How Do I Stop My Couch Cushions from Sliding?

Why Do My Couch Cushions Slide Out?

Comfort is one of the major things that homeowners look for in a couch when buying one. However, ones’ comfort could be cut off by sagging or sliding couch cushions. Sagging or sliding couch cushions is not a new thing but you can bring it to an end with a few easy and affordable methods.

Sliding couch cushions may be caused by old cushions which become loose forcing them to come out of their position. Also, your couch cushions may slide out depending on the type of fabric upholstery and size of couch cushions, and this may happen whether or not your couch is new or old.


Fortunately, today with the advancing technology, you can never lack solutions to different problems. And so, to stop your sliding couch from spoiling your relaxed moments while watching a favorite television program or having an afternoon nap after a busy day schedule, we have a few methods to help you solve this irritating behavior from your couch.

What Methods Can I Use to Prevent my Couch Cushions from Sliding Out?

Below are 7 methods that would help prevent your couch cushions from sliding out. Use either of these methods and you will thank yourself later.

  1. Use of Non-slip cushion underlay
  2. Use of Velcro straps or tape
  3. Use of Sagging sofa cushion support
  4. Use of Rubber pads
  5. Use of Non-adhesive fabric tapes
  6. Use of Cushion covers
  7. Use of Foam padding sheet


Most of these methods are not complicated and may not require any tools making them easy to install. Here is how to use each of the methods mentioned above.

Method 1: Use of Non-Slip Cushion Underlay

Use of the Non-slip cushion underlay is the easiest and most affordable solution to a sliding couch cushion. Using a scissor, trim them into a reasonable size and place them under each couch cushion. The non-slip cushion underlay is usually placed between the couch and the cushions.

The best thing about this method is that it is not labor-intensive, you just need 5 minutes of your time to install, and no tools are required. Plus, it has a strong grip and you won’t need glue or a Velcro strap to keep it in position.

Another unique thing about the non-slip cushion underlay is how versatile it is. They are not limited to use on couch cushions only, they can be used on sofas, armchairs, loveseats, porch swings, and garden furniture.

Method 2: Use of Velcro Strap or Tape

A Velcro strap or tape works by holding the cushions at the back of your couch, loveseat, armchair, or any other type of seating that has removable cushioning.

To use it, cut the Velcro tape to a reasonable length, peel off the protective backing, then gently and firmly press it against the cushion and return the cushion back to its position so it can stick between the couch and the cushion.

Velcro tapes are cheap and easy to maintain. You can clean it with cold water as hot water is not recommended. Plus, it has a strong grip and you don’t need glue or sewing to install it.

Method 3: Use of the Sagging Sofa Cushion Support

If your couch cushions are sagging, then possibly they are sliding out. A sagging sofa cushion support would come in handy as it helps keep the cushion in position regardless of the couch material or size of the cushion.

Although the sagging sofa cushion support and the non-slip cushion underlay work the same, you can still use them together to give your cushions a strong and permanent bond so you can enjoy your afternoon naps comfortably or chats with friends without having to get up to put your sliding cushions back to position.

The best thing about the sagging sofa cushion support is it is durable and affordable. Plus, they not only prevent your cushions from sliding but also improve the overall comfort of your couch.

Method 4: Use of Cushion Gripper Pads

Gripper pads are non-slip and very easy to install. Depending on your couch or cushion size, trim the pad to a unique size and shape by using a scissor then place it underneath every cushion.

They also have a wide range of use. they can be used on futons, drawer liners, or chair cushions with removable or sliding cushions.

These pads are also durable and can last for a long time. They are made with high-quality food-grade silicone and polyester fiber material and antiskid for maximum grip and traction.

If you feel like your gripper pad is dirty and might need some cleaning, feel free to rinse it with some cold water or toss it directly to the washer and it will still be good for use after drying.

Method 5: Use of Non-adhesive Fabric Tapes

The sew-on and hook strips work magic. It is non-adhesive and is made of nylon and polyester making it one of the best methods to apply on your sliding couch cushions.

To install it, get a scissor and use it to cut the strips to your desired length and shape mostly depending on the size of your cushions, then press the hook and loop against your cushions to prevent it from sliding.

This can also be applied widely on other furniture, clothes, and shoes. And when they get dirty, you can easily wash and reuse them for as long as you want.

Method 6: Use of Foam Padding Sheet

While using the foam padding sheet method to prevent your cushions from sliding you won’t need to sew or apply glue for it to stick. Resize them into the right length and shape, they should mostly be smaller than the size of your cushions, and place them between your couch and cushions.

They would stick firmly, and for a long time thus giving you a long-time solution to your slipping couch cushion.

Method 7: Use of Couch Covers

Although couch covers may hide the look of your beautiful white couch, or your gorgeous blue couch and any other beautiful couch that you own, they are the best solution to a sliding couch cushion.

There are those couch covers that cover the whole sofa while keeping the cushions in their position to prevent them from sliding out.

You absolutely don’t have to worry about not getting the most stylish couch covers, as matter of fact there are couch covers in different styles and colors including blue couch covers.

How Can I Make my Couch Cushions Firmer?

we both can agree that soft and firm cushions are way more comfortable than loose cushions which tend to be uncomfortable and slide out of the couch every now and then.

If couch cushions are firm, the chances of them sliding out is low. the best way to make couch cushions firmer is by restuffing them using high-density foam. Restuffing couch cushions is the cheapest method of reviving old or worn-out cushions.

Follow these steps to restuff your cushions:

Step 1

vacuum up your couch to remove all the dust, debris, and dirt that might have accumulated over time. If the cushions are removable the better, this will make it easier to clean the back and into the crevices.

Step 2

Remove your cushions from their cover. This might even be the perfect time to wash it if the manufacturers’ tag recommends it.

Step 3

Cut the new foam into a reasonable size, mostly the size of your current cushion both in length and width.

Step 4

Spray adhesive sprays on top of the existing foam and the new foam then put the new foam on top of the existing foam. also, make sure you pay attention to all the instructions on the adhesive spray for a better outcome.

Step 5

If the covers are dry, put the cushions in the cover and put them back on the couch. Your couch cushions should be looking soft and firm by now.

What Is the Best Foam to Use on Couch Cushions?

When buying stuffing, you would want to settle for one that is not so thin and not so thick. At best, the foam should be soft and reasonably thick.

This foam from amazon is the best you could use, I have personally used it and I love how soft and comfortable it turned out to be.

This foam is high density, affordable and versatile. you are guaranteed comfort from the moment you install it in your cushions.


A couch cushion that slides every now and then should not make you buy another couch something that probably wasn’t on your budget. The above 7 methods to prevent your couch from sliding work great and you will most definitely settle for one that would serve you for a long time.

All the best while reviving your couch and getting all the comfort while napping or chatting with friends and family.