How Much Do Couches Weigh? (By Type, Design, and Size)

A couch is the most essential piece of furniture in every home. but knowing which couch size to take home can be limiting especially if you don’t want one that is a bit weighty so as to make it easier when it is time to move out.

Knowing how much a couch weighs matters a lot as this will help you plan accordingly when it is time to move houses, or better still make it easier when you want to rearrange the layout of your space.

The weight of a couch will depend on its size, material, and design. An armchair weighs an average of 64lbs, a typical 2 seater sofa also known as a loveseat weighs an average of 155lbs, a 3 seater sofa weighs an average of 193lbs, a 4 seater sofa weighs an average of 222lbs, a 5 seater sectional weighs an average of 280lbs, a 6 seater sectional weighs an average of 296lbs, and a 7 seater sectional weighs an average of 306lbs.


How Much Does an Armchair Weigh?

When buying a sofa especially if you are buying a whole living room set, you are likely to include an armchair. This is a small chair that sits only one person comfortably. And just like other types of couches, it is designed differently and uniquely to fit every homeowner’s tastes and preference.

An armchair is usually lightweight as compared to a loveseat regardless of the material it is made with. The average weight of a typical armchair is 64lbs but you can get one that is as low as 51lbs and as high as 95lbs.

A microfiber armchair for instance has an average weight of 47lbs, this is less compared to one made with leather or a recliner armchair which usually weighs an average of 95lbs and 51lbs respectively.

Armchairs are a masterpiece especially if you want to play with accents in your living space. they are great for every living space but you would most likely find them in the bedroom, family room, study room, apartment, or studio.

The most classic and unique armchair colors are black and yellow but you a combination of neutrals and accents go well together and you can try with white or beige.

How Much Does a Loveseat Weigh?

A loveseat also known as a 2 seater sofa seats two people comfortably but it can be enough for one person when lounging. It is the smallest and lightest type of couch with a typical one weighing an average of 155lbs.

The weight of a loveseat majorly depends on the material and design it is made with. A leather recliner loveseat for instance weighs an average of 286 pounds, a microfiber loveseat weighs 100lbs average and a leather loveseat weighs 81.2lbs average.

There are loveseats that weigh as low as 80lbs and ones that weigh as high as 280lbs. And the likes of vintage loveseats are usually heavy given the fact that they are made of sturdy frames and legs that make them durable.

Loveseats are a couples’ favorite type of couch and you would mostly find them in the bedroom or living room. They are also common in apartments, studios, or dens as they don’t take up too much space making them a perfect option for homeowners with small living spaces.

Loveseats just like other types of couches come in different designs and styles including the mid-century modern, contemporary, and traditional among others. You will, therefore, have an easy time identifying the one that matches your tastes and preferences and that of your family.

How Much Does a 3 Seater Sofa Weigh?

3 seater sofas are common in homes with large families as they seat more people. A typical 3 seater sofa can seat utmost 3 adults and can seat up to 5 kids. They are definitely one of the best options if you want to cuddle up with family while watching a favorite program.

3 seater sofas are way heavier than loveseats. A typical 3 seater sofa weighs an average of 193lbs. Plus, depending on the design and type of material they are made of, they would weigh for as high as 280lbs and as low as 90lbs.

A 3 seater recliner sofa for instance weighs an average of 300lbs, one made with leather weighs an average of 98lbs, while a microfiber one weighs an average of 209lbs.

Recliners are usually heavier because of the mechanisms that they have, you will, therefore, not be surprised if you find a recliner loveseat that is heavier than a 3 seater leather sofa.

How Much Does a 4 Seater Sofa Weigh?

4 seater sofas are usually big and bulky and definitely a perfect choice for homes with large families. A 4 seater sofa would usually be in a form of a normal sofa, an l-shaped sofa, or sectional. A normal 4-seater sofa might be lighter than an l-shaped and sectional sofa as the latter usually comes with a chaise that makes them weightier.

The average weight of a typical 4 seater sofa is 222lbs but depending on the design and material made with, you are likely to find one that weighs as high as 320lbs and as low as 111lbs. a 4 seater recliner sofa for instance weighs an average of 300lbs, one made with leather 100lbs, while one made with microfiber weighs an average of 230lbs.

It is important to note that a 4 seater microfiber sofa can be lighter than a 3 seater recliner sofa. Plus, it will be even more if it is a recliner made of leather fabric.

How Much Does a 5 Seater Sectional Sofa Weigh?

Sectionals are generally the heaviest type of couches but they are the easiest to deal with especially when it’s to move houses or when you want to rearrange the layout of your living room. They usually come in sections making it easier to move one section from one point to another.

A 5 seater sectional sofa weighs an average of 280lbs. the weight may vary depending on the design and the type of material used. For instance, a 5 seater recliner sectional sofa weighs an average of 350lbs, leather 5 seater weighs an average of 240lbs, while a microfiber 5 seater weighs an average of 250lbs.

5 seater sectionals are very convenient as they can seat the whole family and friends. Also, they are usually a perfect spot to relax alone while reading your favorite novel thanks to the chaise lounge that comes with it. Plus, the chaise can also be used as an extra seat in case more seating space is needed.

This sofa size, however, requires a large living space as they take up too much space. if you have a small living space, this might not be the most option as you may lack extra space for other furniture, and even the space to move around freely without squeezing your way through.

How Much Does a 6 Seater Sectional Sofa Weigh?

6 seater sectionals are a bit heavier than the 5 seater sectionals. And they offer extra seating space. they also require large living spaces and may not be the perfect option for small apartments or studios.

A typical 6 seater sectional weighs an average of 296lbs but you are likely to find ones that weigh as little as 250lbs and as high as 360lbs. a 6 seater recliner sectional is way heavier than the normal design as it weighs about 362lbs average.  

In terms of material, a 6 seater microfiber sectional sofa weighs more than the one upholstered with leather with an average of 270lbs and 256lbs respectively.

How Much Does a 7 Seater Sectional Sofa Weigh?

Sectional sofas are generally bulky but a 7 seater sectional sofa is way heavier than the rest. Plus, they really need a lot of space to fit perfectly and leave some more space for other furniture.

A 7 seater sectional sofa has an average weight of 306lbs but there are others that weigh as low as 260lbs and as high as 373lbs depending on the design and the material used in its upholstery. A recliner 7 seater sectional is by far heavier than all the other designs with an average of 370lbs.

What Are the Factors Affecting Couch Weight?

Window shopping for a couch is absolutely ok so that you can be able to look for a variety of designs before settling for one. In the middle of looking for your dream sofa, you are likely to notice that some of them look way heavier than others. There are factors that would make a couch weigh more than the other.

Read on to find out factors that affect the weight of a couch

These factors include:

  1. Design
  2. Size
  3. Upholstery Type

1. Design of the Couch

The design of a couch greatly impacts its weight. For instance, the weight of a recliner couch is likely to be more than that of a normal sofa design. A typical recliner sofa weighs an average of 280lbs while a normal sofa design weighs an average of 220lbs.

Another thing is that if a couch has more armrests in between the seats than the usual ones which are usually on the sides, it will have more weight on it as more materials will be used for a sturdy support.

Additionally, if a couch has extra special features like cup holders and chaise lounge, it is more likely to weigh more than a sofa that doesn’t have such features.

Lastly, multifunctional couches like pull-out sofas tend to weigh more as they include an extra mattress and a foldable frame.

2. Size of the Couch

Big couches basically weigh more than small couches by far. The weight of a 7 seater sectional is by far more than that of a loveseat. Whilst a loveseat couch weighs an average of 64lbs, a 7 seater sectional weighs an average of 306lbs.

Therefore, the bigger the couch, the weightier it gets. From armchairs, loveseats, settees, 4 seaters, to sectionals.

3. Upholstery Type

The type of upholstery used in the making of couches contributes hugely to their weight. According to my research when writing this article, I have come to realize and conclude that microfiber couches actually weigh more than leather.

While a microfiber 3 seater sofa weighs an average of 200lbs, a 3 seater leather sofa weighs an average of 92lbs. you will therefore need to consider the type of upholstery you decide to go for when buying a couch keeping in mind that it affects the weight of the couch.

How to Safely Move a Couch

Settling for any couch size is all merry until it is time to move houses or rearrange its layout. A small couch like a loveseat might be easier to move from one spot to another as compared to a 7 seater sectional which weighs way more.

Knowing how to move your couch from one point to another will save you from ruining and even protecting your body. Basically, two people are supposed to move a couch as small as a loveseat. But you will need more people to help more with a sectional sofa.

To protect yourself and your couch, here is what you should do when you want to move it from one point to another:

  • Depending with the size of your couch, find the suitable number of people to help move it to the next spot.
  • If the couch has removable cushions, make sure you remove them to make the couch a little bit lighter. If the cushions are non-removable, wrap the whole couch with a blanket as you would want to protect them from dust especially if you are moving houses.
  • Study the area where you couch is and the point to where you want to move it, this will make it fast and easier to move. And if it’s a long distance, you will need to identify a point where you will put the couch down and relax a bit.
  • Make sure you clear the way where you are going to pass with your couch to prevent accidents, especially if you are passing through a staircase.
  • Make sure you lift the couch with your legs and not and not your back to prevent straining your body’s muscles which may bring harm to you and the person helping you move the couch.


Knowing basic things about your home furniture like how much it weighs is very essential as this will help you plan accordingly when its time move house or even when you want to rearange the layout of your home.

These article basically gives you more information about how much a particular couch weighs and tips to moving it from one point to another regardless of its weight.