Why Are Couches So Expensive? 4 Interesting Facts!

A couch is not like a dress that you would just wake up one Sunday morning and decide to buy. No! buying a couch is more of an investment and any investment requires quite a period of savings as you would need good money for it.

Couches are expensive because they are constructed with high-quality fabrics and materials. These high-quality materials are expensive but durable making a couch suitable for the day to day use at home or office.


Most couches tend to be expensive based on the following factors:

  • Size of the couch
  • Brand
  • Design and style of the couch
  • Types of material used

1. Size of The Couch

There are different couch sizes which include a settee, loveseat, sectionals, and l-shaped sofas. The cost of a loveseat sofa may not be the same as that of a settee, while the price of a loveseat may not be the same as that of a sectional sofa. This is because, despite the size difference, the number of materials used in each will not be the same.

Sectionals and l-shaped sofas are usually big and may require many materials while loveseats are slightly smaller than a sofa and a settee and may each need more or fewer materials than the other.

2. Couch Brand

Top brand couches are usually original. They are of good quality and in most cases highly-priced than those of the small brands.

Most top brands of couch manufacturers are chesterfields, Ashley’s, and Ikea. They are the best-known couch manufacturers, and today literally every homeowner wants to own one from them.

This doesn’t in any way depict small brands as sellers of low-quality couches, they are just well-known and trusted brands by people.

3. Design and Style

There are different designs and styles of couches, and each is priced differently depending on how unique the design and style are. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary, or mid-century modern. You will definitely find a couch design at a price that best suits all the work done on it.

A normal couch design, however, may be cheaper than a sleeper, sectional, recliner, or l-shaped sofa. The difference is majorly the design. And most of these big couches are usually more practical than a normal sofa.

4. Types of Materials Used

The most common types of fabric used in couch upholstery are leather, microfiber fabric, polyester fabric, and velvet. Leather and velvet fabrics are usually highly-priced given the fact that they are luxurious and way durable.

Although microfiber fabric sofas are not as expensive as leather and velvet, they are very durable and practical, and functional especially if you have kids and pets.

For instance, couches with solid wood frame construction are usually durable and can serve you up to 15 good years. Normally, the wood is kiln-dried to prevent warping and it also aids in protection against fungal degradation.

What Is Too Expensive for a Couch?

What is considered too expensive for a couch? Well, a normal couch would cost anything between $1000 to $2500. However, some sofas would even cost more than $2800. In most cases, these sofas are either a set or are the big sectional and l-shaped sofas that usually seat 7 or more people.

If you find a couch that is too expensive and is about $2500, then be rest assured that the couch features high-quality upholstery regardless of the type of fabric used. However, in most cases, you will realize that velvet sofas and leather sofas are way more expensive than microfiber and polyester fabric sofas.

The cost of leather fabric couches is usually very expensive. High-quality types of leather like full-grain leather and top grain leather are even more expensive. They are usually in their purest form, durable, and just like wine, they soften with time.

A couch that is less than $1000 cannot in any way be compared to a couch that costs $2500. One is durable and is guaranteed to serve you for the next 20 or so years, while the other one is only durable for a short period of time as you save for a better and high-quality sofa.

Why Are Some Couches More Expensive Than Others?

What makes some couches more expensive than others? Well, a couch tends to be more expensive than the other based on the factors such as the brand of the couch, types of fabric used, style and design, ready-made or custom-made, and the size.

Top brand sofa manufacturers such as the Ashley’s, chesterfield, and Ikea are some of the leading top brands that make the best quality type of sofas.

If you do due diligence, you will be able to realize that there is a difference in price and quality for the top brand sofas and the other small brands.

Buying a sofa also depends on how long you want it to serve you. If you have built a home, you might really want to decorate it with high-quality furniture. After all, you won’t be moving houses again. And in this case, you will need high-quality furniture and to have that you will need to spend a lot of money on a couch.

However, if you are just staying in an apartment while building your dream home, then it is okay to buy a cheap sofa so that you can save more to buy the ones that will serve you a lifetime once you move into your home.

Is It Worth Investing In a Couch?

Absolutely yes! You see, a couch is not like a dress that you will just wake up one morning and it no longer fits you thus forcing you to buy a new one. Once bought, a couch will serve you for up to 20 years, not unless you are a person of trends and would hence want to change them regularly.

Buying a couch is an investment and is an absolute worth-it investment. Once you have bought a couch, you have the freedom of saving for other important family things like college fees for your kids and other house bills.

You see, this is not the kind of freedom that a poor-quality sofa would give you. You will need to get rid of your sofa or consider reupholstering every time it gets worn out if you settle for a low-quality one.

Since a couch is more of a basic need in any home setting, it is definitely worth investing. You will need a couch when you are a watching movie, when your friends visit you, and when you want to read that favorite novel.

It is the most important type of furniture for every home. It literally is the most comfortable place in every home where we spend most of our lives in. And for that matter, a couch should be comfortable, cozy, and durable.

How Long Do Couches Last?

A good quality sofa should last you about 10 to 15years. You honestly don’t want to spend so much on a sofa only for it to last you 3years. Unless you want to go with trends, a sofa should last you for years as any type of sofa should be worth your investment.

However, most practical and functional sofas tend to wear out faster especially with kids and pets, or if used regularly.

You see, a couch that is in an office is more durable than the one used at home. The reason is, the one at home is used more regularly and often not as gentle especially with kids and pets as the ones in the office.

The type of material used in couch upholstery also determines how long a couch would serve you. All upholstery fabrics are good, especially the high-quality ones. However, if not taken care of well they tend to wear out very fast.

For instance, if the leather gel is not applied regularly on a leather couch, it will tend to lose its attractive and unique appearance. Plus, if it is not wiped out regularly, dust will accumulate over time subjecting it to wear and tear.


Couches are expensive for a reason. If you are looking for a couch that is durable, functional, and practical, you will need good money for that. However, it is absolutely okay to buy a cheaper couch if you are a person of trends as you wouldn’t want to spend so much on a couch that you would not use after a new trend is out there.

The type of couch usually depends on the homeowner’s choice and preference. And most importantly for how long you would a particular sofa to serve you.

Although there are cheaper couches in the market today, they are not durable and anywhere close to the expensive couches in matters of quality. They in most cases would serve you for about a year and you wouldn’t want to set your eyes on them again.

Therefore, a couch is more like an investment. It is not like a dress that you would just wake up one morning and decide to buy. You need to save and buy a good quality upholstered sofa that would see you in the next 15 to 20 years, and that’s what makes them so expensive.