How to Clean a Leather Couch- DIY Remedies

How to clean a leather couch is an issue that most homeowners with leather couches find difficult to handle. However, it is very easy with the right cleaning agents, most of which are available at home or can be bought at an affordable price.

A perfect solution of vinegar, baking soda, saddle soap, and rubbing alcohol is the best home remedy for cleaning a leather couch.

Leather couches are designed to make a living space cozy and luxurious but they can be very difficult to care for and maintain.

A white leather couch, for instance, might not be suitable for kids and pets as they attract dirt very fast. However, with great care and maintenance, they are durable and suitable for home use.


Ideally, regular cleaning of leather couches would make them look as good as new. But regular cleaning can be tiresome and inconveniencing.

Also, taking care of a spill or dirt on a leather couch immediately would prevent a leather couch from getting dirt further.

Let’s look at some of the ways of cleaning a leather couch

How Do You Get Tough Stains Out of a Leather Sofa?

Spills on a leather sofa can be messy but if taken care of immediately, your sofa will be as clean as new. Most cleaning agents that are needed for cleaning a leather sofa are found at home and do not necessarily require buying new ones.

What household products can you use to clean a leather couch?

  • Soft cloth
  •  Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swab
  • Saddle soap
  • Warm water


When it comes to cleaning a stain in a leather couch, the following are the steps to take when cleaning. Remember to always react fast by cleaning the stain, otherwise it can be very hard to get rid of it if it stays for long.

1. Take a soft cloth and dip it in warm water with a mild saddle soap to dampen it.

2. Spot clean the area with the damp cloth. The stain should have gone by now.

In case the stain is intense, the best example being a drop of ink pen on your leather couch. The following steps should be taken to clean it:

3. Take your cotton swab and dip it in the rubbing alcohol

4. Spot clean ONLY the affected area to prevent spreading the stain on the non-affected areas.

5. Using a clean dry cloth, wipe the clean area to make it dry

6. Your leather couch should be sparkling clean by the end of this steps.

How Do I Deep Clean my Leather Couch?

Some DIY home cleaning methods may not be effective and may require some deep cleaning. Therefore, the following steps of cleaning will have your leather sofa feel and look new.

What you will need:

  • Leather conditioner
  • Baking soda
  • Mild dish soap
  • Soft piece of cloth
  • Warm water

Steps to follow

  • Vacuum your leather couch to get rid of any dust particles around the sofa
  • Secondly, wipe the couch with a soft cloth to remove any dust that might have accumulated overtime.
  • If your couch has deep stains that might have overstayed, take a soft piece of cloth then deep in a solution of warm water and mild soap, wring it out to make it damp then rub lightly (to prevent wear and tear) around the affected area until its clean. If the stain is caused by grease or ink, then a soft damp cloth dipped in a baking soda would work greatly by rubbing the affected area gently.
  • When using a damp cloth, your leather couch may have retained some water, its best to get rid of it by wiping out with a soft dry cloth.
  • If the above process doesn’t work, there is no need to worry. There are best recommended leather cleaners that work instantly. A leather cleaner and condition would work greatly by spraying small amounts of each on a piece of cloth then rubbing around the affected area until its clean. The best thing about leather cleaner and conditioner is that you don’t use them only when your couch is spilled, you can use them to regularly clean your leather couch to make them look as clean as new always.

How Do I Care for My Leather Couch?

The first step to caring for a leather couch is by knowing how to clean it. How fast you respond to a stained leather couch speaks volumes of how your couch will turn out to be.

You don’t have to clean your leather couch only when it has been stained. Regular cleaning by wiping dust is the best way of preventing dust from accumulating on your leather couch.

Additionally, monthly application of leather cream on your couch to keep it moisturized would prevent your leather couch from cracks.

Lastly, you should avoid exposing your leather couch to direct sunlight. Positioning your leather couch away from direct sunlight may prevent it from cracks and will keep it moisturized.

What Is The Best Leather Sofa Cleaning Kit?

Any homeowner with leather furniture especially leather sofas needs a leather cleaning kit. They are the ideal when it comes to caring for your leather couch.

A leather sofa cleaning kit may constitute of:

  • Leather wipe kit
  • Leather care kit

So what are the best leather care kit in the market?

1. Furniture Clinic Large Leather Care Kit



  • 17 oz protection cream and conditioner
  • 17oz leather cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Piece of cloth

Literarily the best cleaning kit for any leather furniture you own. It will protect and condition your leather sofa for an everyday new and clean look.

2. Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Care Kit

Conditions and protects your leather furniture in one simple step

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