9 Awesome Pillow Color Ideas for Blue Couches

Finding the best blue couch pillow colors is affordable and simple. you can choose to work with plain colors or prints and the results would be amazing.

Blue couches have become the new neutral color. A home without a blue couch is not as inviting and peaceful as homeowners with one would put it.

Although it is easier to style a blue couch with literally any style or color you could think of, it can sometimes be hard to find that perfect “color”.

For homeowners with blue couches but no best decorating ideas for them, their thoughts usually revolve around questions like what pillow color goes with a blue couch? Or what are the best decorating ideas for blue couches?


Well, we understand your plea and we decide to review the best pillow colors that would work perfectly with a blue couch to give your home a cozy and inviting feel.

Styling a couch with a throw pillow is not as expensive as buying a couch. A pillow will make your couch cozy and will have your living room warm and full of life.

The fact that a blue couch works great with literally any style you could think of doesn’t mean that you can use just any color to style it.

In fact, you will need to avoid very bright colors like red that will snatch the limelight from your blue couch. However, if you need to add a pop of color to your couch or living room at large, you can try not so bright colors like yellow or gold.

What Pillow Colors Goes with a Blue Couch?


One of the best ways to make a couch cozy is by styling it with the best pillows you could find. A couch styled with a pillow appears to be full of life, peaceful, and warm to relax in.

Do you have a blue couch? Check these 9 best pillow color ideas for your couch. These are the best we’ve tried out and we absolutely loved the outcome, we hope you also do.

1. Blue Couch with Neutral Pillow Colors

Neutral colors are literally the best when it comes to styling your couch. The likes of light grey, beige, cream, and white would work magic with a blue couch.

They are the best pillow colors if you are looking for something that is not as bright and not so dull. You are guaranteed a cozy and inviting feel if you work with these amazing colors.

The other best way to style with pillows in neutral colors is by identifying any other décor and matching it. It can be the area rug, wall art, or throw and you will definitely be amazed by how playing with colors looks great.

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2. Blue Couch with Matching Blue Pillows

If you would like to work with natural colors, then a matching blue pillow is the best choice for your blue couch.

In most cases, if you buy a blue couch you are provided with matching pillows that you can work with or add more to make your couch cozy.

However, it is important to note that overstuffing your couch with pillows may not make it functional and practical as you can even lack a space to sit.

Blue pillows on a blue couch are also the best choice for minimalists. It is so straight to the point and doesn’t compete for attention with the blue couch.

3. Blue Couch with Yellow Pillows

If you want to add a pop of color that is not too bright, yellow pillows are definitely the best choice. Yellow is a warm and peaceful color.

Matching a wall art or throw to complement the yellow pillows is much better as you would create a color coordinate, which is everything when styling with literally anything.

Yellow pillows have different designs. You can find a yellow pillow with prints, some with floral prints, or another with just plain yellow, they both work great, you just have to identify one that matches your taste and preference.

4. Blue Couch with floral Print Pillows

Floral prints are everything when it comes to styling. They literally make a living space more lively. Pillows with floral prints are a perfect match for blue couches.

Identify bright color tones like a jewel or any other color. Just don’t go for a so bright tone that will snatch limelight from your blue couch.

At any given time when styling your couch, it should always be the focal point of your living space unless that’s not your point.

You can also identify another décor that would match your printed pillow. It can be wall art or throw blanket.

5. Blue Couch with Bold Pillows

Bold colors may include a combination of white and black, white and blue, or blue and black. These colors are luxe and cozy.

They are the best choice if you are into not so dull and not so bright colors. A white coffee table would make it even more beautiful.

Plus, you can get two matching tables and place one on each side of your blue couch. Accents work best with base colors.

6. Blue Couch with Pillows in Gold

Gold is a color of class. If you want a pillow color that looks and feels luxurious, then you should try pillows in gold.

As with the norm when it comes to styling, identify a décor that will match your gold pillow to make your living space beautiful and uniform.

7. Blue Couch with Patterned Pillows

If you are not into plain and casual looks then you should try pillows with patterns. You can go for black pillows with patterns, grey, or, black patterned pillows.

They are the best choice when it comes to creating a warm and peaceful ambiance with your blue couch. They create a balanced and peaceful vibe which is one of the results every homeowner looks up to when styling.

8. Blue Couch with White Pillows

White pillows may not be the best idea if you have kids and pets as they tend to get dirty very fast. However, white is a color of class and luxury.

A white pillow will look great on any blue couch. They are definitely the best if you are looking to add a color pop that is more neutral than bright.

9. Blue Couch with Traditional Style?

A pillow that includes a mix of different colors creates a different unique vibe. It literally breaks the normal vibe idea.

Being unique is beautiful and a blue couch with a bit of tradition is a goal. We have tried and tested this pillow color idea and the results were superb, should you choose to try it out, we hope you love the outcome.

How Do I Choose the Right Pillow Color for my Blue Couch?

Styling with your couch with a pillow is affordable but there are mistakes that you would want to avoid. Here are the points to note when choosing a pillow for your couch.

1. Try Before Buying.

Try the color of your choice on your blue couch before buying. It doesn’t cost anything and will greatly save you from buying a pillow that doesn’t match your couch.

2. Avoid Colors Brighter than Your Couch

You would want to avoid very bright and odd colors like red on your couch. If you want to add a pop of color, yellow and gold are definitely the best colors you should go for.

3. Go for Light or Darker Shades than Your Couch

A pillow color that will not snatch limelight from your blue couch and one that will not make your couch dull is the best option. Try out light or dark shades than your blue couch for an amazing outcome.

4. Add a Bit of accents

It can be accent pillows or coffee tables. Accents work best with neutrals and base colors. Add them when styling your living room and you will love the results.