The 9 Best Green Sofas and Couches of 2022

There’s absolutely no doubt that green is one of the coolest and chicest go-to colors for homeowners at the moment. Especially a green couch or sofa. They are stylish and high in demand as compared to other fabric colors of a sofa.

When it comes to deciding the choice of sofa or couch that would complement your house design and décor effortlessly, green should most definitely be your first and best option.

With its many shades, green sofas come in different styles from modern to contemporary giving a homeowner the convenience of choosing a sofa with a design that best suits their taste and preference.


Ideally, a homeowner can choose to go for green couch covers that would work best in preventing dirt on your sofa or couch, which is also easier to clean as compared to cleaning the whole sofa.

Below is a review of the best green couches that you should buy:

1. Emerald Green Sofa: Modway Conjure Channel Tufted Upholstered Performance Velvet in Emerald



  • Overall dimension: 35 x 84.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Material: Velvet
  • Color: Emerald
  • Foam factor: Sofa
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Brand: Modway

If you want a green couch with more vintage glamour, then you need to settle for this channel tufted Emerald green velvet sofa from Modway. The sofa features interior vertical tufting that showcases the retro modern style that will give any home a BOLD statement look.

It has been upholstered in a performance stain-resistant velvet upholstery that would be very easy to clean in case of a spill. Covered in dense foam padding and a spring coil system, the user is guaranteed great experience, hence suitable for long family movie nights or deep charts with friends.

This sofa will seat perfectly in any apartment, living room, bedroom, office or lounging area. Your family or guests will have a cozy time sitting or lounging in this gorgeous sofa. One unique detail of this sofa not to be missed, however, is the matte black base construction and the non-marking caps foot. Plus, the frame is constructed with sturdy wood and plywood.

Measuring 35 x 84.5 x 28.5 inches, this sofa seats 3 comfortably. You have an option of buying the sofa in other fabric colors if the emerald shade isn’t your preferred color.

It’s available in three other colors including- Navy, Cognac and Grey. You will therefore, be able to find a couch with this exact design and style in a different color that would match your house design and the existing décor.

Also available, is the small armchair version of this sofa that you might decide to purchase in case you want a whole living room set of two in this elegant emerald shade.

2. Green Velvet Sofa: Julyfox 71 inch Mid-Century Modern Living Room Couch for Small Spaces



  • Overall dimension: 71 x 32.3 x 32.3 inches
  • Brand: JULYFOX
  • Color: Green
  • Upholstery Material: Hardwood, Foam, Velvet
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • Foam factor: Settee

If you are looking for a small sofa that will fit in, especially if you have a limited space, then this Julyfox green velvet sofa suits your needs.

This 71 inches wide sofa offers a descent seating capacity of 2, perfect for small apartments, studios, college den or bedroom.

While it is upholstered in ultra-thick rich velvet in color green to give your space a cozy and luxurious look, you are assured comfort with its removable, premium foam padded cushions that rest atop high-quality suspension system, making it perfect for curling up while watching a movie or reading a book.

The internal frame of this sofa is constructed with hardwood frame that supports the base of the sofa, displaying its mid-century modern vibe.

One detail that you will not miss, however, about this sofa is the gold polished stainless steel legs that holds the whole sofa in place, making it suitable to withstand weights of up to 700lbs in its day to day use.

This handcrafted sofa features boasting tailored lines that gives it a stylish look, this sofa showcases retro intrigue and elegance, that will instantly give any living space a cozy feel and luxurious look.

Caring for velvet sofas is simple as the velvet material is stain-resistant, using a damp cloth with mild soap is recommended.  

Simple assembly of about 15 minute is required, only 4 steps to follow in attaching the gold polished legs to the bottom of the sofa easily with the hardware provided.

You have an option of choosing a sofa with another fabric color if the green velvet sofa isn’t your preference color, or, if you would like to get more than one sofa with different velvet color- available in blue, pink and grey.

3. Dark Green Couch: Melaina Tufted Chesterfield Velvet Loveseat with Scrolled Arms Emerald and Dark Green



  • Overall dimension:51.5 x 30.5 x 30.75 inches
  • Color: Emerald
  • Material: Velvet
  • Foam factor: Loveseat
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • Brand: Melaina

With scrolled arms, button tufting, nail head trim and turned legs features, this Melaina chesterfield sofa will bring a whole new life to any living space.

If you are into that traditional style vibe, then this sofa should be your best option. Measuring 51.5 x 30.5 x 30.75 inches, this sofa seats two comfortably, and would seat perfectly in any space, from the living room, bedroom, lounge or den.

Made in a gorgeous velvet upholstery that is soft and breathable, the button tufted stitching gives this sofa a touch of glamor and luxury. The diamond stitching makes the sofa comfier to curl up for a coffee or reading a book.

The handcrafted nail head trim bordering the armrest are perfectly designed to give this sofa more life and style. The scrolled arms give this sofa a simple and classic look that you would always look up to returning home to relax in this gorgeous sofa. Plus, the scrolled arms will also give your head or body a smooth rest.

4. Light green Couch: Novogratz Tallular Memory Foam Sofa Bed, Light Green Velvet Futon



  • Overall dimension: 33.5 x 82 x 32.5 inches
  • Color: light green
  • Material: velvet
  • Foam factor: futon
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Brand: Novogratz

Novogratz store is known for its high-quality design sofas and this Tallular memory foam sofa bed is no exception. Ideal if you need a multifunctional sofa that will serve as a sofa during the day and bed at night.

It can as well be used by your impromptu visitors who may need an extra bed to sleep. The back of the sofa can be easily reclined to produce a sofa bed.

Measuring 33.5 x 82 x 32.5 inches, this sofa seats 3 comfortably and is wide enough for one to stretch hands and legs while sleeping.

It has been upholstered with velvet material in a gorgeous light green shade, and features button tufted arms and backrest displaying a rich vintage look.

It has been constructed with sturdy wood frame and wooden legs for firm support and, the seat cushions filled with high density foam and memory foam that makes it cozy and comfy for lounging for as long as you would want. Plus, it is made of durable materials that make the sofa suitable for use at home with weights of up to 600lbs.

If the light green shade isn’t your style, you can opt for other sofa color available in pink, green, blue, grey and mustard yellow velvet- you will definitely find one that suits the design style of your home and the existing interior décor.

This product comes in one box well arranged for easy adult assembly. Most reviewers however, revered how gorgeous and multifunctional this sofa is at yet, a reasonable price tag.

5. Hunter green couch: Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Tufted Loveseat Sofa- 74”



  • Overall dimension: 36.2 x 74 x 30.3 inches
  • Material: Velvet
  • Color: Hunter green
  • Foam factor: Loveseat
  • Seating capacity: 2
  • Brand: Rivet store

This stylish Aiden loveseat from Rivet store will have your jaws dropping with its reasonable price tag and the amazing features that it showcases.

Measuring 36.2 x 74 x 30.3 inches, this mid-century modern design loveseat sofa seats 2 comfortably, and will seat perfectly in your living room, bedroom, office space or lounge area.

The tufting bench seat cushion design gives the sofa elegance and the back cushions are filled with foam for comfort, while the two bolster pillows are for support. The polyester velvet upholstery is soft and breathable, also very easy to clean in case of spilling.

The solid hardwood frame construction and tapered legs are responsible for the sturdiness of the sofa while showcasing a contemporary look. The removable and reversible back cushions make it convenient for the homeowner when it comes to cleaning, while the fixed seat cushions help hold it in position.

Caring for this hunter green sofa requires regular cleaning by wiping off dust to prevent it from pilling up, this also will make it look its best every day. Simple assembly is required when the product is delivered, should take at least 15 minutes.

6. Green L-shape Couch: Iconic Home Da Vinci Right Hand Facing Sectional L-shape Chaise Velvet Green


  • Overall dimension: 67.5 x 100.75 x 30 inches
  • Brand: Iconic Home store
  • Color: Green
  • Material: velvet
  • Foam factor: Sectional
  • Seating capacity: 4

This button tufted sectional green couch with silver nail head trim exudes modern contemporary vibe that you are to fall for should you come across it. The luxurious velvet upholstery and the spacious chaise makes this sofa perfect for relaxing after a long busy day.

The whole family is guaranteed comfort with the plush high-density foam cushioning. Plus, the sofa comes with 3 plush pillows for extra comfort.

The interior and exterior of this l-shape sofa is perfectly constructed with the button tufting giving the sofa a glamorous look, while the silver nail head trim and the silver ton metal legs display the modern contemporary look of the sofa.

Spread out elegance in your living room, apartment, studio or lounge with this magnificent piece. You might also want to have a whole living room set including the Da Vinci club chair. Otherwise, this green sectional sofa will seat beautifully in your space.

7. Green Sectional Couch: Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise Heritage Green


  • Overall dimension: 79.9 x 90 x 79.9 inches
  • Brand: Rivet Store
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Heritage Green
  • Foam factor: Sectional
  • Seating capacity: 3

Sectionals are ideal for homeowners who like rearranging the layout of their living room, as it is easy to move a section of a sofa from one point to another one at a time and this rivet green sectional is no exception.

Measuring 79.9 x 90 x 79.9 inches, this sofa seats 3 comfortably, plus, it will seat perfectly in any small space.

It is upholstered in durable polyester that is easy to clean and most importantly stand up to wear and tear. The hardwood frame and solid beech wood legs construction makes the sofa firm to withstand the pressure of day to day use at home.

Unlike most sectionals with non-reversible chaise, this sectionals chaise can be placed on either end of the sofa, the homeowner can rearrange whenever the urge to arises. Plus, the chaise may provide extra seating in case there is need for more seating space.

You will need to attach the legs after the product has been delivered, which is simple and easy. In case of a spill or dirt on the sofa, wiping with a clean, dry cloth is advisable.

8. Green Leather Couch: Christopher Knight Home Justine Leather Loveseat Green


  • Overall dimension: 48.8 x 28.7 x 29.7 inches
  • Brand: Christopher Knight
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Color: Green leather
  • Foam factor: Loveseat
  • Seating capacity: 2

This green leather sofa seats 2 comfortably, measuring 48.8 x 28.7 x 29.7 inches, this sofa will seat perfectly in the living room, bedroom, apartment, studio, den or lounge. It features smooth lines that will give life to this spaces.

It is upholstered in soft and breathable leather that is water resistant and easy to clean in case of a spill, Plus the padded seat cushions are designed for comfort. You will definitely fall for the dark brown birch leg finishes.

Although the green color of this sofa will bring elegance to your space, this leather sofa is also available in other colors- including; Red leather, teal leather, dark grey fabric and light grey fabric.

9. Forest Green Couch: Jennifer Taylor Home Spensers Sofas Forest Green


  • Brand: Jennifer Taylor Home
  • Overall dimension: 91 x 38 x 32 inches
  • Color: Forest green
  • Material: Velvet
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Foam factor: Sofa
  • Shape: Rectangular

This forest green couch from Jennifer Taylor Home is one of the Chicest piece they have among many others, designed to give any living space elegance. The sofa features handcrafted iron nail-head accents with antique brass finishing that gives the sofa some class, while the stylish dust-lined sinuous spring suspension guarantees you comfort.

The rich velvet upholstery is soft and breathable, and easy to clean in case of a spill. The frame of this sofa is constructed with kiln-dried solid oak to prevent warping and layered with plywood for stability of the sofa.

The high-density foam-filled cushions are for extra support, so, go ahead and enjoy long hour movie nights, reading, or charts with friends. This sofa works perfectly in any living space including the living room, bedroom, office, apartments or studios.

Measuring 91 x 38 x 32, this sofa offers a descent seating capacity and will seat perfectly anywhere in your home. It’s simple and classic design makes it easier to style around it as it will instantly complement your house design and décor.