6 Ideas On Decorating a Dark Green Couch

How Do You Style a Room with a Dark Green Couch?

Green is a color that we come across often as it is the mother color of nature. However, have you ever thought of how beautiful your living space would turn out to be if you incorporated a dark green couch in there?

I personally like darker shades of different colors and dark green has always stood out for me. What I love most about dark green couches is how easy they are to decorate around with, how practical they are, and definitely their low maintenance cost.

To style a room with a dark green couch, you need to go with colors that are not going to compete for attention with the dark green couch. for instance, you cannot choose a red color curtain considering how bright the color red is.

however, you can play with warm and soft colors like light grey, burnt orange, mustard yellow, beige and off-white. plus, if you want a touch of bright colors, be sure to add in some yellow. it can be the wall color, pillows, curtains, rugs, or even wall decor.

A dark green couch will match almost any color you could think of, from light grey walls to soft and fluffy white or beige floor rugs. And one thing is for sure a dark green couch will give your room that complementary rich vibe that will have you looking forward to always returning home.


So, how do you decorate around a dark green couch? In this article, we will take you through colors that you can play around with if you have a dark green couch to give your living space a touch of luxury. Read on to learn more about, the type of wall colors, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, and wall decors that you can work with.

What Wall Color Goes with a Dark Green Couch?

The wall color you choose for your space is a great determinant of how bright your dark green couch will shine. Plus, you need to make sure that the wall color will not take the limelight from your dark green couch which I assume will be the focal point of the whole living space.

Soft and warm colors like light grey, off-white, beige, black, or cream are a perfect complement for a room with a dark green couch. One of these colors is guaranteed to brighten your living space and make your dark green couch the focal point.

You will need to avoid wall colors that are going to compete for attention with your dark green couch, like a green wall, which I believe will make the room boring and the dark green couch will be thrown out of the limelight.

Colors like red and purple are also a turn-off when it comes to a room with a dark green couch. They are both screaming colors and it is definitely the first thing someone will notice when they come to your house, which should not be the case.

It is important to maintain the major rule of decoration which emphasizes keeping the room warm and inviting instead of decorating with screaming colors like red and purple.

Lastly, as advised by curated interiors, you need to go with a wall color that is not going to make your home appear like there are some celebrations going like you know how we do it when it’s Christmas time. All-round colors like the ones mentioned above are the best to work with definitely.

Therefore, if you have a dark green couch or you are intending to buy one, make sure you put a lot of focus on the wall color. It is what will determine whether everyone will be admiring how cozy your living room looks with a dark green couch, or lament how dark green can be a dull color to work with.

What Color Curtain Goes with a Dark Green Couch?

Your choice of curtain color also determines how your dark green couch is going to come out. If you want to keep the living room calm and inviting, then I advise you to go for a soft and warm color like mustard which appears not so bright and neither is it dull.

Unlike yellow which seems to be too bright for a dark green couch, another curtain color that you can comfortably work with is beige, light grey, and teal. These colors will make the dark green couch the focal point of your room while also giving the room that cozy and inviting vibe.

I would in every way avoid screaming color curtains like purple which, to begin with, is not a perfect match for a dark green couch, and other than making the room busy, it is not a color that would complement any other décor around the house.

If you want to incorporate curtain colors that are bright in the right way and a perfect complement for your dark green couch, then I would recommend going for a shade of burnt orange, which I’m certain will make the couch attractive in a warm way.

What Pillow Color Goes with a Dark Green Couch?

The best way to style a couch is by placing soft and nice pillows on them. Pillows not only make a couch cozy but also inviting. For a dark green couch, as long as you choose the right pillow colors that complement it, you will not only have an attractive sofa but a luxurious and inviting living environment.

Soft and warm color pillows like white, cream, gold, mustard, burnt orange and beige are a perfect complement for a dark green couch. These are colors of pillows that will not snatch the limelight from the dark green couch but rather add more life to it.

If you want a pillow with mixed colors, you can opt for a black pillow with white strips or dark blue and white strips. Plus, dark green also works great with floral prints, which I personally find colorful and fun to play with around the room.

With a dark green couch, I would advise against using very bright colors which will compete for attention with your dark green couch like red. However, if you want to incorporate pillow colors that are bright in the right way, then I would advise doing maroon.

What Color Rug Goes with a Dark Green couch?

Area rugs have a way of bringing the whole living room area together. But just like wall colors and pillow colors, the color of the area rug you choose for your dark green couch is a great determinant of how attractive the couch and the room, in general, will turn out to be.

Being a natural color, a dark green couch will complement any soft and warm colors. A white rug for instance is a perfect bold color for a rug, just that you will have to be extra clean to make it tidy always.

If you have kids and you are worried about a white rug getting dirty, then brown, black, and light grey rugs would complement your dark green couch perfectly.

What Coffee Table Complements a Dark Green Couch

I find rustic furniture very unique and attractive and I would definitely use a rustic coffee table if I have a dark green couch. However, if you are into vintage, you can definitely incorporate it into a room with a dark green couch because a natural color like green works perfectly with both rustic and vintage furniture.


Dark green is a natural color that gives so much room for decoration. You can play around with so many colors if you have a dark green couch. The best thing, however, is to make sure you identify colors that complement the dark green couch and other existing décor in the room.