How to Fix Scratches On Leather at Home

Can Scratch Marks Be Removed from Leather?

Leather upholstery is widely used both commercially and domestically. In homes, most furniture for instance couches are usually made with leather. There are reasons that make leather the most sort after fabric for furniture. For starters, leather is durable. While a normal fabric can last for 5 to 10 years, well-maintained leather can serve you for up to 20 years.

The best thing about leather upholstery is that it is very easy to care for and maintain. Even major issues like a pet scratch can be easily fixed with a few easy steps with affordable remedies at home.

Scratch marks on a leather sofa can be easily removed by using a leather conditioner suited for leather surfaces. To use, wring a sponge in clean water and put a generous amount of leather condition cream then massage the scratched area gently until there are no more scratch marks. Use a clean cloth to wipe the area clean and to remove the excess conditioner.


There are many more ways in which you can get rid of scratch marks on your leather couch. Whether it is a scratch caused by your cats, or you accidentally did it yourself, you will definitely fix that. This article will give you more ideas on how you can handle scratches on your leather couch. Read on to find out more.

How Do you Fix a Scratched Leather Couch?

There are different types of scratches that may occur on a leather couch/surface. Minor scratches are usually easier to fix with products available at home or can be bought at a cheaper price. For deeper scratches, you might need to use heavy-duty products. Fortunately, whether minor or deep, all the procedures are quite simple and fast to carry out.

Here are different products to use on your scratched leather couch depending on the extent of the scratch.

1. Using Heat of the Hand

The fastest and most economical way to get rid of minor scratches on your leather couch is by applying the heat of the hand on the scratched area. Using your fingers, massage the scratched area gently in a circular motion until your leather look is restored.

This method is fast and effective. You utmost need about 5 minutes to clear the scratch and your couch will be good to use the next minute.

2. Use of a Heat Source

A hair drier is the best source of heat that you can use to get rid of scratches on your couch. It is the easiest and quickest fix for minor scratches. However, you will need to be careful not to harm yourself or ruin your couch.

Hold the hairdryer some distance away from the couch and apply the heat to the scratched area of your couch. While at it, massage the area with the other hand and check if the heat pressure is enough to restore the leather look.

3. Use of Leather Cream Conditioner

There are different types of leather cream conditioners that can be used to get rid of scratch marks on a leather couch.

To use a leather cream conditioner, make a sponge damp and squeeze out all the water, apply some leather cream on the sponge then massage the area that is scratched. Do it in a circular motion until the scratch is gone. You can then use a soft cloth to wipe the area to get rid of the excess cream.

4. Use of Saddle Oil or Olive Oil

Olive or saddle oil is recommended to use on leather, however, you will need to test it first in a small area to make sure it won’t darken or stain your leather couch.

Use a cotton ball to carry out these processes. Apply some oil to the cotton ball then rub it on the scratched area gently and in a circular motion until the scratch is gone. Let it sit for about an hour then use a clean cloth to wipe out the excess oil.

If the scratch will not have entirely gone, you can repeat this process again until it is all gone and your couch is back to how it was.

5. Use of Lanolin Oil

Lanolin has a variety of uses and mending scratched leather couches is not an exception. To use lanolin, apply it generously by using a damp sponge and massaging it on the scratched area. After application, let it stay for about an hour before wiping the excess lanolin oil.

It’s ok if the scratch will not have gone entirely. You can repeat this process one or two more times until the scratch is gone.

For your leather couch’s safety, make sure you test the olive oil in a small area to make sure it won’t react to it.

6. Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the best option if the scratch on your couch is deep. However, you will need to make sure your couch is thoroughly cleaned before applying the rubbing alcohol.

To use, apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on a sponge a piece of cloth, then rub gently and in a circular motion on the scratch.

You will need to repeat this process for the second time if the first attempt didn’t help remove the entire scratch.

7. Use of Leather Heavy Filler

The leather heavy filler also works great on deep scratches. It is available in leather goods stores at a reasonable price.

Use your finger to scoop a good amount of the leather filler then apply it on the deep scratch until the scratch is no more and the couch is back to looking uniform by using grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the leather.

After making sure the scratch is sealed, apply leather colorant to cover the heavy filler so that your couch will get back to having the same uniform color.

The next step will be to apply a leather finisher to help hold the leather heavy filler in place and even make the scratched area less prone to scratches in the future.

Apply the leather finisher consistently using small amounts until you achieve the desired look of your leather couch.

Which Is the Best Scratch Remover?

A small scratch on your leather couch can be easily fixed, but it can be a little complicated to handle deep scratches. However, with the right scratch remover, no scratch would be hard to fix.

Below is a review of the best scratch remover for scratches made by cats or dogs, or even accidents made by your kids or yourself.

  1. Mohawk Finishing Products Leather Scratch Remover

After applying this scratch remover, your leather couch will instantly get back to looking attractive. Plus, it is very easy to apply it. And very affordable given how effective it is. I would highly recommend this leather scratch remover over any other.


Leather is a durable material and tends to be very expensive as such. However, accidents like it getting scratched can easily happen especially if you have kids and pets around. Fortunately, issues such as scratches and leather painting can be easily fixed regardless of how small or deep the damage is.