Sofa VS Sectional Comparison, Which Is Worth It?

While both serve almost the same purpose, sofas and sectionals are functional and practical in different ways.

Sectionals are the best option especially if you have a large family while sofas are the best choice if you have a small living space.

Although there are sectionals that are designed to fit even in the smallest of spaces, if you are not a person who hosts friends over on a weekend, then a sofa is still the best choice.


If you are a homeowner torn between a sofa and a sectional, worry not!

We are in great detail going to look deep into the pros and cons of sofas and sectionals.

Having better and informed knowledge will help you identify which is the most suitable and convenient type of sofa to go for.

Comparison Between Sofas and Sectionals

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Sofa or Sectional Which is Worth It?

We will begin by looking into sectionals.

So, what are sectional sofas? Unlike a sofa, sectionals consist of three or more pieces and can be arranged in different ways depending on the design and style of the sectional.

Reasons Why You Should buy a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are not limited to homes with large living rooms only, apparently, some sectionals fit into small spaces perfectly.

You just have to make sure you have the right dimensions of your living space so that you can choose the right sectional sofa for your home.

Here is why you need a sectional sofa in your home

1. Sectional Sofas Are Trendy

Anything trendy is usually in high demand. Sectionals have become the new favorite type of sofas for homeowners.

In today’s modern homes, you are unlikely to miss sectional sofas in there. That has most likely become the rule of nature, that when something is trendy and stylish and in this case a sectional sofa, then everyone wants to have it.

2. Sectionals Have High Configuration Levels

Whether you have small or large living spaces, sectional sofas always find a way to fit in there.

With the right dimensions of your living space, you will be able to find one that fits your space perfectly.

Plus, compared to buying a whole living room set that may not fit into a small living space, sectional sofas stand to be the best choice.

They would fit in well and leave extra space for other house furniture like coffee tables, accent chairs, and extra space for moving freely without squeezing yourself on things.

3. Sectionals Are Cheap Compared to Sofa Sets

As compared to buying a whole living room set, it is way cheaper to buy a sectional sofa.

The living room set is expensive and may end up not fitting in your otherwise small living space.

Sectional sofas are the best option if you are just starting over afresh, especially if things are not going on well.

4. Sectional Sofas Are Practical and Functional

Are you a college student or you are just out of college and starting life afresh? Sectionals are definitely the best option for you.

Most sectionals have day beds or sleeper sectionals that you can use as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

Hence, you would have saved on the cost of buying a bed this way and used the money on other important things.

5. Sectional Sofas Are Versatile

Sectional sofas have different designs and styles. From traditional to contemporary. So, you have the convenience of choosing a style and design that works for you.

Plus, there are a thousand and one ways of styling and decorating around a sectional sofa.

If you are a person who likes trying out different decorating styles, a sectional sofa is definitely for you.

The Downside of Sectional Sofas

Apart from having unique configuration levels and seating more people, other things will have you reconsider buying a sectional sofa. Let’s look at them.

1. Sectionals Are Not for All Types of House Designs

Especially if you have a small living space. A sectional sofa may prevent you from accessing different areas of your living room as they tend to be big thus taking up too much space.

2. Sectionals are big and bulky

Even those for small spaces tend to be big and bulky. At some point, if you like rearranging the layout of your sofa, you may need an extra hand for that.

However, sofas are usually lightweight and don’t require an extra hand to rearrange them.

3. Perfect for Homes with Large Living Rooms

In as much as there are sectionals for small spaces, sectional sofas fit and look beautiful in large living rooms.

A large living room with a sectional sofa will give you the convenience of decorating in different ways.

Plus, you can add a lot of décors since there would be a lot of empty spaces that would need to be taken care of.

If you get a sectional sofa for a small living space, you will barely be able to decorate your space as there would be no extra space for that.

4. Sectional Sofas Are Expensive

Sectional sofas are big and bulky and are made in different designs. Buying a couch is way cheaper than buying a sectional sofa.

Some of the designs include; sectional sofas with storage, with chaise, and sectional sofa with sleeper.

Their functional and practical nature makes them expensive.

What Is a Sofa?

A sofa is a type of furniture designed for sitting two or three people, usually upholstered with seats and backrests.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sofa Over a Sectional Sofa

1. Sofas Are Cheaper than Sectionals.

Sofas don’t require months of savings as much as sectional sofas do. You can easily find the best cheap couch at about $500 while a quality sectional sofa would cost about $1100.

2. Sofas Are Designed with Light-weight

If you like rearranging the layout of your living room, a sofa is the best option for you.

They are lightweight and don’t necessarily require an extra hand to move them from one point to another.

3. Sofas Help Create Extra Space

Unlike sectional sofas which may end up taking too much space, a sofa will help create some space for other furniture like a coffee table or accent chairs.

They are the best option especially if you have a small space as they would help in maximizing your floor space.

4. Sofas Are Easy to Style

Sofas usually don’t have complicated styles that would make it difficult for you to style.

They are simple and straight to detail making them the easiest to decorate and style with literally any décor you could think of.

Reasons Why You May Not Consider Buying a Sofa

1. Sofas Offer Less Seating Space

Sofas may not be the best option if you are a person of hosting guests, they may not have a place to relax comfortably.

Sofas can comfortably sit utmost three people. So, maybe a sectional sofa would be the best option if you are hosting 5 or more people.

2. Sofas Are Not as Functional as Sectional Sofas

You know most sectionals either come with a chaise lounge or day bed which can ideally multifunction if you have a small space.

However, with a sofa, you would need to buy an extra bed for your guests which otherwise if you buy a sectional sleeper sofa would have served as an extra bed for them.

3. Sofa Sets Are Expensive than a Single Sectional Sofa

Sofas are not economical at all if you look at it per sit price, especially if you are buying a whole living room set.

It is in fact cheaper to buy a single sectional sofa that will seat more people and fit perfectly in any living space than buying a whole living room sofa set that may not even fit your otherwise small living space.


For most homeowners, often a sectional sofa tends to be the best option as it offers more seating and makes good use of an otherwise small space.

However, sofas tend to be the next best option if you are looking for simple and plain designed sofas mostly for easy styling, and or if you want one for a formal setting.

Both types of sofas work great in any home design, you just have to identify one that matches your test and preference and settle for it.

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