How Big Is a Sectional Sofa? Find Out Here

Many families today especially large families prefer sectional sofas to regular couches. Sectionals have a unique configuration, seat more people, and would literally make a living space cozy and inviting.

Although the regular couches are designed to literally fit even in the smallest of spaces, there are sectional sofas that are small in size for such spaces.

Basically, sectionals are for homeowners who are working on maximizing their small living spaces. This is because, instead of buying a whole living room set which usually consists of a three-seater, a two-seater, and an armchair, one sectional sofa is enough and would still leave some space for walking around the house freely.


How Big Is a Sectional Sofa?

There are different types of sectional sofas today with different configuration levels which makes it a bit difficult to give the “standard size” of a sectional sofa. However, the average size of a big sectional sofa usually measures 95” L x 86” W x 37.5” H while the smallest sectional measures 72” x 49.6” x 34.6” (L x W x H).

It is important to note that the above are just but rough estimates however, the best thing is that sectional sofas are always available in many different dimensions whether you want the ready-made one or you want to customize yours.

And since every seat of a sectional sofa usually measures 30”- 35” across, it will be easier to tell the size of your sectional sofa depending on the number of seats it has.

You will want to take home a sectional sofa that would fit perfectly in your living space and leave some more space for moving around the house freely. Basically, you are supposed to leave about 18” of spaces on each side of your sectional sofa.

The availability of both small and big sectionals makes it easier for homeowners to pick one that would fit in their living space perfectly.

Although sectionals generally require large spaces, you need to be extra careful with the sectional sofa design you decide to settle for.

L-shaped sectionals, for instance, would stand against the wall thus saving a lot of space while the u-shaped and curved sectionals will seat in the middle of the room and might take up a lot of space.

Always make sure you measure your space and especially where you intend your sectional sofa to seat so you can pick the right sofa size for that space.

It is also important to measure the entryways where your sofa will pass through to your house, you might have measured your living space, but how sure are you the sectional sofa will pass through the door?

How to Measure Sectionals

Before buying a sectional sofa, you would want to make sure that you have enough space for it. Even small sectionals require the right amount of space since living rooms usually have different designs.

Make sure you use the right tape measure to get the right dimensions. The last thing you would want to happen is to have the wrong measurements after buying your sectional.

The three most common dimensions you are going to take for your sectional are length, width, and height.

To measure the length, place your tape measure on one end of the back of your sectional (this is not applicable on curved sectionals) then extend it to the other end to get the dimensions.

To get the total measurement for the width, you are going to place the tape measure from the back extending from one arm of the sofa to the other arm.

The height of the sectional is usually the measurement from the back of the couch to the front of the cushion.

What Sectional Couch Size Should You Get?

Shopping for a sectional sofa is very easy for homeowners. The thought of being unique makes it even more interesting since sectional sofas are usually available in different designs which we are going to discuss each so you can shop the one that you think matches your aesthetics.

There are 6 different designs of sectional sofas and they include:

  1. L-shape sectional sofas
  2. Curved sectionals
  3. Chaise lounge
  4. U-shaped sectional
  5. Modular sectionals
  6. Recliner sectionals

All these sectionals are unique in their own way and in this article, you will get all the information about them so you can have an informed decision before buying one.

L-shape Sectionals

This type of sectional sofa takes on the shape of an L as its name suggests. You can either place it in a corner of a room (usually best for small spaces) or in the middle of the room if you have a big space. L-shaped sofas are usually big and offer a seating capacity of 6 to 7 people.

Curved Sectionals

If you have a big home and a large family, you need a curved sectional sofa. They are usually big and offer more seating space that the whole family and friends could sit together.

They may not be suitable for small spaces as they take up too much space and as with décor rules, a sectional sofa should leave about 18” of space on each side.

Also, curved sectionals are generally stylish and inviting, you will definitely have ample time with family and friends.

With Chaise

This type of sectional usually has three seats with an extension of an ottoman that usually acts as a leg rest. The ottoman can however be used as extra seating if more seats are needed or as a coffee table.

Sectionals with a chaise are perfect for small spaces, studios, upstairs loft, or even the guest room but they also work great on large living rooms especially if placed in the middle.

U-shape Sectionals

U-shaped sectionals are perfect for families as it brings everyone together since everyone will be seating around the table.

It is big and offers plenty of seating, also perfect if you like hosting friends over the weekend. However, u-shaped sectionals also need big spaces as they take up a lot of space.


Modular sofas come in single sections that can be arranged together to take the form of an l-shaped, chaise, u-shape, or recliner sofa except for the shape of a curved sectional.

They can be the best option as you have the convenience of picking the number of sections that you think will work great for your space. Plus, you also have the option of combining different sections with different colors.


If you are probably wondering, there are recliner sectional sofas. They are designed in a way that you can only recline the seat that you want to be reclined, but everyone can still recline their seats if they want to.

How Do I Pick the Right Sectional?

Sectional sofas like the l-shaped and chaise sectional have different chaise orientations which could be a right-facing chaise or a left-facing chaise.

Some may have reversible chaises and some have fixed orientation. The ones with reversible chaise mean you can either place it on the right or left side of the sofa. Those with fixed orientation don’t give room for rearranging the layout of your sofa, so, it is important to pick the sectional with the right orientation depending on the design of your living room.

How Do I Style a Room with a Sectional Sofa?

The best way to give more life to your sectional sofa is by styling it in the best way possible. There are different ways in which you can make your sectional sofa cozy and inviting to sit on, read on to find out how.


An area rug is the number one décor rule when it comes to decorating. Area rugs are best known for pulling the whole living room area together. For your sectional sofa, you will need to get a big rug such that your sectional sofa will seat on top of it.

It is also important to choose the right color rug depending on the color of your sectional and the general theme of your house but soft and neutral colors have always worked great even with accent and base colors.

Coffee Tables

The best way to fill those empty corners if there is any in your living room is by pairing your sectional with the best accent coffee table. Plus, picking The right coffee table size depending on how big your sectional sofa is, matters a lot.

You can also pick the right side tables like two of them and place one at each side of the sectional. You can decorate them by placing a flower vase and favorite books on top of each.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are best known for making a sofa cozy to sit on and sectionals are not an exception. Pick the right accent pillows depending on your sectionals’ color, avoid colors brighter than your sectional sofa since you want it to be the focal point.

Throw Blankets

Just like throw pillows, throw blankets also make a sectional sofa warm and inviting. Go for soft and neutral throws, mostly the same theme as the pillows you would have chosen.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Sectional Sofa?

There are things that you will need to put into consideration before buying a sectional sofa. These include:

  1. The type of orientation
  2. Fabric type
  3. Special features
  4. Size of the sectional


The l-shaped and chaise usually have either right or left orientation, however, they can also have either a fixed or reversible orientation.

If you are a person who likes rearranging the layout of your space, then going for a sectional with a reversible chaise orientation would be the best idea. A chaise with a fixed orientation is best for homeowners who don’t like rearranging the layout of their sectionals.


The type of fabric you choose for your sectionals will determine its durability and how much comfort it is going to provide for you and your family.

Microfiber is best known for being affordable, high-quality, soft, and breathable. They are skin-friendly and most importantly practical and functional. They also offer a variety of colors.

Leather is best known for being durable as it gets softer and better the more you seat on it. However, leather is very expensive but durable.

Velvet is soft and delicate but durable if well taken care of. It is also quite expensive compared to microfiber and polyester.

Special Features

Today, it is very unlikely to find a sectional sofa that doesn’t have special features like cup holders, USB chargers, and recliners. Although all these are considered a luxury they are meant to make our lives more comfortable.

Size Of the Sectional

Depending on the size of your living space and its design, you would want to make sure you buy the right sectional sofa size. The l-shaped and chaise are however not to worry about as they are best known for fitting perfectly in small spaces, but if you are going to settle for curved, u-shape, or modular, you are going to need to measure and get the right dimensions.


Sectionals are on trend today. They are big and offer more seating than regular sofas, they also have unique configurations. And also, there is a variety of them; from small sectionals for small spaces to big sectionals for big spaces.

However, you might really want to measure up your space so you can be cocksure when your buy your sectional it is going to fit in there and leave some extra space for moving around the house without squeezing your way.

The best thing about sectionals is that they are easy to decorate around with. And in this article, we have provided you with different styling ideas for your sectional sofa. Decorating a room around a sectional is very important as it will give your sofa more life and warmth making it the focal point of the whole living area space.