7 Best Pillow Color Ideas for Teal Sofas

When it comes to styling your teal couch with throw pillows, go for warm colors like yellow, cream, white, beige, or accent colors like gold and burnt orange.

This type of pillow color will radiate warmth and calmness in your living room and your teal couch will still have a presence.

Orange and cream throw pillows would also look great with a teal couch. It’s good to have a variety so that you can always use them interchangeably.


You would however need to avoid bold colors or very bright colors like red when it comes to styling a teal couch. You see, when using a bright color like red, your living room will look too busy, and your teal sofa will no longer be in the limelight.

How Do I Choose the Right Pillow Color for My Teal Couch?


For any type of sofa color, choosing the right pillow is essential. Styling a teal sofa is simple and affordable.

One of the best ways to make a teal sofa cozy and inviting is by selecting the best pillow color for it. Teal sofas almost match any color you could literally think of.

Although there are very few colors that wouldn’t match a teal couch, you can easily play with most colors to bring the best out of your teal couch.

Check the below pillow color ideas to find out the best for your teal couch

What Are the Best Teal Couch Pillow Color Ideas?

Here are the 7 best teal couch pillow color ideas that we have tried and tested and we are hopeful that you too will love the outcome should you choose to try them out.

1. Teal Couch with Accents

If you have a teal couch and you want a monochromatic look, try accent pillows on your teal couch. The likes of gold and burnt orange work great on teal couches.

To maintain a color coordinate, try matching any other décor in the living room with the accent pillow. It could be wall art, area rug, or throw blanket.

Accents work best with neutral and base colors. A combination of them will make your teal sofa cozy and warm to spend time on.

2. Teal Couch with White Pillows

Do neutrals work with teal couches? Absolute yes! White is a color of peace and luxury, so, what else will give your teal sofa that welcoming vibe? A white pillow definitely!

White pillows are full of life making them one of the best if not the best match for your teal couch. You can try different textures of white.

Whether you go for plain, printed, or floral white pillows they all work great and would be the perfect match for your couch.

Ideally, you can add a matching white coffee table or accent chair to compliment the white pillow and you will love the outcome.

3. Teal Couch with Yellow


Yellow is a bold color, exactly what an inviting and warm sofa like a teal couch needs. They are the best options if you want to add a bit of color pop in there.

As usual, when it comes to styling any type of sofa, try matching it with any other décor in the living room. A yellow throw blanket is the best option in this case.

4. Teal Couch with Cream Pillows

Cream is a soft and warm color. It is a perfect choice if that’s exactly what you are looking for for your teal couch.

After white, cream color is the next best option if you are into neutrals. The best thing about neutral colors is that they literally can style any type of furniture. Try it on your teal couch and you will absolutely love the results.

A throw blanket in cream to match with the cream throw pillow is even better. Maintaining a color palette is the new norm when it comes to styling any type of sofa.

5. Teal Couch with Light Grey Pillows

Light grey is a neutral color so, yes it will definitely complement a teal couch. A light grey pillow is cozy, warm, and full of life, exactly what every homeowner would want in a pillow.

An area rug in light grey is the best option. An area rug usually pulls the whole living room area together.

An area rug in light grey in this case will create a warm and inviting feel.

Your teal couch should be full of life and that’s what a light grey pillow will do.

6. Teal Couch with Black Pillows

If you want a pillow color that will soften your teal couch, a black pillow is a perfect choice. It is very easy and affordable to style with black.

Black pillows give out that warm and peaceful vibe without snatching the limelight from your teal couch.

Just like black couches, black pillows literally can complement any house and design and match the existing décor.

You can get wall art in black to complement your black pillows, or you can have your walls painted black for an even gorgeous and unique outcome.

7. Teal Couch with Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is another bold and accent color that works perfectly well with a teal couch. A throw pillow in burnt orange is everything your teal couch needs.

You will have added a pop of color and give your teal couch more life if you choose to work with this type of pillow.


Teal is a color that literally matches everything. However, there are a few colors that don’t go well with teal sofas.

These few colors either are very bright and would snatch the limelight from your teal couch, or too dull and will make your teal couch feel and look lifeless.

The best thing to do if you are not sure of which pillow color to pick for your couch is to try before buying.

Identify a pillow color, try it on your teal couch, study carefully how it feels and looks on your couch, then make an informed decision.

Although to some it works, buying a pillow color blindly costs many homeowners. However, trying before buying has also saved the majority.

Ideally, you can consult an interior designer to help choose the best pillow color for your couch if it is so hard for you to decide which is best.

It might, however, be expensive but time-saving as they are well informed when it comes to designing, and so, it will be a piece of cake for them.

A better knowledge of knowing which type of pillow to use where is affordable and convincing. Affordable because you won’t have to consult an interior designer at a price, and convenience because if you would want to try out different colors you would easily choose the right one.