Which Is Worth It, Fabric or Leather Sofa?

As a homeowner, you probably consider buying any house furniture including a sofa as an investment, which truly is.

Buying a sofa usually requires a long period of savings, unless otherwise, you want to buy a sofa that is of low quality that you would end up having nightmares when sitting or relaxing uncomfortably on it.  

Now, when the time is ripe for getting a good quality sofa, you might probably get torn between buying a fabric or leather sofa.

You see, there are different types of sofas both by the type of materials used, texture, style, and design.


Fabric and leather sofas, however, tend to be the most common types of sofas sort after by homeowners.

In today’s article, we are going to look deep into the pros and cons of fabric and leather sofas.

A better and more informed knowledge of them will enable you to make a prompt decision and settle on the type of sofa that matches the taste and preference of you and your family.

Fabric and leather sofas both suit any home design perfectly. But they also have their good and bad side.

Having a better knowledge of both will enable you to get one that you would be able to work out smoothly with.

This is great because a sofa is a necessity in any home setting. There is no way you would live without a sofa.

What Are the Pros of Leather Sofas?

1. Leather Sofas Have an Attractive Look

Leather sofas have a luxe and tactile look. Whether you go for a traditional chesterfield look or a contemporary style of a leather sofa, you are assured of nothing but elegance in your home.

Leather sofas are also perfect for formal settings like in offices. In fact, most offices have leather sofas due to their luxurious looks.

Therefore, whether you want a black leather sofa for your office or a brown leather sofa for your living room, you will definitely find one to work with.

2. Easy to Care for and Maintain.

Leather sofas do not require so much to take care of them as fabric sofas do. In fact, you just need to wipe out dust regularly to prevent it from accumulating. Plus, apply the leather gel at least once after every month.

This is not the case with fabric sofas. You will need to thoroughly clean a fabric sofa to get rid of dirt, stains, and dust.

Also, a stain on a leather sofa can be wiped lightly and it would be all good, but a stain in a fabric sofa would mostly require you to machine wash it.

3. Leather Material is of High Quality

If you are looking for a type of sofa that is highly durable, a leather sofa is what you should settle for.

Leather materials usually go through a tanning process that makes them resistant to cracking, peeling, and sagging.

4. Leather Sofas Become Comfortable Over Time

Just like fine wine, leather sofas tend to get better over time. Unlike a fabric sofa which subjects to wear and tear very fast, as time goes by, leather sofas basically get attractive and classic.

For leather sofas, the more you sit or sleep on them, the more they get softer and inviting, thus making them comfortable. For fabric sofas, the more you sit on them, the more you subject them to wear and tear, hence losing their practicality and functionality.

5. Leather Sofas Are Highly Durable

Leather sofas are made of natural properties as compared to fabric sofas. This makes them withstand wear and tear making them last for a longer period of time.

What Are the Cons of Leather Sofas?

1. Leather Sofas Are Expensive

While you can own a fabric sofa for as low as $500, a quality leather sofa costs anything between $1500 to $5000.

Although they are absolutely worth the price as they tend to last for a longer period of time.

Leather sofas are sometimes a turn-off for most homeowners because of their high prices.

2. Not Suitable When Its Cold and When Its Hot

The feel of leather sofas tends to change as the weather changes. For instance, when it’s cold, your leather sofa would feel cold that you wouldn’t want to get any close to it.

Also, when it is hot, leather sofas tend to feel so hot that you wouldn’t be able to sit still on them unless you put a throw or blanket underneath.

Therefore, if you are looking for a sofa that would not inconvenience you in any way, a leather sofa is not for you, a fabric sofa is way better in all seasons.

3. Less Variety of Colors

You might run out of choices when it comes to leather sofas. They are limited in terms of colors, styles, and designs.

You are likely to get every design of fabric sofa that would suit your house design and existing décor than with a leather sofa.

If you are a person who likes trying out different styling and decorating ideas, you might not be able to achieve that with a leather sofa.

4. High Probability of Fake Leather

The chances of coming across fake leather sofas are very common. Unless you know how to differentiate genuine from the fake, you are likely to fall victim to fake leather.

Differentiating fake from genuine is sometimes a bit hard. But you can have a professional identify for you the best genuine leather that would last you a lifetime.

Most times, you would find a fake leather being sold twice the price as that of genuine leather and that is what would likely convince you it is genuine.

It is important to always do due diligence when buying a leather sofa.

What Are the Pros of Fabric Sofas Over Leather Sofas?

1. Fabric sofas are reasonably priced

The cost of a high-quality fabric sofa is usually lower than that of leather sofas.

You are likely to get a high-end fabric sofa for as low as $700 which is unlike the case with leather sofas.

Their low prices don’t mean that fabric sofas are of poor quality. Most of them are designed with durable fabrics that enable them to stand the test of time.

2. Fabric Sofas Are Suitable for All Weather Conditions

Are you looking for a sofa that will give you all the warmth you need in that crazy cold weather? Well, a fabric sofa is definitely what you need.

For a leather sofa, you would need to sit on it a couple of times, probably for a month or more for it to become softer, whilst for a fabric sofa, it becomes comfortable to sit on the moment you bring it home.

3. Variety of Colors for Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are available in a variety of colors giving you the convenience of choosing one that would match your house design, the existing interior decors, and your test and preference.

Plus, you can easily try out different decorating ideas with a fabric sofa.

For leather sofas, they have limited colors and you are unlikely to find one that matches your existing décor.

4. It’s Easy to Care for FAbric Sofas

High-quality fabric sofas are not subject to wear and tear. As for leather sofas, a slight exposure to sunlight would cause them to wrinkle and start peeling thus losing their attractive look.

5. Fabric Sofas are Functional and Practical

Especially if you have kids and pets. Fabric sofas are the best option if you have kids and pets since no matter how playful they are; your fabric sofa is unlikely to get scratched.

Leather sofas are more susceptible to peeling and scratching with playful kids and pets around, so if you are looking for a practical and functional sofa, go for a fabric sofa.

What Are the Cons of Fabric Sofas?

Fabric sofas usually don’t have many disadvantages. As a matter of fact, they are the easiest type of sofas to deal with.

Both in terms of care, decorating ideas, variety of colors, and durability. Plus, it is easier to find a fabric sofa that matches any house design than a leather sofa.

However, one major problem with fabric sofas is usually how to keep them clean. Fabric sofas are more susceptible to stains which would require you to machine wash.

That is not the case with leather sofas, which in case of a spill, you just need to sot clean with a damp cloth.

Light-colored sofas like white sofas are in most cases the most difficult to deal with but with the right knowledge on how to keep a white sofa clean, you are good to go.