Are Couch Covers Cheap? Find Out Here

How Much Do Couch Covers Cost?

Unlike reupholstering a couch, a couch cover is affordable and practical. Plus, while reupholstering a couch can cost an average of $1800, a couch cover can cost as low as $30.

A couch cover can cost anything between $30 to $250 depending on the brand and quality, making it the most affordable and easy way to prevent your couch from spills, dust, and dirt.


A cheap couch cover doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not durable. As a matter of fact, most couch covers that cost below $50 are practical, durable, and functional.

Couch covers are practical and functional, especially for homeowners with kids and pets. They also come in handy when you have guests over and you are certain that there would be spills of drinks all over your sofa.

There are different types of couch covers. Whether you want one for your recliner, sectional, settee, chair, or loveseat. These couch covers are the best you could get for your type of sofa.

Do Couch Covers Look Good?


A couch cover will give your sofa a fresh new look and your living space will look brilliant and inviting. Plus, there are couch covers that cover the whole sofa such that no one would notice.

Although others cover the arms, back, and seat, both couch covers work great to make your sofa look as good as new.

The most important thing about getting a couch cover for your sofa is that no one would notice if your couch has a cover, they are well designed to showcase just the normal appearance of your sofa.

Also, couch covers are available in different colors and designs. Whether you want one for your grey couch or any other color of couch you have, you will definitely find a couch cover that is perfect for your sofa.

The best thing about couch covers is that they are affordable. If you buy one couch cover for about $30, you can choose to buy two or more different colors.

Buying different types of couch covers will give you room for trying out different styles of decorating your living space. Decorating differently often makes your living room unique.

Couch covers are also versatile. They would give a homeowner a variety of ways to style their sofa. This comes best, especially if they would like to add a pop of color to your living room.

Blue couch covers are however known for how versatile they are. Just like blue couches, they can complement literally any color of couch you could think of. They also work perfectly with any house design and would match the existing interior décor.

Why Should I Buy a Couch Cover?

If you are a homeowner wondering how best can you prevent your couch from spills, dust, and dirt especially if you have kids and pets, you don’t have to worry.

Couch covers are definitely worth it and there are a thousand reasons to prove why. Let’s look at the reasons why you need a couch cover.

Reasons You Should Buy a Couch Cover?


1. Helps Extend Life of a Couch

A couch will look outdated if it is not well taken care of. If a couch is spilled over with drinks, gets dirty when kids play around it, or is covered with dust when not cleaned regularly, it tends to look worn out within a short period of time.

Therefore, a couch cover will prevent your couch from all these negative effects thus extending its life. A couch is considered an investment and should, therefore, serve any homeowner for a longer period of time.

2. Easy to Clean

Unlike cleaning a whole couch when it gets dirty, cleaning a couch cover is very easy. In most cases, it can be machine washed, dried, and ready for use the next minute.

Cleaning a couch can be very difficult and in most cases, may require a professional cleaner and can be very expensive. It is even more difficult if the stain has overstayed, it is advisable to clean a stain on a couch immediately.

3. Time Saving

While cleaning a couch cover may take a minute or two, it takes a lot of time to clean a couch especially if the stain has overstayed.

4. Couch Covers Are Cheap

The average price of a couch cover is $50 which can be cheaper as compared to having your couch cleaned professionally now and then. A couch cover would be a permanent solution to saving you the cost of cleaning a couch.

5. Variety of Designs and Colors

Couch covers are available in different designs and colors which is convenient for a homeowner who likes trying out different designs and styles.

Trying out different couch covers helps give your home a fresh new look and it can be as well good for the eyes and soul.

6. Couch Covers Are Easy to install

Most couch covers have spandex that is stretchy and makes it easier to cover every corner of your couch. This feature also makes it difficult for anyone to notice a slipcover, all they would see is a gorgeous sofa that is very well taken care of and maintained.

Couch Covers or Reupholstering?

While many homeowners would prefer reupholstering their couch, especially those couches that have seen their better days, buying a couch cover is still an affordable and unique way to give a couch a new look.

The average cost of upholstery is $1800 while buying a couch cover would cost a homeowner anything between $30 and $ 250. It is even cheaper to buy a new couch than reupholstering.

Although reupholstering a couch has its many advantages, it’s very expensive making couch covers the most convenient solution.

Reupholstering a couch might make it look new but will not help prevent it from spills, wear and tear, dust, and dirt but a couch cover will.

Therefore, whether you consider reupholstering your couch or not you would still need a couch cover to prevent it from spills and dirt.


  • Couch covers are essential, especially if you have kids and pets, and during party times.
  • Couch covers are available in different sizes, style and designs. Recliners or sectionals, you will find a perfect cover for them.
  • A side from saving an extra coin from having a professional cleaner for your couch every now and then, you would also be extending the life of your couch, free from spills, worn out, and cleaning every time.