the manufacturer’s tag on them says. Couch cushion covers are the most sensitive parts of a couch and should, therefore, be washed gently to prevent ruining them which would otherwise, have you buy new ones.

Can You Wash Foam Couch Cushions?

Since a couch is literally where we spend most of our lives, it is subject to every kind of dirt. And a stain seems like the worst thing that could happen to a couch. It is even worse if you have kids and pets around as we all know how they tend to play around the couch carelessly, not to talk of pet hair that is even hard to get rid of on a couch.

Can you wash foam couch cushions? You can easily wash your foam cushion by removing the couch cover (if it is removable) and tossing it to the washer, then soak up the foam cushion on a bathtub full of warm water (more water to submerge the cushions) and add a generous amount of vinegar and powder soap.

How to Wash Couch Cushion Foam?

Here are the simple steps that you should follow when washing couch cushion foam gently without ruining it.

1. Check Manufacturers Tag

The most important thing to do before washing a couch cushion foam is to check the manufactures tag on the cover. If you happen to dry clean your cushion and the tag says otherwise, you might end up ruining it.

2. Remove Cushion Cover

If your couch cushion has removable covers, remove them and toss them to the machine. Washing the cover and the cushion separately is not only easier but would also make your work thorough.

3. Wash the Cushions

If the stain has seeped through to the cushions, you will need to soak up the cushions in a bathtub full of warm water with powder soap and a generous amount of vinegar. Let it stay for at least 2 hours then repeat the process with a tub full of clean water while rubbing the stain out of the cushions with your hands.

Although washing the cushions by hand seems like the safest way as the washer may end up ruining the cushion (unless you remember to turn off the agitator), you can also machine wash your foam cushions by tossing them to the washer which is, however, not the best idea in most cases.

4. Squeeze the Excess Water

After multiple washing of the cushions in the tub with clean water, it is now time to squeeze out the excess water to ease the drying process. Ideally, you can use a towel to wrap around the cushion which is way easier than just using your hands.

After squeezing with a towel, the cushions are probably not well dried. Therefore, you can dry the cushions outside in the open if it is sunny so they can dry completely. Make sure the cushions have completely dried before putting the covers on and returning to the couch.

How to Clean Couch Cushion Stuffing?

Can You Clean Couch Cushion Stuffing?

In case of a stain, it is easier to clean the couch cover or even the cushion itself. However, if the stain seeps through to the couch cushion, then the stuffing on the cushions may still hold up the odor if not cleaned.

Can you clean couch cushion stuffing? You can clean your couch cushion stuffing by taking apart the cushions to prevent the odor of stains from accumulating over time. This can be done gently without ruining the cushion or the cover.

Here are the steps to cleaning couch cushions stuffing:

1. Remove Cushions Covers

If your couch has removable cushion covers, then this is very easier to carry out. Unzip the cover then take out the cushions. Toss the cushion covers into the machine while you look into cleaning the stuffing.

2. Prepare the Bathtub

You will need to use the bathtub to clean the cushion stuffing. Therefore, fill the tub with hot water and add a generous amount of bleach. You may need to be careful with bleach while pouring into the bathtub to prevent splashing it all over the place.

3. Put the Cushion Stuffing In the Bathtub

Take your cushion stuffing and put them inside the bathtub. Make sure they are submerged in water so that they can completely soak up. For this, you might need to put on some gloves to prevent skin irritation from the bleach. Leave this to stay for about 3 or 4 hours.

4. Squeeze the Excess Water

At this stage, you will need to remove the cushion stuffing from the tub after thorough rinsing with clean water. Using the same gloves, squeeze out the excess water from the stuffing and then dry them in an open area.

Make sure the stuffing of the cushion has completely dried before returning them to the cushion to prevent odor from accumulating once again.

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