Reasons Why You Need a Corner Sofa In your Living Room

As a homeowner, you probably have heard or had some knowledge of how unique corner couches are, and maybe you are considering buying one. But maybe what is holding you back is some or little information about a corner couch or sofa. Well then, I’m here for you with this guide on a few points to note before buying a corner sofa couch.


What Is a Corner Couch?

First off, it’s best to understand what a corner couch is. A corner sofa has a corner part in it. It works by placing the corner of your sofa in any corner of your living room, while each end of the sofa rests against the adjacent walls.


The corner sofa works great if the space is small as it utilizes dead corners while opening space in the middle. It is also great for large living rooms as it will help create space for other furniture.

Are Corner Sofas a Good Idea?

Corner sofas are a good idea and I’m here to prove to you why you should buy one.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Corner Sofa

  1. First of all, corner sofas work best in a small living room with a narrow layout. They utilize empty corners while creating space in the middle where other furniture like a coffee table can be placed.
  2. 2Secondly, corner sofas are really efficient. You only need one corner couch for a complete living room look, unlike buying a whole living room set which normally consists of one 3-seater, a 2-seater, and an armchair.
  3. A complete living room set will end up crowding your already small space. A corner sofa will therefore make use of your small space as it offers more seating. Suitable for a whole family and friends.

4. Another reason that makes a corner couch worth buying is its functionality. Corner sofas are designed differently and among the designs is a corner sofa bed.

A corner sofa bed would be the best option for a homeowner who is trying to maximize space. Instead of buying a sofa and a bed, you can buy a corner sofa bed that can serve as a sofa during the day and a bed during the night. You would have maximized your space, wouldn’t you?

5. Lastly, corner sofas are sociable. They are suitable for those long chats with friends and family movie nights as it brings everyone together.

Corner sofas are practical and functional, great for kids and pets. Buying a couch that Is comfortable especially if you spend most of your time on that couch is important.

What is The Difference Between a Left and Right Hand Facing Corner Sofa?

Corners sofas are normally available in both left and right-hand-facing orientations. Good knowledge of this will help you make a better choice for your living space.

A left-hand-facing corner sofa normally has its longer section on the left-hand side when you picture it from the front, while a right-hand-facing corner sofa has its longer section on the right hand when picturing it from the front. Note that this applies to both corner sofas with arms and those without arms.


So which one should you buy? The type of corner sofa to buy majorly depends on the layout of your living room, which if you don’t understand well you can seek the help of an interior designer who will help you buy a corner sofa that complements your home design.

But if you are going to choose the corner sofa on your own, then you might have to be keen on the position of your door, the fireplace, television or other things that you may want them to be and that would not be inconvenienced with the layout of your corner sofa.

Ideally, you can decide to buy a modular sofa that doesn’t require a specific way to rearrange. A modular sofa comes in individual sections, and you have the option of placing the longest section of the right or left-hand-facing corner sofa whichever way you please.

Do Corner Sofas Come In Varied Designs?

Corner sofas are available in different styles from mid-century modern to contemporary and traditional styles. There are different types available among them are corner floor sofas, left, and right hand facing corner sofas.

Your choice of material for your corner sofa idea really matters. Corner sofas can be upholstered in either leather, fabric, or velvet upholstery.

Although leather upholstery might be inconveniencing during cold weather, a leather corner sofa would be the best option if you are looking for a type of sofa that doesn’t require high care and maintenance, just simple regular wiping off the dust is recommended. Plus, a leather couch will give any living space class and comfort.

Unlike leather, a corner sofa with fabric upholstery is scratch-resistant, warm, and great for both cold and warm weather.

Velvet couches on the other hand are luxurious and tactile but may not be suitable for regular home use, as its material is very rich and luxurious, and requires proper care

What Should You Look For in a Leather Corner Couch?

Gone are the days when the only factors we looked for when buying a sofa were material and color. Today, sofas are being constructed in different designs, therefore there are some features that you should look for when buying a sofa.

These features include:

1. Bed

Corner sofas with a bed option are ideal for homeowners who are trying to minimize space. This works in the essence that, instead of buying a living room couch and a bed which may not fit in your small space, buying a corner sofa bed would be the best option as it can serve as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

Plus, a corner sofa bed would still be a good idea for homeowners with large homes as it can be instantly converted into a queen-size bed for your impromptu guests who may require a place to sleep.

2. Chaise End

Corner sofas are designed with either a left-hand facing chaise or a right hand facing chaise. A left-hand facing chaise has its chaise on the left end of the sofa while a right hand facing chaise has its chaise on the right end of the sofa. You might really need to put this into consideration when buying a corner couch.

Usually, a corner sofa with a chaise at its end would offer more seating space or better still act as a footrest while watching a favorite television program. And even though a chaise at the end of the couch showcases a unique vibe, it may end up taking a little bit more of your space.

3. Recliner

Corner sofas are also designed with recliners. A recliner sofa will enable you to position it at an angle that you are best comfortable with. Some even have a footrest that will enable you to put your legs high which is great for a healthy blood flow. Although both work more or less equally, recliner sofas are available both in manual and electronic features.

4. Storage Compartment

Although not all, some corner sofas are designed with storage compartments that can be used to store other things like blankets or magazines. You might want to put this into consideration when buying a corner couch, although it shouldn’t be something to hold you back if you have found a corner couch that you fancy and has no storage compartment.


In a nutshell, buying a sofa is considered an investment and any investment should be looked into carefully before settling on a decision. A corner couch would therefore be a great choice, not only will it help in maximizing your space, but also offers more comfortable seating for the whole family and friends.

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