Is it a Good Idea to reupholster a couch? Interesting Facts

It is a good idea to reupholster a couch that has seen its better days if it holds a better place in your heart. You are unlikely to get the same couch in the market if you decide to buy a new one.


Homeowners tend to debate a lot on whether to have their furniture reupholstered or just acquire a new one. In this article, I will in great detail go through the pros and cons of furniture reupholstery so that you can make a more informed choice.

What is Upholstery?


Upholstery is a skill-based activity that aims at providing old/worn-out furniture with fabric, leather covers, webbing springs, or padding. The activity normally involves removing the old fabric from your chair, sofa, or couch and replacing it with a new one.

Upholstery might be the best solution to homeowners who have a sofa or couch that is of good quality but has seen its better days.

Getting rid of the sofa or buying a new one may not be a solution to them because for one, buying any home furniture is considered an investment and anything you invest on should at least serve you for a longer time.

My husband and I have this beautiful three-seater couch and a wing chair that we really like, but the problem is it gets dirty too fast.

We have been debating on whether we should replace it with a new one or just have it reupholstered. I was initially for the idea of buying a new one while my husband was for the idea of upholstery.

I came to terms with his idea because for one, this is a couch we both have emotional attachment to and watching it go just because it attracts dirt is not enough of a reason.

Another reason is that the couch is of very good quality and we didn’t have an assurance of getting another one of the same quality. We finally settled on upholstery and we were really thrilled by the end results.

Therefore, upholstery is a better way of extending the life of a favorite chair or couch or to preserve a precious family heirloom. It honestly shouldn’t be a big deal to restore what grandma gave you however much it costs.

Before you decide whether or not you should consider reupholstering your furniture, you might want to look into the pros and cons of doing so.

 The Pros and Cons of Upholstery

For some homeowners, it might be a good idea to reupholster a couch, while to others it might be the least of options. Looking at the pros and cons of upholstery will enable us learn why one would prefer it over any other method.

The pros of upholstery include:

The following are the reasons why homeowners with worn out couches and sofas would prefer upholstery over buying a new one.

Changing it To Your Liking.

The best thing about this is that the upholstery expert going to handle your furniture is going to work on it whichever way you want.

You remember that day when you spent days looking for a couch, the struggles of going from one store to another, looking for what bests suits your test and knowledge of good furniture, then you finally settled on a design that you liked.

Now when you look at it and realize it has seen its better days, worry strikes and you wonder if the same scenario of looking for a furniture is going to repeat.

You shouldn’t worry because this is where upholstery should come in handy, this way you will continue seeing your favorite furniture around.

Eco Friendly

Reupholstering furniture is an environmental friendly way of keeping old furniture out of landfills. By recycling it you are naturally preserving the environment.

Frequently buying of new furniture Is considered wastage of natural resources because whenever there is shortage of furniture, trees have to be cut down to provide timber.

Also, when you throw away your old furniture and it gets burnt, it releases harmful gases into the air and water leading to global warming.

Preserve a Family Heirloom

you have a precious family furniture that was passed down to you but when you look at it you realize it is in poor condition. Well, upholstery is definitely the best way to ensure that the life of this favorite furniture is extended.

Considering the fact that this a very important piece, then identifying the best professional upholstery services will guarantee your furniture a brand new look and feel.

Saves Money

Money saving tips always revolve around repairing or replacing. For most people the latter is always the solution.

Buying any type of furniture is considered an investment. Identifying a furniture that is going to give you service for a very long time should be the best idea. For one reason, furniture is what we tend to use more often in our houses and over time they tend to worn out.

Whether you decided to consider upholstery service or do it yourself you will have restored an old furniture and foregone the cost of buying a new one.

Vintage Furniture

Everything we own have their best times. Vintage furniture is typically of great quality and is meant to last long compared to the ones available in the market.

By buying a new one, you might end up not getting one of the same quality and even if you get one, it will be probably much expensive compared to the price you both with at first and what is worse, its availability is not guaranteed.

What Are The Cons of Upholstery?

The following are the reasons why homeowners with worn out couches prefer buying a new one over upholstery.


The cost of reupholstering might initially seem too much. Anything being worked on by an experienced craftsman who go beyond to repair your old furniture by giving it a fresh new look is considered costly.

This is because you are going to pay someone’s labor to completely restore the piece of furniture. A professional upholstery will literally strip down a furniture piece to a bare frame. If by any chance you come about an upholstery service that charges less than what you consider normal, then you might really need to reconsider.

Remember its always quality over quantity, and there is a saying that states “cheap is always expensive” you really don’t want to worsen the state of your furniture by going for cheaper services.

Spend more for what you know is going to serve you for a longer period of time. This should be more of an investment.

Time Consuming

Upholstery is a skilled based activity which may require a longer period of time to work on your furniture depending on its size and complexity of the work to be done. Thus, your furniture might take a few days longer comparing to just going out to pick a new one.

Every step of upholstery has a detailed process that requires adequate amount of time to tackle. You also need to be aware that you might not be the only client hence need to be attended to on the first come first served basis.  

Difficulty in Identifying Professional Upholstery Services.

Finding professional upholstery services is usually not a walk in the park and this is where many people prefer buying a new sofa. You obviously wouldn’t want to go through the same struggles you went through when you were looking for a piece of furniture.

What Are The Furniture Upholstery Cost Factors?

Upholstery cost factors depend on:

  • Type of furniture
  • Type of fabric
  • Amount of labor
  • Repairs
  • finishes

The cost for small pieces of furniture differ from prices of the larger pieces. Furniture with no decorations are less expensive and those with embellishment are expensive to reupholster.

Prices vary depending on the upholstery cost factors mentioned above.  The average cost to reupholster furniture is $200 to $1000 for chairs and $600 to $1800 for a sofa or couch.

Upholstery fabric price ranges between $30 to $60 per yard and labor charges range between $50 to $100 per hour. Discount rates may apply to people who require upholstery services on more than one piece of furniture.

Additional charges may apply on furniture transportation, in-home services and furniture finishes like welting and tufting.

What Are The Best Couches in The Market?

Buying a couch is not only a financial commitment but an investment for homeowners. Therefore, finding a stylish and comfortable couch will make it worth an investment.

After all, where else will you spend your time relaxing after a long day working? You obviously don’t expect your visitors to find it uncomfortable staying when they visit because you don’t have a nice couch. What about your kids? Where are they going to sit while watching their favorite television program? Where are you going to sit as a family and enjoy your favorite foods and drinks? So it makes sense that we take our time to invest in a couch that will make you and your loved ones comfortable for a longer period of time.

What Should i look for in a Couch Before Buying?

Doing due diligence before buying any household essentials is paramount to every homeowner. This will help save on so many mistakes like buying something uncomfortable, of poor quality and which does not complement your house design and the existing interior décor.

Before buying a couch a homeowner should:

Try Before Buying.

It doesn’t hurt to confirm if what you want suits your taste. Personally am very tall and so if am to look for a couch I’ll go for one that has at least a depth of 60cm. I am certain that this will favor both individuals with long and short legs. I have long legs so I know it will give me room to maneuver, and for someone like my son who has short legs it will be easier for him to tuck them under. Try see if you try lying down its long enough for you to stretch out.

Type of Fabric Used

Your choice of upholstery material is of great importance and you need to choose carefully. I suppose Going for a scratch-resistant material and stain-resistant might save you on some maintenance costs.


You cannot have a complete comfortable couch if its cushions are not made of the right materials. You definitely do not want a cushion with materials that will require you to plump every now and the. Go for cushions that have a combination of feather and form as feather will give the squish while the foam will give it the structure.


Before deciding on what to buy, always keep in mind that cheap is expensive. This is an investment and any investment is meant to serve you for a longer period of time. If you find a couch that is being sold at a lesser price than the normal price, then you don’t have to give it a second thought. Buy a couch that is of high quality, however expensive it is because this will guarantee your couches longevity.

Let’s look at some of the best couches.

1. Best Sectional: Casa Andrea Milano LLc Modern Large Velvet Fabric Sectional Couch with Chaise Black



• Overall dimension: 52.8 x 102.8 x 30.3 inches

• Color: Black

• Material: Velvet fabric

• Foam factor: Sectional

• Seating Capacity: 5

• Brand: Casa Andrea Milano

Thanks to their unique configuration, sectionals sofa as well as the l-shaped sofas have won the heart of many homeowners.

This Milano velvet fabric sofa is no exception.  Perfectly designed to suit homeowners with large families or homes as it offers more seating.

Its however not limited to small spaces as it would be a better option compared to buying a whole living room set which might end up not fitting in a small space.

Measuring 52.8 x 102.8 x 30.3, this sectional sofa seats 5 comfortably. Suitable for those family movie nights, deep chats with friends, or cuddles with kids.

Plus, this sectional features a wide chaise lounge that can offer extra seating or can serve as a footrest while relaxing.  Designed to seat perfectly in the living room, office space, lounging area, apartments, studio, or guest room.

This sectional sofa is upholstered in soft and breathable velvet fabric that will give any living space a cozy and tactile look.

The best thing about velvet upholstery, velvet sofas to be precise is that they are skin-friendly, easy to clean in case of spills, and require less care and maintenance. Plus, they are durable, thus suitable to withstand day-to-day use at home. you can also try other velvet sofa colors like a blue velvet sofa.

You are assured comfort with the plush foam-filled seat cushions and plush loose back pillows that give a warm and cozy feel. Great support and comfort while enjoying a television program or lounging.

You have an option of buying this exact sectional sofa but a blue sofa or gray sofa if black is not your preference or doesn’t match your design style. Otherwise, black couches work magic in any living space.

Simple assembly is required after this product has been delivered which is absolutely worth doing considering how gorgeous this sectional sofa is at yet a reasonable price tag.

2. Best Overall: Amazon Brand-Rivet Fredrick Velvet Sofa


• Frame Material: Sturdy wood

• Leg material: Aluminum in a matte brass finish

• Velvet upholstery

• Upholstery Color: Navy blue

• Two accent throw pillows

• Partially assembled

• Seating capacity: two

• Overall dimension: 77.56 x 34.65 x 3.15 inches

This Rivet Fredrick-Amazon Brand sofa is a gem you would want to have in your home. It is in fact one of the best blue sofas that are gorgeous, reasonably priced, comfortable, and with a high-end designer look.

This sofa has an overall dimension of 77.6 x 34.65 x 3.15 inches (L x W x H) perfectly made to seat either in your living room, bedroom, or office space. Plus, it also offers a decent seating capacity of two people.

It is upholstered in a chic Navy blue color that will pop out especially when placed at the center of your living room or den.

Moreover, its upholstery fabric is velvet which is 100% polyester that is buttery soft and looks super luxe, durable and doesn’t hold pet hair.

The velvet material is also stain and dirt-resistant. In case of a spill, you will have to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

This standard design sofa has a wide range of customization. From solid wood frame that has been kiln dried to prevent warping to aluminum legs in a matte brass finish that is glam yet sturdy to give the sofa a stylish modern look and to give your space contemporary elegance.

Additionally, the slender back shape of the sofa and the channel tufting is sure to bring out that mid-century modern elegance. The back and arms have been cushioned nicely to provide a reasonable amount of support.

This sofa features two toss pillows that are of descent quality for extra back support and its cushions are medium-firm, but not uncomfortable.

However, this piece comes partially assembled and you will be required to screw in the legs which is pretty easy and fast. It comes with an instruction manual that is to guide you on how to bolt in the 5 main legs and the central support leg that is in the middle of the sofa.    

3. Best Cheap: Honbay Convertible Sectional couch with modern linen fabric light grey


• Overall dimension: 78.5 x 30.3 x 35 inches

• Color: Light Grey

• Material: Linen fabric

• Foam factor: Convertible, Sectional

• Seating capacity: 3

• Brand: Honbay

There is something special about this sectional corner sofa, the chaise orientation. Unlike other sectional sofas, the orientation of this corner sofa couch is reversible, meaning the chaise can be placed on either the right or left-hand side of the sofa.

With an overall dimension of 78.5 x 30.3 x 35 inches, this sectional corner sofa couch seats 3 comfortably, and would be a great addition to any small spaces. Bring elegance to your, bedroom, lounge, studio, or apartment with this gorgeous corner sofa couch.

This Honbay corner sofa couch has been perfectly constructed to suit every homeowner’s idea of a sofa. The materials were carefully selected for a great user experience. The light grey linen fabric upholstery is skin-friendly, thus suitable for the whole family.

The high-density foam cushioning is firm but very comfortable, with no room for sinking, making it a perfect seat for relaxing while watching a favorite program, or reading a book.

The coolest thing about this sectional corner sofa couch is that it will greatly help you maximize your space. This way, other house furniture like the coffee table will have a place to seat.

The reversible chaise is convenient enough for the homeowner to rearrange it however they want. Plus, the chaise may offer more seating or can be a perfect footrest when relaxing.

Simple assembly is required after this sofa is delivered. Simple because no tool is required, and easy because it will take less than 30 minutes to have your sectional corner sofa couch ready for use.

Grey sectional sofas have become the most sort after type of couches for most homeowners. As with corner sofas, like this sectional corner sofa, for instance, you are guaranteed comfort and a cozy living environment.

The frame and legs of this sectional sofa are well constructed with wood wood that is sturdy and durable, and can withstand weights of up to 660lbs.

You have an option of choosing this exact sofa but in a different available color of beige and dark grey, if the light grey one doesn’t match your house design.