Are Brown Leather Couches in Style?- Interesting Facts

Brown leather couches are in style and on-trend! A brown leather couch is one of the stylish sofas with a BOLD statement look today. As a matter of fact, leather sofas never go out of style. However, it may be difficult to style or decorate around other leather colors.

Therefore, going for a color that best suits your design style and preference is important. Also, one that easily complements different house designs or gives the convenience of trying out different decorating styles like a brown leather couch would be a great idea.

Although many homeowners think that brown leather couches can be dull and boring, it is actually the most classic and chic furniture if you master the many different ways of styling them.

Some shades of brown leather, for example, dark brown sofas would be the best option if you have kids or keep pets as they are dirt and stain-resistant.


Because brown leather couches are practical and functional, it gives more reason why you should go ahead and get this gorgeous sofa for your home, for a cozy and comfy living environment.

You might, however, want to look at the different ways of styling a brown leather couch so you can make the best-informed choice on whether you should or shouldn’t get them.

8 Best Ways of Decorating with a Brown Leather Couch.

Would you like to own a brown leather couch in your home, but you are on the fence on how to style them? Well then, here are the 8 best ideas on how to style your couch for a modern, classic look.

1. Throws and Pillows


For those who believe that a brown leather couch can be boring, decorating with bright colors would be the best idea. The most basic style to start with is decorating with throw pillows and blankets.

There are so many different pillow designs that you can go for, from plain and printed, to solid and subtle shade, and many more.

A bright pillow color like yellow would match a brown leather couch because it will blend well with the warm color of the sofa and gives a pop of color. The throw blanket you will choose should match the fabric color of the pillows you are using.

Avoid crowding your sofa with many pillows as it may affect its functionality.

2. Wall Color

Your choice of wall color should not compete for attention with your brown leather sofa. Ideally, going for a vibrant wall color that will make the shade of brown leather sofa that you own pop or be unique is a perfect idea. Wall colors like white, light grey, or emerald green would be the best option.

3. Botanicals

For homeowners who like natural plants, for instance, plants or flowers but are worried that it may not match your brown leather sofa, don’t! in fact, plants or flowers will give more life to your living room.

4. Area Rug

how-to-style-brown-leather-couch-with-a rug

An area rug underneath a brown leather sofa pulls the whole living room together. A red rug with patterns will instantly give your sofa a pop of color and will give your living room a classic and cozy vibe.

Other soft and warm rugs in grey or white would also be a great option.

5. Coffee Table


The best way to decorate your living room with a brown leather couch is by placing a round or console table. This will prevent your space from getting too angular and will add class and luxury to your living room.

6. Vintage Fabrics

how-to-style-brown-leather-couch-with- antique-decor

Rustic brown leather couches can be easily styled by wood antique décor. A mix of mid-century modern and traditional wall paintings will match a brown leather sofa effortlessly. Also, linen throw pillows and soft throws will give more life to the rustic leather sofa.

7. Matching Décor

The best way to style around a brown leather sofa is by placing matching decors around the house. This may include wall art, coffee table, puffs, or accent chair. This way, your living room will not appear so busy with so many different colors. Also, the brown leather couch will not look lifeless.

8. Accent Chair

A brown leather sofa can be dull, especially in a room where everything, including the décor, is brown. The best way to brighten up your brown sofa is by pairing it with a bright accent chair.

I hope this post gave you a positive overview of how easy it can actually be to decorate around a brown leather couch.

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