How to Use a Shampooer On a Sofa- DIY Guide

Can you Carpet Shampoo a Couch?

A sofa is a versatile piece of furniture in every home. After all, where else do you relax for an afternoon nap after a busy Saturday morning, or where else will your kids snack while watching their favorite television program? Definitely on a sofa! All these activities will, in one way or another, subject your couch to all sorts of dirt.

The only way to maintain your sofa and keep it looking neat always is by cleaning it regularly while using the right upholstery cleaners and equipment. Because a clean sofa tends to be warm and inviting, and that’s exactly how you should feel when you are around your sofa.

Luckily, you can easily get rid of spills and stains soaked into your sofa by using a shampoo specifically designed for upholstery. Ideally, you can use portable carpet cleaners on your sofa as they are fit for some types of upholstery fabric.

How Do You Shampoo a Sofa?


Before cleaning your couch, regardless of the type of fabric, make sure you check on the manufacturer’s tag for the right cleaning measures. It should either direct you to the following:

  • S- use only solvent-based cleaners
  • W- use a water-based cleaner
  • SW- use solvent or water-based cleaners
  • X- Dry clean only

It is important to note that shampoo or any other sofa upholstery cleaner should only be used on the upholstery that can handle moisture.

Steps to Shampooer a Sofa

Step 1

Vacuum the sofa beforehand for the shampooer to work smoothly and effectively. Make sure you remove the couch cushions if they are removable so that you can get to every dirt on the crevices and the base of the sofa, as this is where food particles settle most.

You will also need to vacuum the back and arms of the couch to get rid of as much dust as possible. Dust particles can accumulate over time if not carefully vacuumed.

Step 2

Fill the tank on your carpet shampooer with water and the appropriate detergent. Avoid using bleach as it may cause discoloration. And make sure you first test it in a small invisible area just to be sure it is safe.

Step 3

Start cleaning one part of the couch after the other using the upholstery attachment on the shampooer. Pull the attachment backward, careful not to squeeze the trigger (as it may release dirty water on upholstery) to remove moisture.

After cleaning the cushions, you can place them outside to dry and turn on the direction of the sun to make sure they dry appropriately.

Return the cushions on the sofa after making sure the couch is completely dry and so the cushions. When not completely dry, molds may accumulate and might ruin the aesthetic of your sofa’s upholstery.

If it is sunny outside, your couch and cushions should take 4 hours to dry, but if you are not in a hurry with them, you can let them stay in the sun for up to 8 hours to completely dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Clean a Couch Without a Shampooer?

Yes! You can still clean your couch if you don’t have or feel like using a shampooer. Begin by vacuuming your couch to get rid of dust and food particles, and pet hair if you keep pets. This will make the cleaning process easier and fast.

Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda all over your couch. Baking soda fights odors. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. But if your couch has a lot of odor, you might want to let it sit for up to 2hours or overnight.

Add ½ cup of vinegar in a bucket with a gallon of water, then add two spoonfuls of dishwashing soap, stir to mix the solution completely. Dip a sponge into the solution, then use it to rub one part of the couch to the other gently and in a circular motion until the dirt starts to lift. Rinse the sponge with clear water, then wipe up the sofa to remove the excess baking soda, vinegar, and soap.

Lastly, use a microfiber cloth to blot dry your couch. This will not completely dry your couch, so you will need to give it at least 6 hours to dry, depending on the state of the weather completely.

How Long Does It Take a Couch to Dry after Shampooing?

Deep cleaning a couch takes a bit of time for it to dry completely. If it is sunny on the day you decide to shampoo your sofa, it should take at least 6 hours to completely dry. However, it might take at least a day for your couch to dry completely if the weather is gloomy.

Can You Use Resolve Carpet Cleaner On Couch?

Resolve carpet cleaners can be used to clean a couch as they are fit for most types of upholstery. Therefore, if you have stained your couch and need equipment that will give it a quick fix, then Resolve carpet cleaner should be your better option.

Can you Use Carpet Cleaner on Microfiber Couch?

Yes! You can use portable cleaners with an upholstery attachment to clean almost any type of upholstery, including microfiber couches. However, you must check on the manufacturer’s tags first to confirm the right cleaner to use to avoid discoloration.


Shampooing a sofa is one of the best deep-cleaning ways to ensure your sofa’s upholstery is not ruined. In this article, we have provided the right steps to follow when using a shampooer on your sofa.