How Do you Clean a Velour Couch? Step by Step Guide

Is Velour Hard to Clean?

Before just anybody could own them, velvet and velour couches were only owned by the royal and wealthy families as only they could afford them. Velour couches are elegant and would turn any living space into a luxurious and cozy environment to live in.

Velour fabric is soft and fragile and requires utmost care and maintenance for its longevity. But they are very easy to clean. However, you would want to use a soft brush and a muslin fabric when cleaning to make sure you are as gentle as possible to avoid scratching it.

As a matter of fact, compared to all other types of upholstery, it is easier to clean a velour couch. With the right cleaning equipment, you are likely to save some $$ cleaning your velour couch at home rather than having it cleaned by a professional for an extra $$. Plus, velour upholstery takes less time to completely dry.

However, if you are not sure about cleaning your velour couch without ruining it, it’s best to seek professional cleaning services. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, the cost of having it cleaned professionally would be cheaper as compared to buying a new velour couch in case you ruin your current one when cleaning it.


How to Clean a Velour Couch at Home Without Ruining Its Aesthetic?

Any soft and gentle material like velour requires 100% attention when cleaning lest you ruin its aesthetic. You also need to use the right cleaning equipment.

In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how you can clean your velour couch to give it a sparkle and make it look as clean as new. We will also give you the right cleaning equipment and better still recommend where you can get the best for your couch. Read on to learn more.

What you will need to clean your velour couch:

  • Bristle brush
  • Vacuum cleaner (with hand attachment)
  • Upholstery soap
  • Water
  • Muslin fabric

Step by step guide

Step 1

In the first step, you will need to prepare your velour couch and by this, it means getting rid of all kinds of dirt that may be lingering on your couch. You can use a soft bristle brush that is gentle on the fabric to access every part of your couch including the back and into the crevices to remove food crumbs and dust. And if the cushions are removable, remove them so that it can be easier to eliminate every dirt.

If the bristle brush is not very effective at removing all the dirt, you can switch to using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is thorough and in a minute or two your velour couch will be free from lingering dirt.

Step 2

This step will be quite easy as almost every dirt is gone. You will need to prepare a bucket half full of cleaning water and your desired upholstery soap. It’s important to use the right soap that will not cause discoloration to your velour couch.

Step 3

After mixing warm water and upholstery soap in a bucket, take your muslin fabric, dip it in water and wring out the excess water.

Then rub the muslin fabric on your velour couch gently and in a circular motion to remove as much stain and dust as possible. You will need to repeat this process a few more times until your couch is as clean.

Step 4

Get clean water in the bucket to rinse your couch and remove the excess soap used to clean your couch. Make sure you rinse the muslin fabric thoroughly until it holds no more water then rub it on the couch in a circular motion.

By now, your velour couch should be sparkling clean

Step 5

The last step is to let your couch dry completely. This should take about 8 hours. Living your couch to dry completely helps in preventing molds from invading it.

After the couch has completely dried, you are likely to notice stiff fibers that make it uncomfortable to sit on. You can easily break the fibers by using a velour brush. Be gentle while brushing as you wouldn’t want to ruin your couch.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning your Velour Couch

There are mistakes you wouldn’t want to make when cleaning a velour couch. They include:

1. Use of Colored soap.

Avoid using colored soap as it may cause discoloration to your velour couch. It’s advisable to use clear soap when cleaning.

2. Use the Right Cleaning Rug

Velour is a gentle and soft fabric that requires utmost care when cleaning. Avoid using rough rugs that may scratch it thus ruining its aesthetic. The best fabric to use when cleaning your velour couch should be a muslin fabric that is as soft as velour.

3. Avoid Using Heated Equipment

Such as a steam cleaner. Any equipment that uses heat should not be used to clean your velour couch. They are soft and have a low resistance to too much heat. Plus, you should also avoid dry cleaning your velour couch cushions in the dryer.

How Do you Get Stains Out of Velour?

It is easier to eliminate stains on velour as compared to cleaning the whole couch especially if you do it immediately it happens.

To clean stains in your velour couch, put water in a bucket and add mild upholstery soap, then mix it gently until it is sudsy. Soak a muslin fabric in the water and soap mixture, and rub it gently on the stain in a circular motion until all the stain lifts.

Cleaning stains on velour is easier and fast and also it takes a shorter time to dry as compared to cleaning a whole velour couch.

Can you Wash Velour Sofa Covers?

Velour sofa covers are soft and gentle and also require gentle cleaning. Just like any couch cover, they help prevent couches from dirt and dust. Plus, they are easier to clean as compared to washing a whole couch.

You can easily wash velour couch covers either by hand washing or machine washing. However, while machine washing, you will need to wash in a gentle cycle with cold water as washing it in hot water will subject it to too much heat pressure, and velour is not heat resistant.

However, hand washing velour sofa covers is the safest way to clean them. Plus, they dry fast and perfectly when put out in the sun for 3 to 5 hours if it is sunny.


Despite being a soft and gentle fabric, velour is durable and would serve you for years to come if well cared for and maintained. Plus, it is very easy to clean it provided you have the right cleaning agent that will prevent its aesthetic from getting ruined.