The Benefits Of Polyester vs. Leather Couch

What is the Difference Between Polyester and Leather Couch?

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The journey to acquiring your dream sofa can be full of ups and downs. Although there is a variety to choose from, there are some important things to consider before buying a sofa. After all, the kind of couch you need to buy should suit your tastes and preference and also that of your family members. However, the most important question that you are likely to ask yourself is, “should I buy a polyester or leather couch?”

The Benefits of Polyester vs. leather Couch

Polyester and leather are both great types of upholstery for couches and other furniture. However, they both have their positive and negative characteristics. Looking at the benefits of each of them would make it easier for you to choose one that you find suitable for you and your family. The most important things that you need to look for in a couch, however, should be the durability of the fabric, cost, care and maintenance, and comfort.

Benefits of Polyester Couches


1. Comfortable

Two different things make the polyester fabric a more comfortable fabric for a couch than leather.

First, you will be able to experience the soft feel of the polyester fabric from the outset, unlike leather which requires a breaking in period. Therefore, you would need some time to make your leather couch comfortable enough to lie down on it or sit comfortably, while you can have a relaxed moment with a polyester fabric couch the moment you bring it home.

Secondly, polyester couches are suitable in both summer and winter. Unlike leather which tends to be cold during winter and very hot when it’s summer, polyester is an overall warmer fabric. So, would you want to buy a couch fabric that inconveniences you during certain periods of time, or one that is all-around comfortable? The choice is absolutely yours to make.

2. Cost

Although good quality polyester fabric sofas are expensive, you are most likely to get the same leather sofa at a more expensive price. Therefore, if you are looking for a good quality sofa fabric while looking into cutting costs, a polyester couch does seem like a better option.

3. Care and Maintenance

Polyester fabric couches have a high resilience level to wear and tear. While a simple scratch on your leather couch would make it lose its unique appearance, polyester fabric is great for kids and pets as no matter how playful they tend to be, it cannot get scratched easily.

Most polyester fabric sofas can be spot cleaned in case of a spill as they are usually treated to resist stains when they occur.

4. Variety

Polyester has a variety of options in terms of color, patterns, and texture than its leather counterparts. With polyester fabric, you have over 18 colors and patterns to choose from, while the most common leather colors are brown, white, black, and cognac. You are more likely to find a couch design that matches your house design and the existing interior décor with a polyester fabric.

Benefits of Leather Couches


You are most likely to get attracted to leather couches due to their attractive nature, durability, and how easy they can be to clean. Here are the reasons you might need a leather couch in your home:

1. Care

You can easily maintain the attractive look of your leather couch by wiping out dust regularly. Plus, you just need to apply the leather gel on it at least every 3 months and you are good to go. However, with a polyester fabric sofa, you might need to soak it in a bathtub before transferring the cushion covers to the washer if the stain is too tuff to spot clean.

2. Appearance

A leather sofa has an attractive appearance that would transform a living room into the most luxurious and cozy environment to live in. The traditional types of leather like the chesterfields would even make a dull living room into an inviting living space.

Most leather sofas are designed to details and tend to be more unique than their polyester counterparts. Plus, leather is always stylish and trendy regardless of the time of the year.

3. Biodegradable

Leather couches if no longer in use can be decomposed and thus may not cause pollution, however, polyester fabric sofas may cause environmental pollution given the fact that they are made from petroleum products and chemicals.