How Many Throw Pillows Should I Use on My Sofa?

Throw pillows are stylish and are definitely the best way to decorate a sofa or couch. However, the number of pillows you put on your sofa should be limited to maintain its functionality and practicality.

The number of throw pillows to use on a sofa should range between 3 to 6. Anything more than that would be overstuffing and that’s something you would want to avoid when styling your sofa.

If you have a settee, two small pillows and 2 big pillows should be ok. Big sofas like sectionals may require 6 pillows at most while for loveseats because they appear small, 2 pillows would look great on them.

Any type of couch or sofa should be functional and practical. Therefore, overstuffing your sofa with many pillows may make it lose its functionality.


In as much as throw pillows make a sofa stylish and cozy, it’s important to regulate the number of pillows you use on them. So many pillows will make a sofa small that not even two people will be able to sit comfortably.

No matter the size of a sofa, try as much as possible to control the number of throw pillows. It’s also important to note that there are sofas with removable back cushions that offer maximum comfort and back support, so, if you have such a sofa, you may need to avoid many throw pillows.

How to Style a Sofa with Throw Pillows?


One of the best and simple ways to make a sofa cozy and stylish is by using throw pillows on them. However, you are not only limited to using one type or color of pillows. Lets look have a look at these ideas of styling a sofa with pillows.

1. Neutral pattern

The neutral color of sofas like gray (all gray hues), black, white, brown, and beige may give you room to try different types of pillow colors. This would be great as trying out different patterns will give your home a fresh new look and vibe.

Although most sofas come with throw pillows today, it’s ok to get your own if those ones are not good for the eyes. There are stores that sell simple and classic throw pillows, you can check them out.

It’s important to note that, choosing a pillow color that matches any other decor in the living room is important. This way, you will have maintained your styling pattern. It can be a matching wall décor, an area rug, or a throw blanket.

A combination of high sheen pillows and pillows with a matte finish will always look great on any type of sofa, especially sofas with neutral colors.

2. Light Colors


When it comes to styling light colors for instance a blue sofa or Teal sofa, it can be a little bit difficult but you don’t have to worry more, here’s what you should do. You can go for plain pillows or printed hues as they work great on these types of sofas.

 Also, you can style your light color sofa with pillows of different textures. You are not limited to only using one, as a matter of fact, you can interchange to give your sofa a new look regularly.  

The purpose of a throw pillow is to make your sofa cozy not to snatch the limelight from it. A sofa should always be the focal point of any living space not unless you want otherwise. It’s ok to try a color pop on pillows but choose a color that matches or goes well with the color of your sofa.

Pastels colors would look great on light blue or pink sofas. Ideally, you can add a throw blanket to lighten up the base of the sofa. It’s ok to use different shades but remember to keep the texture soft and warm.

3. Accent Vibe

Whenever you are buying pillows for your type of sofa, don’t forget to buy accent pillows. There is a warm and peaceful vibe that emits when styling your sofa with an accent pillow. It’s ok if you wouldn’t want to have one, but should you decide to try it out, I guarantee that you would absolutely love the outcome.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Styling a Sofa with Throw Pillows

The Do’s

  1. Always identify a different décor that matches with the color pattern of the pillow you’ve chosen. Nothing beats this way of styling.
  2. Its ok to try out different color patterns. Interchanging them gives your sofa more life and a whole new look.
  3. Your sofa should always be the focal point of your living room. Its ok to try a color pop on the throw pillows you choose, just avoid the ones that appear brighter than your sofa or sectional.
  4. Most sofas if not all come with bolster pillows, you can choose to add 2 to 3 square pillows, or get rid of the bolsters if you don’t want them, but it would look great if you style with both.
  5. A throw pillow will always look great when with a throw blanket. A throw blankets basically lights up the base of the sofa. Go for soft and warm color of throw and you will fall in love with the outcome.

The Don’ts

  1. Avoid dull and boring colors. If you have a blue sofa don’t go for a blue throw pillow as there won’t be any vibe out of it. However, you can combine a blue pillow with a light colored or printed pillow. The results will be great.
  2. Avoid overstuffing your sofa with many throw pillows. You might not have a space left for siting or sleeping. A sofa should always be functional and practical.
  3. Avoid using pillows of the same size. Always combine the small and big pillows. If you have a small sofa, you can choose to use a small pillow in between two big pillows and the outcome would be great.
  4. Avoid using a throw blanket that doesn’t match the color of the pillow in place. It’s important to use a throw that matches the throw pillow you are using. Maintaining a color pattern is very important when it comes to styling sofas and sectionals.
  5. Don’t use dull pillows on light colored sofas like pink or teal sofas as it would make the whole sofa appear dull with no life. Always try high sheen and matte finish pillows on these type of sofas.


Choosing the right pillow color, design, and material will contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of your sofa and your living space at large. Be sure to choose the right pillow, mainly depending on the type of couch you have, the existing decor, and the design of your home.