The 7 Best Blue Velvet Sofa Ideas- Simple and Classic

Velvet is a material well-known for its rich background, luxurious looks, and tactile feel. Furniture upholstered in velvet, velvet sofa couches to be specific are perfectly designed to transform any home into a cozy and comfortable living space.

Many homeowners who desire to own a blue velvet sofa couch find it challenging to style them. On the contrary, blue velvet sofas are the easiest and simplest type of velvet sofas to style, and they literary complement any design style you could think of.


Therefore, to save the dream of many homeowners who own blue velvet sofas but lack some of the decorating ideas, I did some research on blue velvet sofa decorating ideas and came up with a few simple ways of styling them.

Ideally, consulting an interior designer to help with styling would be a great idea. But the following decorating ideas might save you that cost.

Is Velvet Good for a Sofa?

Before buying a velvet sofa, many homeowners are normally reluctant to buy one because they tend to think that velvet sofas are difficult to take care of and maintain.

However, in as much as velvet sofas are delicate and thus require extra care, they are very easy to deal with if well taken care of. Plus, velvet sofas can be easy to clean in case of a spill. Spot cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended.


However, if you are looking for a velvet sofa for regular use, you may have to reconsider. Velvet sofas may get worn out very fast if they are regularly in use. If you are looking for a sofa that is practical and functional, a velvet sofa may not be for you.

Additionally, velvet sofas may not be suitable if you are keeping pets or kids who tend to play around the sofa sometimes carelessly. You might need to be gentle when using a velvet sofa, which is something many homeowners would find uncomfortable. You might need to go for a sofa that you won’t have to be inconvenienced with when or how to use it.

Lastly, velvet sofas can be very expensive. Originally, velvet sofas were used by royal and wealthy families, which describes why it is said to have a rich background. Moreover, a velvet sofa will instantly give any living space a luxurious feel, and that explains why it can be very expensive.

Therefore, buying a velvet sofa should be a personal choice, if you are looking for a sofa that is practical and functional, a velvet sofa might not be for you. But if you are looking for a velvet sofa as a luxury, then you should get one.

What Color Goes With a Blue Velvet Couch?


One of the things that usually trouble blue velvet couch enthusiasts is how to style them. Apparently, blue velvet sofas are the easiest to style with literally any color you could think of.

First off, blue has many shades, something you have to keenly consider when going for a blue velvet sofa. Buying the right shade of blue that effortlessly matches your house design will make it easier for you when it comes to decorating.

These shades range from light blues to royal and deep blues. Whether you are for the lighter shade of blue or the darker shade, you will definitely find one that suits your taste and preferences. Plus, both choices are designed to guarantee you warmth, elegance, and perfection.

Before buying a blue velvet sofa, you might want to look at these simple ways of styling them.

Let’s look at these 7 best blue velvet sofas decorating ideas:

To bring the best out of your blue velvet sofa in your living room, you might have to decorate it with the following decorating styles.


1. Wall color

If you want your blue velvet sofa to be the focal point of your living room, you have to avoid painting your wall with any color that will compete with your blue velvet sofa. If you are going for a dark blue sofa, then you need to avoid blue or black walls, this will make your sofa blur and boring. Instead, go for bright and cool colors like white or light grey. If you are going for a light blue shade, then dark gray, white or cream wall paintings will give your blue sofa some life.

2. Pillows and Throws

Solid or subtle pillow colors will perfectly complement a dark blue velvet sofa. Avoid pillows in blue colors as they will make your sofa blur. If you are going for a light blue shade, then you need to go for a white, gray, or even a bright color in yellow that will make your blue velvet sofa pop.

Plus, go for a pillow color that matches with any other décor in the living room, like a wall art.

Soft and light throw blankets in white or grey will perfectly match your blue velvet sofas. Avoid dark shades of throws.

3. Window curtains

Balance your blue velvet sofa living room with the right window curtains. Of cos, you may need to avoid any color that will compete for attention with your blue velvet sofa. You also need to avoid a window curtain color that will make your living room boring and lifeless. Go for multi-hued curtains or roman shades and drapes that will make your stylish blue sofa cozy and cool.

4. Rugs

The perfect way to bring your whole living room together is by placing an area rug in there. Go for soft and light rugs in white or grey colors for a cool and cozy feel. A black rug will give your living room some warmth, while a cream color rug will give it more life, a perfect match for your blue velvet sofa.

5. Coffee Table

The best way to lessen the shimmering effect of all the decors in your living room is by matching it with a rustic table. This will greatly complement your blue velvet sofa, for a glamorous look. Plus, you can opt for matching stools on either side of the blue velvet sofa. You can decorate it with a lampstand on one stool while arranging a few novels on the other.

6. Wall Art

If you are a fun of decorating your wall with art, then you should do so even with your blue velvet sofa in there. But you may need to avoid overcrowding your wall with many decorations. Go for a few wall arts that match with other decors in your living room like the cushions or throws.

7. Botanicals

If you are a lover of nature and you are worried that placing a flower vase in your living room may not look good with your blue velvet sofa, you could be wrong. Fresh plants or flowers will bring more life to your blue sofa. Just avoid placing many plants in there so that your blue sofa can get all the attention it needs. You also need to make sure that your living room gets as much light as possible. It is very essential in any living room. White lampstands in your living room will match the blue velvet sofa greatly.

Is Velvet Furniture Out of Style?


When they first originated, velvet furniture was scarce and was mostly available to royal and wealthy families. However, today velvet furniture especially velvet couches are on-trend and in high demand. Plus, many people are able to afford them as they are not as expensive as they used to be.

Moreover, velvet furniture, especially velvet sofas might not be outdated anytime soon, thanks to their way of transforming a lifeless living room into a glamorous one instantly.

Therefore, as a homeowner, you have all the reasons to decide on whether you should buy a velvet sofa. You can check here the different types of velvet fabrics, each with its pros and cons for more information on them.


Blue is a warm and inviting color but velvet fabric is luxurious and gives out a sense of class. Blue velvet sofas attract even people who love neutrals wholeheartedly. and the fact that it is easier to decorate a room with one makes it even more special.