Couch or Recliner-Pros and Cons

What Is the Difference Between a Couch and a Recliner?

A sofa is the most essential piece of furniture that any home should have, after all, where else are you going to relax after a busy day at work, or where exactly will you have those comfortable long chats with friends, and your kids? How will they watch their favorite television program? Well, you definitely need a sofa and one that offers ultimate comfort and support for that matter.


The difference between a recliner and a couch is that while recliners have an advanced mechanism that enables you to adjust the couch to a position that you find best comfortable, a couch cannot achieve that. A couch is basically designed with a back for support but you can’t adjust its back position to achieve your desired position. Below is a table to give you more differences between a recliner a couch.

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The Pros and Cons of a Recliner and a Couch

Since couch hunting can be quite overwhelming given the fact that there is a variety to choose from. And if you are torn between a couch or a recliner, it is even harder if you don’t have enough knowledge of both. However, both a couch and recliner have their pluses and minuses, and looking at each of them before settling for one might save you in a great way.

The Pros of Recliner Sofas

Recliner sofas have been trending since their first debut in 1927 and until today are still the most sort after sofa designed by most homeowners. Here are the pros of recliner couches that would make you consider buying them.

1. Recliner Sofas Are Comfortable

A recliner sofa has a power reclining mechanism that allows you to adjust its position to an angle that you find most comfortable. While a couch gives you just back support, with a recliner sofa you have the convenience of lying back comfortably while your legs rest comfortably on the footrest for uniform circulation of blood.

2. Recliner Sofas Have Extra Features

Recliner sofas have advanced features such as reclining power, USB ports, cup holders, heat, and power headrests. All this is designed to make life easier, comfortable, and interesting. You just have to press a button and you will have a relaxing moment after a busy day at work.

3. High Seating Back

Unlike a regular couch, the back of recliner sofas is high such that if you are tall you can get comfortable back support effortlessly. This also helps to prevent backaches as the whole body would be getting the much support it needs. However, if you don’t find the high back recliner sofas comfortable, there are those designed with low back with reclining powers and work great as well.

4. Recliner Sofas Are Versatile

A Recliner sofa is a very versatile piece of furniture as it can be used for sitting and sleeping. It is even great if you have a small space and you are looking for a type of sofa that multifunction’s as it can be used during the day as sit and a bed at night.

Cons of Reclining Sofas

Despite having some positive aspects, recliner sofas also have minuses that you might need to have full knowledge of before buying one. Here are the cons of recliner sofas

1. Recliner Sofas Are Expensive

Despite being on trend for a long time, recliner sofas have always been highly-priced and it might take you a long time of savings to be able to buy. On the other hand, you can buy three couches for the price of a recliner. Therefore, despite being trendy, recliner sofas cannot be easy to afford and if you are urgently looking for a sofa that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, a recliner may not be the best option.

2. High Care and maintenance

It can be quite difficult to maintain a recliner sofa given the fact that it requires power to function. We all know power can be expensive at times. The power recliner and power headrest require an active source of power to function fully. Also, you will need to be a bit careful when using the reclining mechanism to avoid ruining it.

3. Space consuming

Recliner sofas need a bit of good space to function well. For instance, there should be a space behind it so that when you want to recline it to a position you want, it rests back swiftly. This might be difficult to achieve especially if you have a small living space since you also need to save some for other house furniture.

4. Less Variety of Styles

Recliner sofas may not feature styles such as the mid-century modern they are designed in a particular way and it can be difficult if you would want one that is designed to your specifications. You can easily achieve this with a couch whether you want a contemporary, mid-century modern, or traditional one.

The Pros and Cons of Couch

Couches are naturally unique, they can be custom-made, or you can still go for the ready-made one and you will definitely find one that complements your house design. But just like any other piece of furniture, couches have their positives and negatives and better information on them before buying will enable you to make a better-informed decision.

The Pros of a Couch

1. Couches Are Affordable

Couches are way cheaper than a recliner. There are stylish couches that cost less than $1000, unlike recliners which you would need three times that to get a genuine one. Couches are the best option to settle for if you are looking for a comfortable sofa without breaking the bank.

2. Variety of Style

Any style you want for your couch from traditional to contemporary style, you will definitely get. You are, however, unlikely to achieve this if you decide to settle for a recliner sofa. A variety in style gives you the convenience of being unique by settling for what suits your tastes and preferences.

3. Saves Extra Space

A type of sofa that helps you maximize space is definitely worth it not unless you have a big living space that you are ready to invest in just any sofa type. Otherwise, you have more chance of saving space with a couch than you would with a recliner sofa.

4. Easy to Maintain

There are no extra expenses that come after buying a couch, just proper care for it, and you are guaranteed a long time of use with it. This is not the case with recliners as they require an extra cost of maintenance.

Cons of a Couch

Here are a few setbacks of a couch that would rather you settle for a recliner sofa

1. No Reclining Power Mechanism

A couch doesn’t have a reclining power since they don’t have a mechanism to enable you to adjust it to a position that you want. Recliner sofas, however, are the best option if you are looking for a sofa with a reclining power mechanism.

2. No Extra Features

With the advancing technology, literally, everyone is looking for a type of sofa that has extra features such as a USB port, heater, cup holder, and reclining power. Well, unfortunately, a couch doesn’t have these extra features but a recliner does have.


1. Is a Recliner a Couch or a Chair?

Recliner sofas can be designed in different sizes including armchairs, loveseats, sofas, and sectionals. Therefore, a recliner is a type of chair or sofa that has a reclining mechanism that helps you adjust it to a position that you find comfortable. Recliners also have a footrest that helps you keep your legs in the right position for uniform blood circulation.

2. Is Recliner Good for the Living Room

Recliner sofas are a great addition to the living room, apartments, studios, guestroom, upstairs loft, and family room. They are cozy and definitely the most comfortable spot for family movie nights, chats with friends, or cuddles with kids.

3. Is It Ok to Sleep In a Recliner Every Night?

Recliner sofas can be a perfect bed for sleeping as long as you have reclined it to the best position for sleeping. Be sure to add a few pillows for maximum support and a few blankets to keep you warm. Ideally, recliners are the best option if you are looking for a type of sofa that can serve as a sofa during the day and a bed at night if you have a small living space, or if you have no money to buy both a sofa and a bed.

4. Is a Recliner Sofa Good for Back Pain?

Recliner sofas have high backrests that are very essential for preventing back pains. The high backrest recliners are as a matter of fact perfect for tall people as they will be able to lie back comfortably thus ensuring that the back is well taken care of. Also, there are recliners with low backrests for people who don’t find the high backrests recliners attractive or suitable for them.