How to Style a Corner Sofa-Decorating Ideas for Every Living Room

If you are a homeowner with a corner couch or would love to own one but lack the best corner couch decorating ideas, worry no more.


Corner couches are the simplest and most affordable type of couches to style. Not only do they offer more seating space but would also fit into any living room perfectly.

As always when it comes to styling any type of couch, the details usually revolve around the type of cushions, area rugs, coffee table, wall color, curtain color, and wall arts.

What Are the Best Corner Sofas Decorating Ideas?

The main important point to note when it comes to decorating any type of sofa is to always decide on your décor theme.

Different types of couch colors require a unique decorating theme that perfectly matches and complements them.

Ideally, an interior designer would be of great help if you have doubts about the theme you have settled for.

Although it might be expensive, it is worth it when your living room is looking as gorgeous as you’d wanted it to be.

Also, it is important to style with colors brighter or bold than your couch color. If you would like to add a pop of color, you can go for burnt orange or gold accents. Accents go well with neutrals and base colors.

How to Style with a Corner Sofa?

Here, we are in great detail going to discuss every point with what and what not to style with.

So, do you have a corner couch? Here are the 8 best decorating ideas for you.

Styling any type of couch or sectional usually revolves around the type of cushions, rugs, wall color, wall art, window curtains, coffee table, and lighting.

1. Rugs

Corner sofas are usually big and in most cases, they would fit a home with a large living room. When it comes to styling with a rug, it should be big enough that the legs of your corner couch will be on top of it.

Big couches like corner sofas usually have high decorating potential, it is better to have a big rug than a small one to make use of the couches’ decorating potential.

If the area rugs you’ve chosen appear small, you can get two of them and place them underneath your sofa for an even bold and neat look.

The color of your corner couch will determine the color of the rug you will use when styling.

Soft and neutral rugs literally match with any type of couch, especially the neutral type of couches like white, and grey.

Otherwise, you can go for bold white and blacks, plain, or rugs in floral prints and you will absolutely love the outcome.

However, you would need to avoid brighter color rugs than your corner couch.

For instance, if you have a white couch, avoid rugs in plain red colors as they would snatch the limelight from your couch and make your living room appear busy.

If you want a rug that gives your house and couch a pop of color, try yellow or hot pink colors.

2. Pillows

Styling with pillows is one the simplest and most affordable ways to make your corner sofa cozy.

Pillows in soft and neutral colors like white, brown, beige, and grey literally match with any type of couches.

However, you would need to avoid many pillows when styling. The maximum number of pillows to use should be 6 or 7. This way, your couch would still be cozy and functional.

You can combine both large, medium, and kidney pillows and they should both color coordinate with each other or any other décor in the living room like the throw blanket.

Arrange your throw pillows on the right, center, and left of your corner couch. Plus, you would need to avoid throw pillows that are too bold than your couch color.

If you would love to add in a pop of color, you can go for yellow or accents like gold and burnt orange. Accents in most cases match neutrals and base colors.

3. Wall Colors

The type of wall color in your living room will determine how gorgeous your corner couch would turn out to be.

You should always go for wall colors that are a little bit brighter or darker than your couch.

For instance, if you have a blue couch, you can go for white or light grey walls. That way, your living room would be full of life, and your couch the focal point of your space.

However, you would need to avoid colors brighter than your couch. Soft and warm colors work perfectly well with corner couches.

Most neutral colors like light grey, beige, brown, and white are the easiest to work with as they are always a guarantee that they would match any type of couch.

Light blues, cream, and emerald are the best to go for colors if you want to add a pop of color to your living room.

4. Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the best choice to feel those empty corners in your living room if you feel like there is one.

However, the coffee table should be placed strategically. You should be able to place a cup of coffee on it without straining or be able to move around your corner couch without squeezing yourself or the coffee table.

The space between your corner couch shouldn’t be empty and that’s where the coffee table comes in.

They come in handy especially when you have friends over as you can comfortably sip in your coffee and place your cups over it.

5. Wall Art

Always make use of your wall. They look better with wall arts, or with two or three mirrors.

You can make it look even better when you match your wall art with something else in the living room. It can be a throw blanket or pillow.

You can also use a wall clock. They work as better as wall art. Wall arts just like the type of wall painting make a living room warm and inviting.

6. Window Curtains

Window curtains are essential when decorating a living space. There are different types of window curtains but the problem comes when choosing the right color for your corner couch.

Custom-made window curtains would be the best idea if you know what you want. The ready-made ones are also the best option if you are not sure of what to go for since they give room for trying before buying.

Always go for window curtains with warm colors for your type of corner couch. Deep blues, yellow, beige, dark grey, plain colors, and those with floral prints are the best color designs you could go for.

Window curtains are everything. From making a living space warm and inviting to making your corner couch appear full of life.

They are definitely the most recommended décor that would make a living space lively and peaceful to spend quality time in.

Maroon and orange are the best color pop you could add but you should always avoid bold color curtains like red.

7. Lighting

 A living space without enough source of light is boring and lifeless. You can always have your windows open during the daytime for the natural light to penetrate your living room.

Ideally, you can get a lampstand and place a lamp on it for some more lighting. It would make your living room glow with every décor in there.

8. Botanicals

Plants have a way of making a living room cozy and full of life. If you have a favorite flower or plant, add it in there.

9. Throw Blanket

Throw pillows and blankets go together so well. Go for soft and warm throws that will make your sofa cozy.

The color of your throw should always match with any other decor in the living room. You can match it with the pillows or rug.

With a corner sofa, you will need to avoid placing your throw on the back. placing it on the chaise would make it look good.


Corner sofas are literally the easiest to style. They are big thus giving room for trying out different styles and playing with themes.

You just have to identify the theme that complements the color of your corner sofa and work with it to bring the best out of your couch.

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