How Many Throw Pillows Should I Use on My Sofa?

Throw pillows are stylish and are definitely the best way to decorate a sofa or couch. However, the number of pillows you put on your sofa should be limited to maintain its functionality and practicality. The number of throw pillows to use on a sofa should range between 3 to 6. Anything more than that … Read more

Affordable Home Remedies for Cleaning Microfiber Couches

Looking for the most affordable and effective home remedies for cleaning your microfiber couch? worry no more here is to saving those coins and time. No more couch stains! Vinegar and baking soda have for a long time proven that they are the best and easily available solutions to stained microfiber couches. These remedies are … Read more

7 Awesome Living Room Ideas for Teal Sofas

Teal couches usually have a shade of blue and green and that makes them unique. After blue sofas, teal couches are highly sought after by most homeowners. Teal couches have a natural presence for any living space and would literary look great anywhere. Plus, they are easy to style and would complement any house design. … Read more

The 7 Best Blue Velvet Sofa Ideas- Simple and Classic

Velvet is a material well-known for its rich background, luxurious looks, and tactile feel. Furniture upholstered in velvet, velvet sofa couches to be specific are perfectly designed to transform any home into a cozy and comfortable living space. Many homeowners who desire to own a blue velvet sofa couch find it challenging to style them. … Read more

How to Decorate a Living Room with a Black Couch

Black couches are the most functional and practical type of sofas as compared to white couches. This makes black couches the best option of a sofa that is easy to care for and maintain, most especially if you have kids or you are keeping pets. Sofas with dark colors like grey sofas and black sofas … Read more