4 Ways to Keep Couch Covers In Place

Why Is My Couch Cover Slipping?

The simplest and most affordable way to revive an old or worn-out couch or sofa is by using couch covers. They are stylish and will definitely give your old couch a whole new look.

Couch covers have different designs and styles but you can also make your own. The custom-made couch covers give you the convenience to customize one according to your couch size so it can fit accordingly.

The reason why a couch cover may slip from the couch or chair is that they don’t have enough grip hence requires something that will help hold them in position. This usually leaves the sofa or couch looking messy and can be irritating if you have to deal with every now and then. It is even difficult to keep couch covers on leather sofas given the fact that they are usually very slippery and so are most couch covers.


Couch covers are not only ideal for refurbishing old couch/furniture, they also come in handy especially if you have kids and pets who usually get careless when eating and playing. Couch covers are the best way to prevent your couch from spills and pet hair.

In this article, there are 4 simple ways to help you solve this couch covers slipping problem once and for all. They are very easy methods to administer and affordable since you can install them on your own. And you absolutely don’t have to use each of these methods at the same time, you might ruin the aesthetic of the couch cover. Just pick what you think would work out better for you.

4 Ways to Keep Couch Covers In Place

These methods include;

  1. Using foam inserts
  2. Straps
  3. Non-slip pads
  4. Upholstery pins

Method 1: Foam Inserts

Most couches if not all have foam inserts. This is the space between the cushion and back of a couch or between the arm of the sofa.

After covering your couch with the right couch cover, smoothen every area that is covered then stuff the excess fabric on the crack.

This method would be effective only if your couch or sofa has foam inserts. If not, you can buy the right covers for those types of couches like this one here on amazon.

This method is also simple to install since you won’t need any tools. You just need the right couch cover size for it to work out properly.

Method 2: Straps

This method works the same as foam inserts the only difference is that with this method, the straps come together with the slipcover when buying. And if your cover doesn’t have one, you can still buy it separately.

Start by installing the slipcover while pushing the excess fabric deep in the crack, the space between the cushion and back of the couch to keep it perfectly in place. Remove your covers straps and tie them around your couch’s legs or the part between the armrests and the legs of the couch. The straps are usually elastic so you don’t have to worry about it not reaching the part of your couch where you are supposed to tie the straps.

Method 3: Non-slip Pads

Non-slip pads usually have enough grip that would keep your couch cover in place. Plus, they are also versatile and their uses can be applied on sliding couch cushions, futons, or even chairs with removable cushions.

To use the non-slip pads, you will need to cut them into unique shapes and sizes using a scissor, then pace them between the cushion and the back of the couch.

After placing the non-slip pads, cover your couch with the right slipcover size while tacking the excess fabric in the crack.

Since the non-slip pads have maximum grip and traction, it will enable your couch cover to stop sliding and stay in place.

Method 4: Upholstery Pins

Apart from helping in keeping couch covers in place, upholstery pins are a decorative idea that would also help make your couch cover appear stylish.

To use this method, cover your couch with the right slipcover and use your hands to smoothen the surface of the couch while pushing the excess fabric towards the crack in the armrests. Then put the upholstery pins on the excess fabric.

If the texture of the slipcover is smooth, small upholstery pins would work, however, you will need to use bigger ones `if the texture of the cover is not soft.

How Do I Find the Right Slipcover for My Sofa?

The best and sure way to make a slipcover stay put on your sofa is by choosing the right size. This would only work out if you customize your own slipcover.

Customized slipcovers are the best option because you would have measured the size of your sofa which will help you get the right slipcover that will fit perfectly without living out the excess fabric.

Getting the right slipcover for your sofa means you won’t have to be worried about it slipping out every now and then.

How to Keep Sofa Covers In Place On Leather?

Because of their slippery nature, it can be quite hard for slipcovers to stay in place on leather sofas. However, the best way to help your couch cover stay in place is by using either the furniture grippers or you can buy couch covers with adhesive undersides.

The couch covers with adhesive undersides would be a perfect option since they give the cover maximum grip and traction that will help it stay in place for a long time.

With grippers, you will need to buy and install them between the couch cushions and the back so that when you put on the couch covers on the couch they get a maximum grip to be able to stay in place.

Do Armchair Covers Stay In Place?

Just like it is hard for slipcovers to stay in place on couches, they can as well on an armchair. However, the non-slip pads or the upholstery pins have a better way of making them stay in place.

When using the non-slip pad, be sure to cut the right size and shape then place it between your armchair seat cushion and the back. Put on the cover on your armchair while tucking in the excess fabric in the crack so it can get hold of the non-slip pad to help it stay in place.

When using the upholstery pins, you will need to put on the cover first on the armchair while smoothening it with your hands. Then push the excess fabric on the space between the cushion and the armrest, then put in the pins gently and stylishly.


The issue of having to make your couch cover stay in place every now and then can be quite irritating. But the above 4 methods which include the use of straps, foam inserts, upholstery pins, and non-slip pads would greatly come in handy. You won’t have to use each of the methods, you just have to identify one that you think will match with your general aesthetic and you will definitely love the results.